The Cult of Galvatron once hunted Sweeps, and sought to kill Megatron and use his energy to revive Galvatron.



In December of 2014, "Galvatron" mysteriously returned from the dead on his own, and appeared to kill "Megatron" in front of a large group of his followers in Kalis.

In 2015, Kup was captured by Scourge and Starscream, and made to deliver their demands that the Autobots turn over Alpha Trion so the Decepticons can use him to resurrect Megatron. Starscream eventually kidnapped Alpha Trion himself, and forced him to sacrifice himself awaken Vector Sigma. Vector Sigma gave life to the new Megatron body Starscream had built, and the burnt out core Starscream brought from the dead "Megatron".

After destroying two cities, "Galvatron" was killed by Megatron, and the cult that had formed around him wiped out by a team of Decepticons.



  • October 12 - "Go Get Some Kaff" - Highly skilled intelligence analyst Floodlight is... sent to get Kaff



Polyhex was transformed into New Polyhex, an alien, Unicron-like city by "Galvatron". After seeing "Megatron" killed by "Galvatron", Knightmare lost respect for the Decepticon leader, and challenged him to a duel, which was interrupted by Starscream. This caused Knightmare to rage and yearn to kill Megatron and Starscream both.



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