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As of 08/27/2021 (User:Bzero), Crystal City is
under Decepticon control.
Autobots within the territory are seen as hostiles, Decepticons within the territory are in command, and Unaffiliated Inhabitants are enslaved.
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The Crystal City was famous for its elegance in construction and the scientific minds that hail from it. Now, the ruins of Crystal City are a haven for criminals and scavengers based around its old docks and spaceport. The ruins of Crystal City are also the home of the dockside establishment Th' Bar, which while officially neutral has often been the home of many an off-duty Decepticon. Rumor has it that the organized crime gangs led by Cryotek have recently been driven from the city by Shockwave.

“I remember it. The most spectacular city on Cybertron.” Optimus Prime

Crystal City


Cartoon Canon

Millions of years ago, Crystal City was one of the most beautiful structures on all of Cybertron. It was built by the Constructicons (including, at one point, Hauler) and protected by a Guardian Robot named Omega Supreme. Omega and the Constructicons were dear friends, although they didn't get to visit him and the city very often.

The destruction of Crystal City

Tragically, the very Constructicons who created this masterpiece were responsible for its destruction. They were ambushed by Megatron and his Robo-Smasher, which turned them evil. Under his orders, they lured Omega Supreme away from the Crystal City with a false story of a nearby Decepticon attack. He was reluctant to leave his post, but took the Constructicons at their word when they promised to protect the city in his absence. Once he was gone, they razed the structure to the ground.

MUX History

In recent years the ruins of Crystal City have become a haven for criminals and scavengers.

The Cyberquakes in 2016 caused the ruins of Crystal City to sink further into the surface of Cybertron, allowing liquid to flood from the Mithril Sea, through the city remnants, and into the slag swamps to the south. Many of the local scavengers were swept away by the floods -- others cling to the wreckage of remaining buildings, struggling desperately to survive.

Shockwave's later arrival stabilized the city, and in 2021, Shockwave defeated Cryotek and captured him, driving most of his criminal organization out of the city.

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Shattered Glass

Starscream was once one of the most brilliant scientific minds to hail from Crystal City, until Optimus Prime tried to recruit him into his evil Autobots. Starscream refused, and Prime had Crystal City destroyed while Starscream watched in horror.[1]

Metroplex is currently based in Crystal City, and is up to his waist in Junkion invaders.


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