This page is for the evil Shattered Glass agent provocateur. For his heroic main-universe counterpart, see Crosscut.
  • Name: SG-Crosscut
  • Faction: SG-Autobot
  • Species: Transformer
  • Division: Command
  • Sub-Group: Autobot Command (SG)
  • Type: TP-Only character
All diplomacy is a continuation of war by other means.[1]

Behind his cover as an ambassador, CROSSCUT is an agent provocateur, stirring up trouble everywhere he goes to weaken potential targets and ripen them for Autobot conquest. He pushes and tempts honest and peace-loving folk to corruption and violence, and then brings down the hammer of Autobot occupation once their core values have been compromised.

Fluent in over 6300 alien languages (including 230 Earth languages), Crosscut can be extremely influential in any of them when he wants to be. Though he carries a lot of weaponry, it is all sneaky in nature, meant to incapacitate so he can take his time interrogating his targets before killing them at his leisure. He sometimes uses his scooter-drone Clutch to spy on potential targets, learning their desires and weaknesses before moving in. In robot mode, Crosscut carries an electromagnetic pulse emitter rifle, a twin vertigo gun double-blaster, and a stun grenade launcher, with 3 stun grenades. He also carries a wicked laser-knife for silent in-close work. In Chevrolet Spark hatchback mode, Crosscut can travel with a top speed of 102 MPH.

Oily and slick, Crosscut has the trust of none of the Autobots – with good reason, considering he would quickly stab any of them in the back for his own self-interests. With Prime gone, Crosscut has been using his talents to undermine the various sub-factions that remain, in preparation for his own planned power grab.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Crosscut has risen through the ranks of the Autobot empire through a combination of assassination, back-stabbing, and ruthlessness.


Chevrolet Spark mode

MUX History:

With Prime gone, Crosscut has been using his talents to undermine the various sub-factions that remain, in preparation for his own planned power grab. In the meantime, he has helped brokered the secret ceasefire between the Autobots and the Decepticons on Alpha Trion's behalf.

OOC Notes

Crosscut transformers into a Chevrolet Spark.



Crosscut is available for temping. In the meantime, he's being temped by Bzero.


1. Originally a quote by Zhou Enlai 2. Chevrolet Spark

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