Transformers Universe MUX


  • Title: Deadly Instincts TP
  • TP Characters: Arkeville, Grimlock, Metroplex
  • IC Year: 2014
  • Location: Earth
  • Run By: Grimlock, Typhoon

Dr. Arkeville developed a virus that could lock Transformers in their altmodes and remove their higher functions. This worked well against the likes of Groove and Typhoon, but when introduced to the Dinobots it made them savage, uncontrollable killers. The Autobots were eventually able to contain and use a partial cure to free the Dinobots. However, soon after the Decepticons infected Metroplex, and while he was helpless, took over Autobot City. It was weeks before the Autobots were able to kidnap Dr. Arkeville and get him to relinquish the full cure, after which the Autobots cured Metroplex and took back Autobot City.