Crosshairs is an evil Autobot Targetmaster from the "Shattered Glass" continuity family.
Crosshairs SG

If it were up to Crosshairs, he'd be sitting back and relaxing with a nice cold glass of liquid energon at his side. He'd make an ideal Autobot soldier and be a good shot... but that would require him to, y'know, actually try. His Targetmaster partner Pinpointer, on the other hand, tries to balance out Crosshairs' slothful tendencies with his own youthful exuberance. But until the day comes when Crosshairs gets off his rear bumper and actually fights, he makes for some ideal target practice for Decepticons needing to brush up on their skills.

He transforms into an off-road vehicle similar to a Humvee.


Shattered Glass

As part of his plan to prevent the Decepticons from following the Autobots into space, Ricochet gathered Scoop and Crosshairs and gave them each a mini-cassette partner. While based in the remains of Boltax's temples, however, he was ambushed by the Old One, and was killed along with the other Autobots there.

MUX History

Killed by Alpha Trion - body found in the Temple of Knowledge. He was briefly resurrected by Wreck-Gar as a Junkion, but his body was both melted and shreaded by Wheeljack's exploding doomsday device.


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