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This article is about the Devilcon thug - for the Sweep, see Dredclaw.
This page is for the evil Decepticon Deathclaw.
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DEATHCLAW is the resident medic aboard the Decepticon exploration vessel Cronos, but don't be fooled. Healing is an afterthought for this cruel and sadistic doctor, whose primary motivation for his profession is to conduct inhumane experiments on his "patients" and record their terrified reactions for his own amusement. But as the war raged on, Deathclaw found himself growing tired of playing with Autobots, neutrals, and the occasional unlucky fellow Decepticon, and joined the Cronos crew in hopes of finding exciting new species to practice on, perhaps even rekindle his cooling love of unethical surgery. He brought along another Decepticon as well, a close friend called Deep Blue, though their relationship might more accurately be described as a master and his pet. Many of Deathclaw's victims now provide "treats" for the cannibalistic Deep Blue as well as spare parts for the rest of the crew, and it's become common knowledge that the two have a deep, albeit very twisted, bond. In battle, Deathclaw makes use of a two-pronged polearm resembling an Earth weapon known as a "sasumata", good for pinning down unfortunate victims. His altmode resembles some form of horned flying creature with bat wings and two large, brutal pincers.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

A few thousand years ago, he and a crew of five other Decepticons were chosen to embark on a scouting mission across the galaxy, in search of new conquests once the war with the Autobots was won. Naturally, being the loyalist that he is, Demonhead eagerly accepted. While exploring alien worlds in these far-off regions, he and his crew adapted to these strange environs, giving them the grotesque appearances they have now.

Mode 2

MUX History:

Demonhead's crew have recently returned to the area of space where the main action is taking place, and Demonhead has once again joined the ranks of active soldiers alongside the rest of his team.

OOC Notes

Demonhead's crewmates are available for application. Snapper's a violent, meatheaded thug, Deep Blue's a sadistic cannibal with a primal outlook, Deathclaw is cannibuddies with Deep Blue but even more sneerily arrogant than Demonhead, Barabat cares more about a good fight than wanton destruction, and Eyegor is the ever-unheeded tactical brains of the group who only follows Megatron because it's just how things are.



Available for application as an FC.


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