Cybertron Guard

This article is about the Decepticon guard - for the Autobot guard, see Cybertron Elite Guard.
The Cybertron Guard is a Decepticon army subset.
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The Cybertron Guard is the Decepticons' home team, the soldiers that stay on Cybertron to ensure Decepticon reign does not falter. Shockwave was entrusted commandership of them when the Nemesis launched, but they are currently commanded by Cyclonus.

Known units include:

MUX canon


Pre-MUX canon history

More than Meets the Eye

Shockwave was given leadership over the Cybertron Guard when Megatron left with the Nemesis.

Divide and Conquer

Travelling via the recently built space bridge, several Autobots came to Cybertron to get Optimus Prime a new cosmitron. They got past Shockwave, but were chased by the Rainmakers, who brought down acid rain on them. The Autobots prepared to surrender, but a speech by Chip Chase restored their will to fight back. Trailbreaker produced a force field to protect them, while Bluestreak took care of both the rain and the Rainmakers. Then they got past Shockwave again to get the cosmitron to Earth.

MUX History

On the MUX, the Cybertron Guard are supplimented by the Deluxe Insecticons, Mayhem Attack Squad, and the Terrorcons.


  • The Cybertron Guard's symbol originally appeared without true context in the 1984 episode "Divide and Conquer". 23 years later in 2007, the TakaraTomy website World of the Transformers went up, which gave a name to Shockwave's troops on Cybertron and established the symbol to be theirs.


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