Crystal of Power

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The Crystal of Power was a mystical object of ancient significance.
Megatron IV and the Kingdom of the green crystal.

The Crystal of Power is a large, mystical object of ancient significance and, as the name indicates, power. Located in Incan ruins atop the Peruvian Andes Mountains on Earth, the Crystal of Power appears to have both power-dampening and power-focusing properties. The people who live near the Crystal’s temple attach religious significance to the Crystal, particularly as an instrument of wrath of their ancient gods.


The Transformers cartoon

Fire on the Mountain

Megatron removed the Crystal of Power from its altar where it was capping a geyser of energy from deep inside the earth. The Decepticons placed the Crystal into a weapon frame and used it to destroy the Autobot’s Sky Spy in orbit. The explosion and subsequent rain of burning debris down onto a nearby village sent the locals into a flurry of fear and theological debate. Meanwhile, the power of the blast earned Megatron’s admiration, and ire that it melted the weapon frame.

During their search for more steel to repair the frame, the Decepticons engaged the Autobots in battle. Bumblebee and Spike saved local Crystal expert Luisa from the crossfire and she informed them of the stolen artifact and led them to the ruins. Amazed by the energy geyser, Bumblebee compared the Crystal equivalent to the power of 10 Cybertronic energon smelters, which must be a lot.

After repairing the device, Megatron used the weapon frame against the Autobots. The Crystal of Power was obliterated when Skyfire fired at the weapon and destroyed it and the Crystal inside. Without the artifact regulating the energy geyser, Luisa feared that the entire mountain would explode. Wheeljack devised a cap for the geyser and, to everyone’s amazement, it worked.

MUX History

In March of 2014, the Decepticon Windshear travelled to Peru to collect remaining shards of the Crystal of Power. Luisa received reports on Windshear's presence, and called in Optimus Prime to help. Confronted there by Optimus Prime, Windshear stood his ground, and was soon backed up by Megatron, who arrived in the Dictator. Megatron was defeated by Optimus Prime, but not before Windshear had time to gather many shards of the Crystal of Power. Windshear returned with Megatron to base, and Luisa gave Optimus Prime several shards of the Crystal that her students had recovered, so the Autobots could study and ascertain what the Decepticons were after.


  • The green crystalline appearance of the Crystal of Power is almost identical to the green crystal emanating from the Arctic in the episode "Fire in the Sky".


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