The name or term Dead End refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Dead End (disambiguation).
The Dead End is a location on Cybertron.
The Smelting Pool! The Dead End

For a place called the Dead End, this area seems more like a new beginning. Gone are the broken, homeless neutrals forced to huddle in fear beneath the nearby towers of Polyhex. The streets are now bright and clean, home of shops and venders selling weapons and energon treats to anyone with the right shanix. The Dead End has been gentrified and the Empties have been moved out.


Marvel Comics continuity

Located in Decepticon-held Polyhex, the Dead End is neutral in the civil war due to the fact that most of its residents are the derelict Empties. The large number of non-Decepticons make it a prime location for Autobots to regroup, hide and seek information for raids upon the Darkmount. The Decepticons in turn use its residents for target practice, and —- as the war drags on and as resources grow ever more scarce -— as fodder for the Decepticon harvester units, to be melted down in the smelting pool and used to create new Decepticons. The Smelting Pool!

MUX History

The Empties of Dead End were hit particularly hard by the Dweller and Quintesson invasions of Polyhex. Many were killed by explosive charges set by Hubcap, by the minions of the Dweller and the Dweller itself, and still more were killed by Allicons and Sharkticons during the Quintesson occupation. The Dead End eventually stood almost empty (no pun intended), aside from a few scavengers and battered survivors with no place else left to go. In 2015 even these last survivors were destroyed, some cut down in a crossfire between Decepticon and Galvatron cult forces, and the rest sucked up and used in the reformatting of Polyhex.

With the reformatting of Polyhex, the few remaining Empties and other scavengers have relocated to Rodion.

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