Cultivating New Growth

Log Title: Cultivating New Growth

Characters: Dawnfire, Jazz, Scales, Sideswipe, Starlock

Location: Gates of Iacon

Date: November 3, 2020

TP: non-TP

Summary: Some heartfelt conversation amid gardening.

As logged by  Scales

Log session starting at 19:13:52 on Tuesday, 3 November 2020.

Gates of Iacon

Scales, by Novanim

Scales is out in the garden today, digging through dirt and moving rocks and crystals just a bit. Though she's giving the grabby plant a fairly wide berth.

Sideswipe is wandering out towards the gates. He's moving slowly, just looking thoughtful while he would be glancing out. As he sees the small medic, he gives a wave.

Scales waves back, smudges of dirt on her snout and paws. "Heya! What's up?"

Sideswipe would shake his head, "Nothing, just walking. Kind of just waiting for the other servo to drop."

Scales ums. "What, worried that they'll lock you back up or somethin'?" She shakes off some of the extra dirt and hops out of the bed and into the path.

Sideswipe would chuckle, "Yeah. Or that something else is gonna happen and the virus isn't out o my system. So.. Trying to not be paranoid."

Scales ahs. "I promise I made sure you were all clear! Double-checked an' everything!" She hehs. "But we do still need to get the other Weatherbots back an' get them treated. I hope they're... not lyin' in a ditch or somethin'."

Sideswipe would frown, "I wasn't aware they hadn't been located yet. If Fort Max is going to Earth you can probably send a bigger search and rescue team with him."

Scales hmms. "Yeah. Who all do you think would get sent?"

Sideswipe would shrug, "I have no idea on that. I'm not exactly up to date on who we have on Earth and who we have here."

Scales flops on the path, apparently not worried about getting dirty since she's already pretty covered in dirt from digging in the garden. "Well, you'd be a good choice, actually. If the Dweller tried to reinfect you, any new nanovirus would get torn up by the retrovirus you got dosed with. So it'd be safer than almost anybody else."

Sideswipe would go to cross his arms, "Yeah. Still I just worry." He would try and smile a little sadly. "Sorry. I.. Thank you for everything did to save my life."

Starlock appears! which is an honest surprise, she'd glance around the green house quietly, hoping to see the two crystal flowers she'd left where still there in pots, or actually been planted... She's dirty, clearly having just gotten back from something, but she doesn't look as somber as normal.

Scales ducks her head, optics going a little pink. "Ah, you're welcome. It's my job!"

The pots are still where they were, but some of the crystals have been moved around to make a space for the new plants.

Sideswipe would still smile, "you're a medic and you save lives. You also saved my spark there." HE would give a glance at Starlock, "How goes with the Wreckers?"

Almost as if on cue, Dawnfire comes sauntering up not too far behind Starlock, almost as if he's tailing her. But if he is tailing her, he makes no effort to hide himself. He waves casually to the assembled bots as he takes his place several paces away from her, looking mildly startled to see Sideswipe there.

Scales looks over and waves to STarlock and Dawnfire before talking to Sideswipe again. "Somebody had to! And First Aid helped out a lot. I was really stuck."

Shit, she's been spotted! Starlock's finials flick upward as she blinks over at Sideswipe. "Its been quite but, its.. going well since the simulator accident." Starlock nods as she goes over to check on the red and white potted flowers and smiles, ensuring they are not lost in all the plants. 

She'd perk up hearing and seeing Dawnfire, a big smile growing on her face as she goes up to him. "Dawnfire! dawny-Dawn! We found the crystal seeds." She'd say instantly.

Sideswipe would frown at Starlock, "They figured out what.. And you've not had any other issues since then? And not had to go out to the field?" He would offer cautiously while moving to the side to let Scales talk.

Dawnfire gives Starlock a deadpan look. He doesn't seem amused at the nickname. 

"Congratulations," he says blandly. "Please don't call me that."

Scales takes a moment to brush a bit more dirt off herself and back into the garden beds.

"Not yet." Starlock chirps before she nods at Dawnfire apologetically. "We also found the crystalline plants I was telling you about." She adds to Dawnfire.

Sideswipe would nod to Starlock, "If you do.. Good luck and stay safe. They do the messy stuff. Half the members are honorary Dionbots."

Dawnfire nods solemnly. "Glad to hear it. And I'm glad to see that you're still alive." 

He looks to Scales, then Sideswipe, and smiles. "Sideswipe... good to see you out and about. Last I heard you were in some deep trouble or something, weren't you?"

Scales blinks up at Sideswipe, and seems to have trouble figuring out what to say to that. So she turns her attention to Dawnfire. "He's been cleared and cured, so no cells or quarantine!"

"I know, I had to squash a lot of bad thoughts in regards to when I was reassigned there." Starlock admits as she stands near Dawnfire, the smaller bot feeling safer around the larger bot. 

"..Yeah, i'm glad it was.. well, /that/ and not something else." Starlock says as she nods.

Sideswipe would dip his head, "That's what you have training for. Better there than out in the field. And.. You're going to want to get a lot of extra spare parts bins with you when you go out in the field." Him -not- saying anything to Dawnfire and letting Scales respond for him

Scales hehs. "Field work is nice, though- you get to see new things." She goes back to digging in the dirt, carefully shifting some of the larger crystals Dust Devil had brought over for decoration.

Starlock nods. "Ohhh I know, trust me, I've seen what they do.. I've repaired some of them in the past." She'd nod, a soft smile coming to her face. "Ehhh I've seen a lot of stuff on the field, its not all good, so it makes finding those alive.. or the good things, well.. really good." Starlock muses, as she leans near Dawnfire.

Sideswipe would nod at Starlock, "All right. And.. Stay safe with them. And.. Be paranoid. It helps a lot." His tone is quiet and supportive as he glances to Scales. "So how are you, uh.. Tending the rocks?"

Scales grins at Sideswipe. "I'm just makin' room in this bed for the new plants Starlock brought in." She points to some flame-colored crystalline plants farther down. "Red's plants are okay in a bed all together, but I think the ones Starlock found are vining plants? So we need some place to plant 'em and something for 'em to climb on. But if we keep all the shiny plants kind of together, it works out to a nice theme."

 "There are a couple, there normal flowers with crystalline petals." Starlock says pointing out to the two potted plants, one red another white, both glowing faintly. "These are a harmonexian species... So is this vining one we found." She says, pointing out the metallic ivy with long lines of buds, resembling earth wisteria. "Me and hound think this is a mutation from the Ivy growing close to the flowers."

Dawnfire stares blankly at Starlock. "How do you know so much about those curly things?"

Sideswipe would just chuckle, "Sorry, but I'd be wondering if Red was paranoid that the plants that'd been put in were cameras and watching him. Or there was a new Con plant cassette."

Scales huffs. "That's not fair to Red. He's been a big help with the garden planning! He knows a lot about the kinds of plants people used to keep, though not all of them are still around." She hmms. "If there's only one kind that vines.. would you want to put up a rock for it to climb on, or do you think a trellis would be better? I could put together a frame pretty quick."

Starlock's face lights up pink. "Erm.. Well.. I have an interest in divination, crystals, and all that hippi-dippty shit." Starlock says with a cough. "...Holistic medicine is something I've looked into, being a field medic, encase anything where to happen on the field and I'm without resources.. and have to wait till people can get to us." Starlock explains as she holds the plant vine gently.  

She'd pause in thought. "Rocks, these would grow on the crystals in the city.. that and it looks prettier."

Sideswipe would glance at Scales, "Don't quote me on that. Pretty sure it's been one of Soundwave's little things. You ever read the report where Megatron made the fake Optimus to try 'an lure us into the crystal place?"

Dawnfire scowls. "If Megatron has the resources to make an entire fake Optimus Prime, why doesn't he use those resources for something that'll succeed?"

Scales hmms. "So, a rock that sticks up like one of the big crystals would be more natural, right?" She bounds to the edge of the garden where some leftover construction materials are. "They left a couple of big rocks like the sunning one in the desert area- if you guys could help, we could probably get one all set up on its end down in the lower bed."

"That would require him to think long term." Starlock says dryly as she looks over where the martials are. "Sure, I can try." Starlock says with a smile, her body posture starting to relax.

"Maybe I'll bring it up with him next time I see him." Dawnfire smiles humorlessly. "Anyway, uh. I'm off. Need to pick up a couple of things around town." 

He looks to Sideswipe and Scales, and his smile turns mischievous. "Keep her out of trouble for me, alright? Make sure she doesn't get herself assassinated."

Sideswipe would shrug at Dawnfire, "Hey, you want to sign up to be his tactical advisor, go for it. He's had weirder things. If you want.." Then he glances at Scales. "Don't think I'll be helping on that bit."

Scales tilts her head. "What, talkin' to Megs? I think he'd shoot you first." She circles around the rocks that're easily twice her size. "You gonna come help haul a rock, Sideswipe?"

"Heeeey!" Starlock calls after Dawnfire, and pouts, but she vents out with a smile, optics softening as she watches him go, muttering to herself softly.

Sideswipe would let out a sigh, "Sure, just don't ask me for fine placement." He would trundle over to where he was marked, to pick up the rock as indicated.

Scales grins. "That's what I can help with! I can dig around it to get it settled, I just can't pick up somethin' that big."

Starlock hehs. "I know the feeling." she says as she moves to help... There's still la smile on her face but it slowly shirks, and she knits her ridges as she kneels down. "...Hey Scales.. can I ask you something?"

Scales makes a little rr? noise. "'Course you can." She pauses to look directly at Starlock.

Starlock takes a vent, calming herself, keeping a smile and a pleasant tone. "...Do you.. hate me?" She asks as she works to help make a spit settled.

Scales blinks. "Uh, no?" She pauses. "You've annoyed me a few times. But so's Dust Devil, an' Jazz, and most people get on each other sometimes."

Sideswipe would come along with the rock.. Then hear the two and move gently to step back to give the two some space to talk.

Starlock makes a noise of acknowledgment. "....Positive? I've felt you've.. I don't know, not wanted me around.... That and what Hot Rod's stated didn't help it." she admits as she works.

Scales tilts her head. "I dunno about what Hot Rod might say. I don't think I've talked about you with or around him." She drifts off to think. "Mostly, I'm just tryin' to do my job. An' I've snarled at you a coupla times 'cause of that, 'cause of arguments in the center." She pauses again. "But that's not 'cause I hate -you-. It's just I gotta keep order there."

 "...Hot Rod said a /lot/ of people around here hate me." Starlock explains as she works. "...I understand you trying to keep order, that I don't fault, its.. after, that I've felt it still lingering." She says. "I /shout/ because its.. well what I've picked up from learning under Ratchet, like when I was trying to get Dust Devil removed from the patient room when I was treating Cerebros, because he was /screaming/ at him after energon loss and going /way/ too far, was trying to separate them because DD wasn't.. well he wasn't thinking." she'd huff.

Scales ohs and sits. "An' I wasn't there for that one, so I can't say what was too far. But if you say he had to leave the room 'cause he wasn't lettin' you work, I'd back you up on that. Medics need room to do their job." She pauses again, the rainbow swirl of her optics slowing a bit as she thinks back to that situation. "But I think that was also the situation just after Stormfront, where he wasn't banned anymore 'cause he wasn't the same person? So havin' him leave the room was okay, but sayin' he couldn't come in at -all- wasn't."

 "It was, and he wasn't stormfront when yelling at Cerebros." Starlock explains as she moves a rock. "Also I am a little miffed about how people kept telling me he didn't remember, but then he went and said he remembered stuff from then." She'd grumble. "...He was really stressing Cerebros out, and the last thing I needed was the stressed causing Cerebros to bleed more energon, and exasperate his wound, so i wanted him removed till he calmed the hell down, and I remember Red Alert told me it was okay to call security if he was being a butthead."

Scales nods. "An' that's true." She settles into a dragon-loaf, tucking her tail around herself. "I'm sayin' there were two different issues goin' on there, and one of them got addressed an' the other didn't, 'cause of how the first went. Which stinks, but that happens sometimes." She pauses. "Stormfront actually asked me about tryin' to leave memories for Dust Devil, and from what Dust Devil told me when he got back to normal, it must not have worked. But there were files or notebooks or somethin' left behind that he went through. I dunno how complete. But I'm not gonna make Dust Devil pay for things done by his future self that shoulda known better. He's got plenty to answer for himself."

"Hmm.. I think that's what gave me a bit of an impression that you hated me." Starlock admits as she looks over her work. "Mind you, me and Dust Devil are in a lot better of a state then when we met." She'd chuckle. "...Still, I know I /hold onto/ things like that never being resolved, and not going to talk about it, has left me rather bitter and added to me feeling unwelcome in iacon."

Scales untucks a paw to run it over her crest. "Yeah... he got chewed out a bit, too. But I've never been in charge of somethin' before the medical center, so I'm just tryin' to keep things in order best I can."

Starlock is quite for a moment and takes in a deep vent, and lets it out, like a weight has been lifted off her shoulders. "Okay.. I understand, I've helped lead medical before so.. I understand." She'd nod, and open her optics, tired but not as stressed. "...I'm sorry, do.. you want to try.. /this/ again?" she asks, gesturing at herself, then Scales.

Scales gape-smiles and gets to her feet. "Sure! I don't mind tryin' again."

"Cool." Starlock chuckles. "..Thanks." She'd add as she dusts her hands off, moving out of the way... She starts trying to pick the dirt out from the tip of, and underside, of her bort talons. "Those flowers come in a lot of colors, so if they breed and you come in and see some of a dozen different colors? Yeaaah don't be surprised." She'd chuckle.

Scales brightens, her optics literally shifting to brighter colors. "Nice! Do they follow the normal light spectrum in how they blend, or do you know?"

"In the past I've seen pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, some will have different colored petals on the same flower, like a random purple on a red.. there's a rarer variant called a 'Prism' which has a petal of each primary color, but their rare, there's also clear ones we called Quartzes."

Scales hmms. "It's sounding like they might be best in their own bed, then. It's good we have some empty space!"

Starlock nods. "They where a wild breed, that was then made domestic, so there's likely a lot of variation in there, so a good idea." She'd chuckle. "they used to be given as gifts to show care, the colors would mean things, I recall a bunch of old flora arrangement books." Starlock smiles. "The Ivy I think will maybe follow the same line but I'm not sure, maybe the standard white."

Scales nods. "Well, we can put the ivy in the middle and the others around it. Maybe a couple of smaller decorative crystals on either side of the big rock?"

"That sounds nice." Starlock smiles. "It odda work." She'd grin.

Scales nods to herself and goes to a bed to dig out space for the rock, making dirt fly with her claws.

Starlock smiles and goes over to help.

Sideswipe would be coming along as he was ordered. "Don't ask me. I'm not anyone has an idea." He would offer to the duo.

Scales gets down to the gravel bed underneath. "We get it seated here an' pack the dirt around it, it should be nice an' stable." She looks over at the rock and then widens out the hole a bit so it'll fit.

Starlock nods. "I used to have a lot of plants in my room at the library, I've not cared for some in sometime." Starlock muses as she works, snrking. "Ratchet ever tell you the time, me and Hound put plants in the medical bay, and he didn't notice for /months/?"

Sideswipe would nod, "You gonna need me to come and take things over?" HE would offer to help he thing and pick it up to carefully maneuver it along.

Scales backs up to make room. "Yeah.. there's no way I can lift that rock into place."

Sideswipe would go to pick it up and slowly maneuver along wtih the heavy rock where Scales indicated. "This things not that big."

"for you maybe! But for me and her?... Yeah that things big." Starlock laughs. "She's a tape, I'm a mini-bot." Starlock did stand only 9 - 8 feet tall.

Sideswipe would laugh, "Yeah. Things scale." HE would deadpan over to Scales as he would maneuver along.

Scales hehs. "Yeah.. so it's twice my size, that makes it almost eight times as heavy! Definitely too big for me." She's small even for a tape, six feel long total, and most of that is tail.

Sideswipe would look down at Scales, "And you should take lessons from Brawn." Deadpanning, carefully going with the rock to put it where indicated.

Starlock smiles. "I'm the one that lugs bots twice my size off the field, still, even /that/ is too heavy for me." Starlock chuckles.

Scales grins toothily. "It's not my job to be strong! My job is patchin' people like Brawn up after somebody throws 'em off a mountain."

Sideswipe would sigh, "I'd be more worried about Brawn throwing the mountain at someone. He tried it with Soundwave.."

"We do have our handful of feral dumbasses." Starlock snrks, grinning at Sideswipe.

Scales hehs. "If anybody could do it, he'd be near the top of the list," she admits. "It always amazes me how tough a lot of the minibots are."

"Same.. I can never see myself with that much fire power or strength, and I think i'm pretty average in that area." Starlock says as she looks at her arm. "..Do wish I could be a bit faster."

Sideswipe would go to put the rockd own and start to wedge it in if needed, "That's what upgrades are for. Put in a request maybe to get your spark put in a new frame and get a rebuild."

Scales starts packing in the dirt around the base of the rock to get it seated. "I dunno if I'd want a whole new frame. But some new gear might be nice."

Sideswipe would go to slowly nudge the rock down into place. "Well, something to think about if you ever want to get it. And no reason to not put in a request for upgrades."

Starlocks ehhs. "I rather not, I've.. had my frame changed once and heavily altered a number of times, I dunno if I wanna do that again." She'd sigh. "I'm happy in my role as being a danger on the field without the power." Starlock muses. "It's.. I don't know, something about using what I have to be a major tactically annoyance." She'd laugh. "Believe it or not, the Decepticons are the ones that gave me the title, 'Combat medic'"

Scales nods. "I don't think I'll ever be the kind to just wade into a fight. The little stuff you get when sneakin' through a base is more'n enough excitement for me."

Starlocks nods. "..I didn't really ever see myself fighting ether but.. Well, I saw my patients getting killed on an active field, while they where down, so i picked up my dual blades and defended them to let my teams get them off the field after I do inital stabilization." Starlock explains.

Scales shivers. "Well, I do my best if somebody's comin' at 'em an' I'm there." She sighs. "Bludgeon didn't even think I was worth fightin'."

Jazz walks out of Iacon with a yawn and a coursery inspection of the garden. He smiles serenely to himself as he inspects.

Sideswipe would let Scales go to bury the rock and glance at Scales, "It happens. I mean.. Think you're safe, have Insecticons popping up and out of.. Never mind, not the right time." Jazz is given a lazy salute.

"Bludgeon.. That's the one Des mentioned is one of the weird honorable types." Starlock hems. "So that.. could be a good or bad thing." Starlock chuckles as she helps to get the plants ready for transfer. Her finials flick at pedes steps and looks back. "..Hey Jazz."

Scales works her way around the rock, packing the dirt in around it so it'll stay in its sticky-uppy position. She looks up and nods to Jazz. "Yeah.. he said I wasn't worth his time, but he was draggin' off someone who was hurt. Dust Devil helped me on that one, an' then Knightmare- Illarion, now- she showed up an' also Banshee an' in the end it was a big mess and we got away with the injured guy."

"Good, sometimes, Chaos is the best cover." Starlock nods sagely. "use what you can to rescue and protect your patients."

Sideswipe would grun, "Throw some grenades. Pop some more things. If you have someone that's a racer send 'em for a charge and try and ram them out of the way." He would nod at Jazz, "Sir."

Jazz nods to each and everyone seperately, "Garden is coming long nicely. Good Work all," he hears to mention of a few names then looks down at the headings of a few reports and nods a reminder to himself.

Starlock smiles at Jazz, she's dirty, like she got back from someplace else, then new dirt on her hands. "First I've really been in here, brought some new plants."

Scales sits back a moment to check the rock and see if it's going to fall over any. "I could pick out a couple crystal chunks while you get the ivy set up?" she offers.

Sideswipe would move to take a few stpes back, "Can you help wih that, Sir? You can probably get over it a bit better than I can." He would offer.

"Sure." Starlock says as she starts to getting to work. "Jazz? Gardening?" She partly jokes, but pauses. "Know actually he probably has a bonsai." She'd laugh.

Jazz optics starlock, "I dare say I know much more about it than you do Starlock," he smirks. "However, this is your project, I don't want to get in the middle of it."

Scales goes back to the extra supplies, sorting through for a big, decorative piece of crystal.

Sideswipe would hold his hands up, "Hey, don' look at me. I ain't exactly an art apprecionist. I can smash it, but I can't make it."

Starlock chuckles. "I'd expect such, such a avid tea drinker so." She'd smile as she helps with the ivy.

Scales rolls a big crystal chunk over for decor. "A lot of this will look messy anyway until it grows in a bit. Not a lotta pressure, really. It'll fix itself or we'll get to it when it's bigger an' easier to figure out."

Starlock nods. "Still, it will all be /very/ pretty." She'd smile.

Jazz nods in agreement then lingers his gaze on Starlock and leads with, "The Wreckers huh?"

Starlock glances over to Jazz and nods. "Yeeep..." She says, going quite. "I imagine you have /alot/ of questions."

Scales starts working on holes for the new plants, letting Jazz and Starlock catch up.

Jazz ushers Starlock in to a more secluded part of the garden, "Let's talk," he says headed in that direction shooing away any bots that are in the area.

Log session ending at 23:47:02 on Tuesday, 3 November 2020.

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