The Detonator was a Cobra tank driven by Nitro-Vipers. It was capable of launching long-range ICBMs.


The Detonator


Vehicle specifications

  • Three long-range, impact-exploding ICBMs
  • Front command cockpit holds three Command Cobras
  • Middle battle platform seats two additional Cobras.
  • Double-barrelled AAK gun
  • Rotating gunner's targeting seat with AAK gun
  • Six all-terrain, puncture-proof tires
  • Side-mounted, double-barreled 50mm Dragon-fire gun


The Detonator was first deployed in 1993. It was usually piloted by Nitro-Vipers. With the Joe threat ended, Destro discontinued production of the Detonator in 1994, but a few of them remain in service.


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