Connecting is simple. The best way is via a dedicated MUSH client. But if you're brand-new to MUSHing and don't want to install a client right away, you can connect with this web-based client, or the flash client @ Connect to port 1976 and type connect guest to get started!

There are several free MUSH clients available. They are widely used, and relatively easy to get used to. Download one of the ones below, and connect to port 1976.



In MUSHClient, either click on 'new world' or 'quick connect'.

In SimpleMU, select 'New Connection Wizard' from the menu, and enter the site address ( and port number (1976).

Check the TinyFugue page for more details on the client.


TinyFugue login screen

MUSHClient -

SimpleMU -

TinyFugue -

For Macintosh, there's Atlantis:

You'll find more client information at our MUX Resources page.


MushClient login screen

You'll be greeted with a login screen. Just type 'connect guest' and you'll be on!


 The following commands will help get you started on the MUX.

  • +bbnext - Start reading posts on our internal message board system
  • +who - to see who is on
  • +where - where people are
  • look <whomever> - look at someone
  • +ic / +ooc - hop In Character or Out Of Character
  • g <whatever> - talk on the guest channel
  • "<whatever>- say something in the room
  •  :<whatever> - make a pose starting with your name
  • @emit <whatever> - Emit a pose without your character's name prepended
  • +finger <name> - the In Character information on a character
  • +personal <name> - Personal, OOC information on the character and player

Getting a Character

While on the MUX, type +fcheck for a list of all available characters!

There are currently several levels of characters. You can apply for a Feature Character, which is one of the characters from the comic, show, or toyline. You can make up your own Original Character. Finally, if you want to get IC fast, you can appy for a Disposable Character. Log onto the MUX and ask how! B)

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