Faction: Evil_Inc.
Species: Junkion
Rank: 6 - Advisor

"That which exists, exists to be controlled."

KALEIDOSCOPE used to be quiet and soft spoken, until Unicron's influence drove her over the edge, and she fled to this alternate universe to deal with her conflicting feelings. In this universe she bumped into Spec-Tor, also from her future. Seeing him as a tool she could use to acquire power, she joined with him in an alliance of convenience. She is very studious and intellectual, and prefers books to television shows or people. She is extremely curious, always desiring to learn more about her friends and enemies. She studies Earth and its various cultures quite intently, examining any form of cultural reference she can. She does not limit herself to the television -- she studies all forms of culture from high-phase transmissions to hieroglyphics, given opportunity. She egotistically considers herself to be the smartest of the Junkions, Evil or otherwise. She hardly ever quotes, preferring to keep her mouth shut until the proper time to show the ignorant masses that only she, Kaleidoscope, has the wisdom and intelligence to lead the galaxy.

MUX History

<OOC> Temera says, "she's from the other reality where Unicron's head was on Junk" kal-ide is twisted and evil. all others only exist to be her pawns.

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