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The Constructicons are the Decepticons' foremost designers, engineers and builders. They are also particularly notable for their status as the very first combining sub-group of Transformers. The individual members of the team are:

The egotistical Scrapper, leader of the Constructicons

  • Scrapper, (usually) the leader, a proud designer who basks in the praise he receives - front-load loader.
  • Scavenger, confident and capable survivor - power shovel.
  • Mixmaster, music-loving chemist - cement mixer.
  • Hook, medic with self-esteem issues - crane.
  • Long Haul, a hard-working transporter hates combat - dump truck.

They are able to merge their bodies and minds together to form the gigantic Devastator.

In the Shattered Glass universe, there are more Constructicons in addition to or in lieu of the primary six. The named ones include:

  • Grapple, an Autobot ex-Constructicon - crane.
  • Hauler, an Autobot ex-Constructicon - crane.


Shattered Glass universe

Millions of years ago, Omega Doom was a member of the legendary Guardian robots, and was charged with defending Crystal City, the most spectacular city on Cybertron. He befriended the Constructicons, the city's creators. However, in 1985, the Constructicons were attacked by Emperor Prime's Robo-Smasher and nearly converted into Autobots (all but Grapple and Hauler managed to get away). The now-evil Grapple and Hauler convinced Omega to leave his post to help defend another city, and promised to look after the city in his stead. When he left, Emperor Prime demolished the Crystal City, while Starscream watched in horror. When Omega learned what happened, he tracked Hauler down and tried to change the builder back into a Decepticon, but the process was irreversible, and the treacherous former Constructicon lured Omega into an ambush by the Smasher. The Robo-Smasher attacked Omega, convert him into a truly evil, soulless monster. The rest of the Constructicons joined resistance leader Megatron, trying to undo some of the damage done to their beloved planet. In response, Starscream helped Megatron rebuild them into the first gestalt, Devastator.

Earth modes

In 2006, construction on Dinosaurer secretly began on Cybertron by the Constructicons with help from Octane and under the direction of Shockwave. Dinosaurer was an experiment granting sentience to wild creatures of Cybertron. Dinosaurer's gestalt-sized altmode was just an extravagance on Scrapper's part.

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