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Darklon is an independent arms dealer.
Get in my way and I'll squash you like a gnat on my windscreen!

The man known as Darklon is descended from a long line of mercenaries and war profiteers, and he is as greedy and amoral as any of them ever were. His family's ancestral home was an imposing castle in the tiny nation of Darklonia.


Pre-MUX History

Darklon became involved with Cobra in 1989, shortly after Destro took control of the organization. Darklon was selling surplus Cobra and G.I. Joe vehicles, and Destro wanted test subjects for Dr. Mindbender's Pythonizing process, which rendered vehicles invisible to radar. Darklon sold Cobra a number of vehicles, testing them by sneaking over Darklonia's border with Wolkekuckuckland.

Eventually, Darklon joined with Destro's Cobra and took over the leadership of the Iron Grenadiers when Destro and the Baroness took time off away from Cobra. When Cobra began occupying parts of Sierra Gordo, Darklon led an attack on nearby Punta Del Mucosa. Later, he led a small army of Grenadiers against the country's native Tucaros, who were allied with a team of Joes and the Oktober Guard. After Destro severed his ties with Cobra, Darklon returned to his business interests in Darklonia. Years later, when Cobra took over neighboring Borovia, Cobra Commander brainwashed Destro into service and commandeered his castle in nearby Trans-Carpathia. When the Commander suggested Darklon was a threat to them, Destro casually launched a missile at Castle Darklon. The resulting explosion destroyed much of Castle Darklon and presumably killed Darklon himself.

MUX History

Darklon, however, was not killed, and survived in a bunker beneath his castle. Rather than present himself as a new target, however, he let the world believe him dead while he slowly re-built his small weapons-manufacturing empire. In 2015, Darklon finally revealed himself, trying to undercut Destro's alliance with Cobra by offering more customized equipment at better prices than MARS. However, soon after Darklon was captured by G.I. Joe, and held at Autobot City.

Since his subsequent escape, he's last been seen in Western Asia.




Darklon is actually a distantly related cousin of Destro. Darklon allied himself with Cobra in 1989 and drove the Evader.


Appearance: black helmet over green face-mask; green shirt with black stripes; black right glove and left wristband; dark red pants with black stripes; light brown boots with gold knife and braids

Accessories: futuristic black laser rifle with hose attaching to devices under grip.


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Other Notes

  • Darklon was believed killed in March of 1994. [1]

However, he seems to have survived, and has escaped G.I. Joe custody.


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