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This page is for the destructive Scottish Destro the Younger. For his benevolent Shattered Glass counterpart, see Alexander McCullen (SG). For his father, see James McCullen.
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Alexander Smith


Midland Valley, Scotland




Laird Alexander McCullen Destro XXV

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Former MARS Field Commander, now CEO



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Iron Grenadiers

Now that I am Destro, there will be some changes.

The current Laird Destro has all of the ambition and arrogance of nobility with none of the education and refinement that often comes with it. A true bastard in more than one sense of the word, Alexander McCullen has an almost pathological need to prove himself worthy to the Destro clan and will go to any lengths to achieve this goal. Born to poverty in the Midland Valley of Scotland, Alexander was raised by a single mother who spoke so little about his father that Alexander did not even know his last name, only that he was known as James. Unable to afford much in the way of education, Alexander learned from the criminals and gangs he fell in with during his youth. Resenting his situation in life, teenage Alexander began to seek out information about his father's identity. He was pleased to learn his father was none other than the wealthy international arms dealer James McCullen Destro XXIV. Alexander researched his family history and became obsessed with gaining his father's approval and one day taking Destro's place in the family business. However, Alexander isn't quite as smart as he thinks he is and can be easily manipulated by those who promise to help him rise to power.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

When James McCullen was a young man, he fell in love with a beautiful black Scottish woman, Sophie Smith. His family forbade him to see her since she was a poor commoner, but James Destro disobeyed them, seeking out her company whenever he could get away.

This woman became pregnant while young James was out of the country, and in a panic, she sought help at Castle Destro. James's family paid her off against her will to keep her silence about the pregnancy, making dire threats as to what would happen to her and her child if she spoke.

Alexander's mother never spoke to James out of fear, but raised her son telling stories of his father, never mentioning exactly who he was other than his first name. Alexander grew up poor on the streets of Glasgow, his natural power and charisma allowing him to quickly rise to command the largest of the local gangs.

Following rumours of an unknown bastard child of Laird Destro years later, Mistress Armada used her superior intelligence-gathering skills to track down Alexander and inform him of his true birthright. At Armada's urging, Alexander confronted Destro, who remembered the lost love of his youth.

Reluctantly accepting Alexander's claims (after prudent DNA tests, of course), Destro made Alexander and Armada field commanders of his Iron Grenadier legions, over the Baroness's protests. James Destro kept an eye on his young violent progeny, not sure whether to be proud or concerned about his son's flair for destruction.

MUX History:

Alexander, field commander of MARS, was uneasy at the prospects of a marriage between James Destro and the Baroness, because despite her age there was still a chance the Baroness could provide Destro with a legitimate heir. When they separated Alexander was much-relieved and began to focus his efforts on running Castle Destro when his father was away.

In 2016, when James McCullen was presumably killed in a fall from the Silent Castle, Alexander took his place as the head of the Destro clan, swearing revenge on Cobra for his father's death. In December, he revealed himself to the Baroness as the new Destro. She agreed to keep secret the fact that the mask had passed from father to son.

Since Destro’s apparent return from the dead, he's stayed close to the Silent Castle. It is unlikely he will let go of Cobra's slight against him -- people tend to take attempted assassination personally. What revenge he's planning, however, is unknown, as well as any part the Baroness may or may not play in it. Destro's personal force of Iron Grenadiers has made it difficult for Cobra agents to approach him.

In 2018, Destro rejoined Cobra of his own volition (although with the apparent urging of The Baroness) after a visit from Storm Shadow.

As of 2021, Destro has taken a hands-off approach to the technical side of MARS, preferring to spend his time directing missions undertaken by the Iron Grenadiers. However, at the end of the year, he revealed the MASS device to Cobra Commander, the latest of MARS's great inventions.

Profit Director Destro

In 2022, Alexander gave up trying to emulate his father, and produced his own take on the "Destro" look. Later that year, he led a mission to successfully capture the Relay Star.

OOC Notes

Since the Devil's Due comics aren't themely, Alexander never took over Cobra posed as Destro. Instead, at Mistress Armada's urging, he directly claimed his birthright.





  • 30 January - "Prelude to Assault" - The Cobra forces gather in preparation to launch an assault on the Pit.
  • March 22 - "Satellite Assault" - NASA is about to unveil their new spy satellite, and due to Baroness's undercover work, Cobra knows the launch date and location! Will the Joes be able to keep the terrorist group from getting hands on technology that will vastly increase the reach and scale of Destro's MASS Device?
  • March 22 - "Everything Must Be Perfect" - NASA is about to unveil their new spy satellite, and due to the Baroness's undercover work, Cobra knows the launch date and location! Will the Joes be able to keep the terrorist group from getting hands on technology that will vastly increase the reach and scale of Destro's MASS Device? (Cobra Commander POV)
  • April 26 - "His Lairdship’s Update" - Destro brags about his success.


Alexander is currently temped by Bzero, but he is available for application.

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