Transformers Universe MUX

Log Title: Constructicon Orders

Characters: Hook, Mixmaster, Megatron, Scrapper

Location: The Cradle - Kolkular

Date: August 30, 2020

TP: Peace In Our Time TP

Summary: Megatron has a new project for his Constructicons.

As logged by Scrapper - Sunday, August 30, 2020, 4:21 PM

The Cradle - Kolkular

Packed with many monitors and other equipment, The Cradle is Kolkular's command hub and throne room. It is a busy place, with Sweeps receiving almost constant data from the field and passing it along to the appropriate division heads. Teams of cassettecons monitor and listen to the broadcasts private and public, reporting things of interest up the chain of command. A large dais dominates the room, on which a command chair faces the main viewscreen. Other stations are arranged in a half-circle in front of the chair, where the commander can watch over the others while they work. The war room is a hectic and somewhat paranoid place to be, and only the most trusted of Decepticons are allowed in here.


Megatron is seated upon the throne of Kolkular scanning over datapads as they are put nearby. Most get a cursory glance but a few are looked at more closely, mostly the recent after action reports.

Scrapper shows up as summoned, with Hook and Mixmaster in tow. He approaches the throne but stops as a respectable distance, kneeling and bowing his head in respect and reverence. "Your Imperial Majesty," says with utmost courtesy. "I have come at your request and brought my lieutenants as well. How may the Constructicons serve you at this time?"

Hook looks at Scrapper as kneels as well, although with much less enthusiasm than the lime green engineer.

Mixmaster is in mid-conversation with Scrapper, as the three walk in. "--preposterous. Casserite, he said. And I told him I'd melt him too if he didn't uh uh uh shut up. Turns out that junkheap had a lithium overlay. Ruined the whole b--" He suddenly pauses when Scrapper starts speaking, and is just slightly taken aback when he realizes they're there already. The Constructicons, in general, always had less to worry about from Megatron. They were actually competent, and since Megatron provided them with an endless demand for new challenges and building opportunities, Mixmaster perks up a bit, putting his hands on his hipjoints silently.

Megatron looks down at the Constructicons as Scrapper speaks up; motioning them to stand. "Ah, Scrapper, I have a project worthy of your team's expertise."

His gaze moving over Mixmaster and Hook before coming back to their commander. "I find myself in need of a vessel to take me from Cybertron. One that will rival the Nemesis II. That is, unless your team could retrofit the Nemesis II for unknown future technology to be installed."

<<Decepticon>> Omen says, "Get me OUT OF HERE!"

"Retrofitting an existing craft will be far faster than constructing a new one from scratch, but it all depends on your needs, your majesty," Scrapper replies. "At what scale in what timeframe do you need this done? You know my crew works best under pressure, and whatever you require, we will provide. All we need is the requirements in more detail." Scrapper may be modest, but he's confident in his team's abilities.

Hook glances at Scrapper and resists shaking his head as Scrapper violates the first rule of engineering - underpromise and overdeliver.

<<Decepticon>> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "calm. we're leaving."

Mixmaster stiffens up a bit more. A new project, and one that demands perfection. "Rivaling the Nemesis? Oh that's a big goal." He actually looks a bit disappointed when Scrapper suggests a retrofit. "I've been working on more elendium based armor plates...oh ho, my cauldron is bubbling just uh uh uh thinking about it!" He looks over to Hook, and starts laughing as he imagines it. "With our new Proving Grounds out in Tarn, I've found FOUR alloys that are up to two point five percent more resilient against plasma fire than currently operational materials. FOUR!"

Megatron grins and steeples his fingers as they begin to discuss possibilities. It is always good to know your audience and Megatron knows their natural proclivities well. "It does not need to be quite as big, but if you can manage on that scale it would be a truly impressive feat worthy of your talents."

"Truly, Mixmaster, your research is ever a source of inspiration for others to aspire to. I would imagine a proper field test of these new alloys. I could see their potential for use around a more efficient power core, but I'm certain that already crossed your mind..."

<<Decepticon>> Omen says, "You.. stuff calm... right up.. 'S not in -your- head."

<<Decepticon>> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "Calm down. I have you. I'm going to get you out."

Scrapper rises at last and nods. "New construction would be better, then, although we can use the Nemesis II as a basis and modify the design based on your needs, your Majesty." His optics glimmer behind his crimson visor, and he glances back at Hook and Mixmaster before returning his gaze back to his leader. "Can you provide me with a list of the upgrades you require?" he asks politely.

Mixmaster puts his hands back on his hips, "Hey, we love our jobs." Mixmaster gives Hook a nudge, being the perfectionist. His discussion mostly goes to his foreman, but naturally Megatron's the client. "So if uh uh uh...if we're not looking at crew capacity. That does shrink down the scale. It'd do us some uh uh h..." He pauses for a moment, then shakes his head, "uh lavabrain there for a second, sorry, uh So deep space travel. Highly armed and armored. Storage for deep space travel. The crew count is gonna be the big deal." He motions to Scrapper, "Smaller than the nemesis, it'd be more compact...and nimbler too if we put less long guns on it."

<<Decepticon>> Eclipse says, "Are we having some issues?"

Megatron nods, "Final crew size is uncertain, but I do not Imazinge it would be more than half of what was on the Nemesis II, possibly as little as a third. That should also allow you to maintain a smaller size with greater output, as you have said. As for the technologies in question..."

Reaching over the Decepticon Emperor selects a datapad and holds it out towards Scrapper, "This has most of the types of technology I believe may be encountered."

<<Decepticon>> Combaticon Swindle's radio kicks in. "am not becoming a snack for a buncha cannibalistic maniacs! I don't care *what* that old Empty fortune-teller said!"

<<Decepticon>> Mixmaster says, "Ahahahah! Serves ya right, you uh uh uh materials thief!"

<<Decepticon>> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "no issues. Everything is under control."

<<Decepticon>> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "we're leaving."

Scrapper's optics blink rapidly behind his visor as Mixmaster says, 'less long guns', and it looks like he might fall over at the thought.

"Fewer," Hook corrects, although that doesn't seem to help Scrapper recover.

As Megatron offers the datapad, however, Scrapper pulls himself together and says, "It will be done." Barely glancing at the specs, he asks, "We will need a least a cyberweek, and a great amount of energon."

At 'a cyberweek' Hook nearly breaks his neck looking at Scrapper agog.

<<Decepticon>> Omen says, "I.. don't -care- who gets out where. I'm opening the Primus-damned DOOR."

<<Decepticon>> Eclipse says, "Somehow, I have the feeling I should be ready, just in case. Masque, everything prepped?" // << Your toolkit might as well be sitting right beside me. I /do/ live in your chassis, after all. >> // *sigh* "A simple 'yes' or 'no' will do."

Mixmaster can't help but lean in a bit, but doesn't move. He'd get his chance soon enough to peruse the specs. Scrapper and Hook had to have their say so first. Scrapper's estimate of time puts Mixmaster in a state of panic, "An cauldrons will need that long to fire up and go through testing!" He looks around, dismayed but not complaining, "We-we-we've got to start immediately. There's casting to be done. Fusion reactors to assemble." He takes a half-step to the door, seeing if anyone else is as lit up by the deadline as he is.

Megatron holds up his left hand, "There is one other thing... this must be kept secret from the rest of the Empire."

His optics narrow as he regards them each in turn quietly pointing to them individually with his right hand... and the cannon. "If it is not..." That statement is left hanging in the air.

Scrapper nods again, calm in the face of the threat of cannoning. "Of course, your majesty, although that might affect our timeline if we can't bring in as many outside forces to work with us. Something of this scale, without help - well, it may take as long as an orbital cycle, even if we can discretely acquire and reuse general systems from other starcraft. It can be done," he emphasizes. "But we may need more time to ensure there are no mistakes."

Hook calms somewhat as Scrapper proposes a longer timeline, although at his level of perfection, several Stellar cycles might be more appropriate.

Mixmaster balks a bit at threat of 'the cannon' He's seen the after effects enough to know what that's about. "Uh heh. secrets. Got it." He motions to Scrapper, "Hey, yeah. A lot of the internals are standard for most ships. We just Scavenger to start a salvage op. Pity that one in the Rust Sea exploded...twice."

"No more than six orbital cycles. Three if you can manage at the lower troop capacity." There is no room for negotiation in Megatron's tone. "If you must bring bring in salvage to accomplish this, do so, but unnoticed."

<> <Morrigan> (disconnects)

<<Decepticon>> Omen (disconnects)

<<Decepticon>> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "I've got her."

Scrapper bows respectfully. "We'll have to put all other projects on hold, or at least subcontract, but it will be done. I'll create and submit a false plan immediately to account for our whereabouts and the need for massive amounts of energon and materials. Have you any suggestions on that account, your majesty, or should I just pick something off our long-term to-do list?" He glances back at Megatron's datapadd, his mind already working on the best design for Megatron's requests.

Megatron inclines his head to the trio, "I'm sure you'll find something fitting on the list, Scrapper."

<<Decepticon>> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "<disconnects>"

<> <Myrddin> <disconnects>

"We'll begin immediately." Looking at the others, Scrapper awaits dismissal, but mentally, is already on his way.

Megatron waves his hand to the Constructicons. "You are dismissed."

Scrapper bows quickly, and hurries off.