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Military information
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Cobra Naval Forces

Primary MOS

Naval Pilot

Secondary MOS

Swamp Fighter


7 - Naval Forces CO



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Python Patrol

I can drive a swamp buggy like a demon, rebuild a V-8 with just a coat hanger and some spit, fight all night and raise a ruckus until daylight. Then start all over and do it again, with pleasure.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Though not much is known about the man known as Copperhead, he is believed to be native to or grew up in Florida (his accent is enough evidence alone to indicate that), spending much of his time in the Everglades. He became a swamp buggy and boat mechanic from an early age, and intelligence sources say that he he raced speedboats in high stakes races in Monaco and Japan. His weakness for gambling first began when he bet on his own races, and Copperhead eventually found himself deep in debt to a number of bookies. When he sold his services to Cobra it was to help pay off his gambling debts. He worked with Cobra for years, mostly behind the scenes as a boat and swamp vehicle mechanic. It is also rumored that Copperhead had some dealings with the Dreadnoks in the past, partly due to his familiarity with their adopted home in the swamps of Florida. Copperhead left Cobra when he could finally pay off his debts, but in the years after Cobra was broken up by a unified attack from international forces, he returned to his old vices and was soon again in debt.

MUX History:

2008 - In order to escape disciplinary dismissal he couldn't afford due to gambling debts, Copperhead agreed to a personal favor owed to Major Bludd, outside Cobra command, to be cashed in later. Bludd has yet to call in this marker.

OOC Notes

Copperhead is the current commanding officer of the Cobra Naval Forces. His XO is Crush Depth. His personal troops are the Swamp-Vipers.

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Copperhead was once temped by Typhoon.


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