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Autobots within the territory are viewed indifferently, Decepticons within the territory are viewed indifferently, and Unaffiliated Inhabitants are undisturbed.
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Deep Space Research Facility 39 is the largest combined organization of scientists and engineers in Altihex, dedicated to increasing knowledge of Cybertron, the Gamma Quadrant, and the Universe via observations from space. DSRF9 is a major Altihex laboratory for developing and operating unmanned scientific spacecraft. DSRF9 conducts scientific investigation, development and operation of space systems, and development of related technologies. Altihex scientists can develop and support a mission, and Altihex engineers and technicians can design and build the spacecraft for that mission.

DSRF9 also operates two spaceflight tracking and data acquisition networks (the Space Network and the Near Cybertron Network), develops and maintains advanced space and Cybertron science data information systems, and develops neutral satellite systems.


Behind a gated and heavily guarded wall is a complex of buildings which appearing to have no doors or windows of any kind, and although are free standing, are so close together that from even a short distance seem to form a singular structure. The lab buildings are coated in a dark graphite imbued with numerous microscopic nanites that deflect any attempts to penetrate the ponderous structures with any sort of spectral or electromagnetic scans, leaving the interior of the structures a complete mystery. In front of the first building there is a large, rectangular, black metallic pad facing a scanner on the wall, a singular large, red eye viewing the world with unrelenting suspicion.[1]

OOC Notes

  • Deep Space Research Facility 39 is a reference to a Star Trek RPG Federation scientific outpost.


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