Transformers Universe MUX

Full Name

Deirdre Albrecht




43 in 2016


Starlight Girls

Voiced by

Patricia Alice Albrecht

Deirdre is one of the Starlight Girls.


Deirdre idolizes Jem and is an avid guitar practitioner, with the hope of one day be part of a real music band.[1][2] At one point, she almost gave up trying to learn how to play it, but with the help of Ashley and Jem, she was persuaded into keep on at it.

Deirdre briefly ran away from home when she felt that JerricaKimber, Aja, Shana and even Jem didn't care about her. She was accompanied throughout her escapade by Ba Nee and Krissie, who joined her in her trip out of pure solidarity and also to make sure nothing bad happened to her.[1]

Deirdre practices and performs with Ashley, Lela and Becky in their own band called Ashley and The Starlights.[3]

Like the rest of the girls, she helps out at Starlight Foundation's functions, such as serving at press conferences,[3] passing out brochures[4] or posting flyers.[5]

Anne, Becky, and Deirdre were eventually adopted by the Albrecht family, although they remain close with the Starlight Girls and continue to help with the foundation.


  • Deirdre was 12 years old when the series began in 1985. Therefore, she was born in 1973.


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