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DJ Faireborn
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Donald Joseph Faireborn


Camp Atterbury, Indiana

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Faireborn family

Donald Joseph "DJ" Faireborn is the second child of Flint and Lady Jaye, and the younger brother of Marissa. A lifelong military brat[1], he's lived all over the United States and the world, and hence is extremely adaptable and worldly for a preteen. He has a flair for languages, and an innate bravery bordering on irresponsible foolhardiness. This fearless enthusiasm, combined with a quick temper, gets him in trouble regularly, which is made worse by the frequent absence of his military parents.


MUX History:

Donald Joseph ("DJ") Faireborn was born in November of 2002 at the Camp Atterbury Army Base in Indiana, to Flint and Lady Jaye. Traveling a lot as a child, he's grown up wild but worldly, and excels at getting into trouble.

DJ Faireborn at age 11

In 2013, DJ went to live with his sister Marissa in Autobot City, and briefly became friends with Daniel Witwicky. However, Daniel's rapid aging left DJ friendless once more, and in 2014 he's begun to spend more time with his tutor, Flip Sides, and Sparkplug's Helperbot.

Since the bombing of Autobot City in 2015 that left several Autobot leaders badly injured, DJ has been helping babysit Megan Witwicky.

What dreams are made of

DJ Faireborn

In 2018, after graduating from Memorial High School in Jasper, Nevada, DJ became an intern for the EDC, and Spike helped him buy his first car -- a Grey 2011 Toyota Camry.

In 2022, DJ helped Spike and the Autobots defend the Ironworks facility from a combined attack by Seacons and Shattered Glass Autobots.

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  • May 01 - "A Good Kid" - DJ Faireborn and Spike Witwicky talk in Autobot City about DJ's prospects for summer employment.






DJ Faireborn has been temped by Bzero since 2013.


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