To the Autobots, the Guardian robots are a reassuring sight, knowledge that they are safe. It was not always so. For the Guardian robots have a horrifying ancestor, the Dark Guardians, who enforced the reign of the Quintessons during their god-forsaken rule of Cybertron.

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Dark Guardian


MUX Canon

Forever is a Long Time Coming

Knowing that the Quintessons would be helpless without their Dark Guardians, the Autobot A3 devised the Coda Remote which would help the Autobots in their rebellion against the Quintessons.

Beta, A3's lieutenant, launched an assault on Hive City. The inexperienced Autobot rebellion fared poorly against the Dark Guardians, and numbers were against them. However, A3 activated the Coda Remote, bringing the Dark Guardians to a halt. The rest is literally history.

Quintesson World

Since A3's rebellion in the Quintesson World universe failed, the Quintessons still rule Cybertron with the Dark Guardians as their enforcers.

OOC Note

Since the third-season Aerialbot-time-travel episode never (yet) happened on the MUX, only Alpha Trion and a few others recall the horror of the Dark Guardians. Since the Dark Guardians pre-date the invention of transformation, they are not Transformers.

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