Personal information
Real Name

David O. Thomas


Fort Dodge, Iowa





Military information
Service branch

United States Army

Primary MOS

Airborne Ranger

Secondary MOS

Parachute Rigger


0 - E4 - Specialist



Organizational information

G.I. Joe


United States Army Rangers, Night Force

Rangers lead the way!


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

As a boy in Ft. Dodge, Iowa, Crazylegs was an pianist, though his fingers were too short to make a career of it. He enlisted in the Army and became an Airborne Ranger, eventually joining the G.I. Joe team as an airborne assault trooper.

On his first mission for the Joe team, Crazylegs was part of the crew of a C-130 that brought a small Joe rescue team into Sierra Gordo to retrieve U.S. Ambassador Winthrop. While Crazylegs, Wild Bill and Maverick waited at the airfield for the rescue team to return, a group of Sierra Gordan refugees arrived, begging for passage out of the nation as it became consumed by civil war. The Joes had to refuse due to their mission, but things changed when Zarana and two Dreadnoks arrived, also wanting to leave. When they took the refugees hostage, Wild Bill and his crew had no choice but to take off and abandon the other Joes. Crazylegs saw to the safety of the refugees when the plane was hit by enemy fire and made a crash landing. When the Dreadnok, Thrasher, needed to be knocked out to set a broken arm sustained in the crash, Crazylegs used the butt of his rifle as "anesthetic". The Joes were forced to find their way through the jungles with three Dreadnoks and a planeload of refugees. After a chaotic series of events, they eventually stole a plane and made their way back to America. Not long after that mission, the Joe team entered the Cobra Island civil war on the side of Serpentor. Crazylegs was one of the many Joes that participated. Crazylegs' final mission began as a supposedly simple raid on Cobra Terror-Dromes in the desert nation of Trucial Abysmia. The mission went sour when the Joes stumbled upon a large contingent of Cobra soldiers and vehicles. The team was captured and held prisoner by Cobra. A SAW-Viper, misunderstanding orders, killed several of the Joes in cold blood, including Crazylegs. He and his teammates were given heroes' funerals at Arlington National Cemetary.

MUX History:

Crazylegs was briefly reanimated as a synthoid clone by Dr. Mindbender as part of the Old Soldiers Never Die TP. Never deployed as an assassin, he remains in Dr. Mindbender's lab.

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