Faction: Autobot
Species: Transformers
Rank: 1 - Personnel/SpecOps

The enemies of Prime will burn!

CRUCIBLE has an enduring love of flame. To call her a pyromaniac would be not entirely accurate, for she knows there is a time and a place for fire, and does not light things that would upset her teammates or commanders. She's particularly careful about not lighting teammates or commanders. Still, when it is time to unleash her flames, she's very, very enthusiastic about it, in robot mode or as a flame-spewing armored spidertank. Her apparent instability and short fuse are to some extent an act put on for the benefit of her enemies, for she is intimately familiar with the value of a nervous opponent. She has a certain knack for psychological warfare, spooking, goading and unnerving her opponents to give her team the upper hand. Crucible's webs are flammable, but it takes a lot of heat to light them. Once they're burning, they burn hot enough to make most conventional metals run like water.

Is this all there is?!!

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