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This article is about the Aeris in Praxus - for the Aerie in Darkmount, see Aerie (Darkmount).
The Decepticon High Command Aerie is a building on Cybertron.
Age of Wrath 2 Decepticon High Command Aerie exterior.jpg

The Decepticon High Command Aerie was Megatron's base of operations during the Decepticons' occupation of Praxus. Situated at the center of the Praxus Mines, the main command chamber is a neatly organized space with a wall of displays tracking the skies above and information passed through from other city-states. Multiple consoles are manned at all times from the pool of Decepticons assigned to the small garrison here. There is a simply designed master comm seat that the ranking officer uses when on duty, complete with interfece ports to the mainframe and comm array itself.

With the recent (2020) internal upgrades to the mainframe and comm array, the outpost now has a larger capacity to act as a pass-through for data and comms both via sat uplink as well as ground-lines.


Pre-MUX History

Age of Wrath 2 Decepticon High Command Aerie interior.jpg

During the Great War, prior to his disappearance chasing the Ark, Megatron briefly took control of Praxus with the help of the Aerospace Extermination Squadron as his army. Megatron brought Praxus under his rule, establishing a throne in the aerie. A portion of the Aerospace Extermination Squadron was appointed as guards, while Megatron's command unit of Starscream, Soundwave and Shockwave were the given positions in the High Command Aerie.

With the new agreement worked out between the Decepticons and the people of Praxus in 2016, the Decepticon High Command Aerie has been largely abandoned aside from a small monitoring force keeping tabs on Autobot activity in the area.



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