Transformers Universe MUX

Log Title: Crosscut Report

Autobot Ambassador Crosscut

Characters: Crosscut, Prowl, Typhoon

Location: Autobot Broadband Channel

Date: August 27, 2013

TP: Quintesson Invasion TP

Summary: Crosscut reports to Prowl on the Quintesson situation.

As logged by Crosscut - Tuesday, August 27, 2013, 10:55 PM

Autobot Channel

<<Autobot>> Ambassador Crosscut says, "Yes, Prowl. How may I help you?"

<<Autobot>> Prowl says, "I want a report on the Quintesson situation, stat."

<<Autobot>> Ambassador Crosscut says, "Recently the Quintessons have begun to release altered human agents the Joes are calling 'Transorganics.' A pack of them invaded their Pit and did significant destruction. Also, our scouts indicate a new Spire has landed in Polyhex on Cybertron. It would seem the Quintessons are making themselves more of a Decepticon priority."

<<Autobot>> Prowl says, "Hrrm."

<<Autobot>> Prowl says, "Any speculation on what their endgame is, here?"

<<Autobot>> Ambassador Crosscut says, "Quintforming the Earth as a replacement homeworld for them."

<<Autobot>> Weatherbot Typhoon says, "But.... that would kill all life on Earth, wouldn't it?"

<<Autobot>> Ambassador Crosscut says, "I'm afraid so. Which is why we need to stop them. I'm trying hard to manage an alliance with our usual enemies towards a common goal."

<<Autobot>> Prowl says, "And what brought you to that conclusion?"

<<Autobot>> Ambassador Crosscut says, "Reports of what's happening off the North American West Coast. Skids theorizes that it's a Quintforming process, and it matches with the Quints' claim that we destroyed their homeworld and must pay the price."

<<Autobot>> Prowl says, "Any theories on the Decepticons' attitude toward this goal?"

<<Autobot>> Ambassador Crosscut says, "Inconsistent. Nightlash has been a great help - Starscream seems to have his own best interests at heart, as always. Megatron's been silent on the matter - I can't get him to respond to me."

<<Autobot>> Prowl says, "Heh. Of course he won't respond to you. Not Megatron, anyway."

<<Autobot>> Ambassador Crosscut says, "Rumors abound of Shockwave's return. Perhaps he will be more reasonable."

<<Autobot>> Prowl says, "Perhaps"

<<Autobot>> Ambassador Crosscut says, "Do you wish me to attempt to contact him?"

<<Autobot>> Prowl says, "No. But I do want you to file reports on any and every significant action taken. Or anything that may be pertinent to our cause. If you do not have enough information to do so, ensure that the task is delegated to someone who does."

<<Autobot>> Ambassador Crosscut says, "Yes, sir. I will make sure it is done."

<<Autobot>> Prowl says, "Thank you, Crosscut. That will be all."

<<Autobot>> Ambassador Crosscut says, "Very well, sir."