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Crusader Shuttle
Machine information
Machine type



Low Orbital Missions


Space Missions

Weapon feature(s)

Recon Craft with 20mm Cannons

Military information
Service branch

United States Air Force

Designated pilot / driver(s)

Captain Countdown, Payload, Robo-JOE

Organizational information

Star Brigade

The Crusader is a manned orbital rocket and spacecraft system operated by G.I. Joe and NASA from 1989 to the present. The system combines rocket launch, orbital spacecraft, and a re-entry spaceplane with modular add-ons. The Crusader shuttle's design is based the earlier Defiant shuttle. The Defiant shuttle has been destroyed, but the Crusader remains in service, even after the shutdown of the overall US Space Shuttle program.

Major components included the orbiter, recoverable boosters, external tanks, payloads, and supporting infrastructure — orchestrated by hundreds of people on the ground and crewed by an elite cadre of astronauts.

The Crusader shuttle was modified to include a detachable Avenger Scout Craft, created using reverse-engineered designs of the drone from the Cobra Night Raven.


Pressurized cabin

The Crusader's flight deck or cockpit originally had 2,214 controls and displays, about three times as many as the Apollo command module. The crew cabin consisted of the flight deck, the mid-deck, and the utility area. The uppermost of these was the flight deck, in which sat the Crusader's commander and pilot, with up to two mission specialists seated behind them. The mid-deck, which was below the flight deck, had three more seats for the rest of the crew members.

The galley, toilet, sleep locations, storage lockers, and the side hatch for entering and exiting the orbiter were also located on the mid-deck, as well as the airlock. The airlock had an additional hatch into the payload bay. This airlock allowed two or three astronauts, wearing their Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) space suits, to depressurize before a walk in space (EVA), and also to repressurize and re-enter the orbiter at the conclusion of the EVA.

The utility area was located under the floor of the mid-deck and contained air and water tanks in addition to the carbon dioxide scrubbing system.


The Crawler unit is operated by the G.I. Joe member Hardtop. The Crusader shuttle is usually commanded by astronaut Payload.

Crawler transport

Crusader Crew over Nebulos

O-3 - Captain
E-6 - Staff Sergeant


Canon History

The success of the Defiant project in 1987 led G.I. Joe to commission a second shuttle two years later, called the Crusader, which used the same specfications as the Defiant shuttle. This shuttle was also commanded by Payload. After the Defiant was destoyed, the Crusader was modified to use the same booster as the original shuttle complex, as well as an additional drone add-on.

MUX History

After the Defiant was destoyed, the Crusader was modified to use the same booster as the original shuttle complex. With the shutdown of the Space Shuttle program in 2011, the Crusader remains the only reusable shuttlecraft in US deployment.

In 2019, the Crusader want launched in an attempt to remotely drain Cobra's BAT army of energy.

In 2021, While in orbit over Nebulos, the crew of the Crusader fought off an invasion by the Star Seeker pirate crew, capturing their leader, Olin Zarak. The controls of the Crusader were damaged, but Gears was able to wire a rig so that Robo-JOE could pilot the ship directly.



  • Oct 20 - "In Orbit" - The Crusader answers a distress call in orbit over Nebulos.

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