Transformers Universe MUX
This page is for the heroic Shattered Glass Decepticon Delusion. For her evil main-universe counterpart, see Delusion.

"Understanding is worth the effort."

DELUSION plays at being a screw-up, downplaying her abilities and using self-depreciating humor to amuse her teammates. Those that know her, however, know that she is kind, steady, and very good at her job. Patient and a good listener, DELUSION seems to understand even the most insane Autobot captive, and has been known to gain the trust of even the most intractable prisoner. Of course, this is mostly an illusion, since she’s just trying to gain information from them, but of the Decepticons she does best understand the Autobot point of view. This helps her guide Illarion’s strategies on important missions, both combat and infiltration. Although weak in the martial arts, DELUSION more than compensates with quick thinking and intelligence support. She carries an electrified whip for defense, and can cast obscuring holograms to calm or frighten her teammates and enemies. In her advanced F-15SE Silent Eagle mode, DELUSION has stealth capabilities as well as a Vulcan 6-barreled gatling cannon. Delusion is highly skilled, and her friendly nature leads to greater involvement with potential allies. As a member of the Dominicons, Delusion combines with her teammates to form Taracon.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Delusion was hand-picked to become a member of Illarion's esteemed team of decorated specialists.

MUX History:

The Dominicons are currently assigned to Darkmount security.

OOC Notes

Delusion transforms into a white F-15SE Silent Eagle.



As of August of 2009, Delusion is available for temping.