Transformers Universe MUX

Meggan geared up as Concealer.

Personal information
Real Name

Meggan Briar


New York City, NY


May 7, 1998


Cinderella Undercover; Meggan Rachel Briar; 'Meggan Rachel'

Military information
Service branch

US Army

Primary MOS


Secondary MOS




Organizational information

G.I. Joe

And in our life, we will all face pain and strife but push on through and keep your head up high.

CONCEALER always saw herself as someone different and had spent much of her life going through self-discovery until she finally was able to accept herself as Meggan Briar through her commitment to G.I. Joe. Fully trained as an engineer with an advanced understanding of most weapons, she is ready for combat. When she is not working on a project in the lab, motor pool, or firing range, she is perfecting her appearance and teaching herself how to be mistress of disguise; whether that be with cosmetics or an advanced combat systems suit that uses technology to help camouflage herself. One of her biggest flaws is that she is focused on her own vanity and battling her dysphoria.

Concealer's Stats as of 2021.png


Timeline for Major Life Events.
Year Event
May 7, 1998 Meggan was born
September 2015 College started; Meggan started to transitional shortly after
September 1, 2020 Military training started.

Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History

Much of Meggan's life seems to be either missing on paper, redacted, or, if you ask her, "confused" with her late twin brother's life; including important documents. She claims that her parents just do not have any childhood photos or pictures of her because of an incident but she has photos of her brother. More over, Meggan Briar shares the same Social Security number as her brother and there are no school records of Meggan ever attending the same public school as her brother; however her college years have been verified that she completed her courses with high honors. Initially, Meggan had no incentive to join the military until the Department of Defense issued the DOD INSTRUCTION 1300.28 as a policy allowing the rights she felt she could agree with.


Most of Meggan's childhood seems to be referenced as being typical and she will make reference to her twin brother* casually as someone she spent her time with. She often will joke about how she used to play with cars, trucks, dinosaurs, and other boy toys but would also wish she had more of 'girlish' activities like getting involved in sewing, doll houses, etc. During her childhood, she received above average grades; excelling in both the math and sciences. As a kid, she was intrigued by the video game, Metroid Prime where the main protagonist was a female. She tried to deny it while in school but did would 'reluctantly' play games with the girls instead of the boys. She always would critique the outfits that Barbie and Ken dolls would have; while trying to switch the clothing between the two. This would lead to friends not being amused.


Concealer Drag Racing.jpg

During her teenage years, Meggan was social but often kept to herself when given the opportunities so she can continue her studies. She was involved in some after school activities such as theater and some sports but often talks about how her twin brother did most of the activities. During her high school and college years, Meggan did partake in dangerous activities to help fund her transition; this includes being an active member of the 'Nuts and Bolts Drag Racers Show' as well as doing a drag show staged wrestling league under the names of 'TranSister' and 'Autumn Violet.'


Meggan and her twin brother attended New York University and took the same classes at the same time. She often credits this as the time as when she last saw her brother who sacrificed himself so she can live. After the realization that she will never be the son her father wanted her to be, Meggan forged her identity in college through the help of her community. She finally came out of her shell; no longer timid and shy; instead she emerged as self-made independent woman who has a passion for tinkering and perfecting electronics and other devices.

During her college years, Meggan studied electrical engineering while experimenting with various combat scenarios. This helped inspire her cosplay obsession; furthering her decisions to become who she is today. She focuses on trying to be the person she wants to be rather than trying to be the person others view her as. While stereotypes and others' views create her dysphoria, Meggan still tries to be positive about her life choices.

Meggan in combat training.

As she worked further on exploring herself, she was able to discover she had the talent to use cosmetics to make herself look different and pretend to be different people; which was useful as she would mimic those who inspired her to become who she is today. Using a military contract position to help advance her career, she quickly found herself enlisting with G.I. Joe.

MUX History

Concealer joined G.I. Joe in 2021. Later that year, Flint approved her to work on the Starfighter.

In 2022, Concealer was temporarily assigned to Star Brigade.

Hobbies & Interest

Meggan finally feeling comfortable with her identity.

In her free time, she played video games and tried to figure out how to strategically attack targets. During her off duty times, Meggan can be found designing theoretical armors, weapons, and, when time permits, enjoying nightclubs, blogging, and sharing fashion tips.


  • Politically, Meggan is into Libertarianism and agnostic religiously. She believes in science over spirituality. While she is a transwoman, she also identifies as genderfluid. She sufferers sometimes from gender dysphoria; thus is why she refers to her past as if it was lived by her twin brother that never existed.
  • G.I. Joe
    • Meggan joined G.I. Joe after doing contract work with the US Military and government. While she is often questioning how supportive the government really is for the rights of individuals like herself, she trusts G.I. Joe over what Cobra would do as a dictatorship. She is aware that she is pressing issues by using the Trans Pride colors along with her customized G. I. Joe logo.
  • Cobra
    • Cobra seemingly has ideas to rule the world and force their standards on to the free world. Meggan cannot get behind Cobra Commander's ego nor the violence that Cobra represents.
  • Transformers
    • Meggan has mixed feelings for the Cybertronians. The name 'Transformers' seems controversial to herself while she can relate to being forced to be hiding their true identities to fit in.
      • Autobots
        • Meggan has respect for the Autoboots but she resents that they have brought their war to her planet.
      • Decepticons
        • Similar to her views of Cobra, Meggan cannot respect the actions of Megatron and Galvatron.


Meggan/Concealer doesn't view herself as whole yet but instead sees herself as a canvas that is starting to look like the image she wants to see herself as.

While Meggan won't easily admit to being transgendered, she will casually reference it when she lets her guard down in conversations. She prefers to keep it as an intimate secret of her identity; not because she is ashamed of it but because she is not willing to let her gender be her identity. As Meggan Briar, she is capable of blending in almost anywhere. She is shy at first but when she is comfortable with herself and her surroundings, she can be boisterous, flamboyant, social, and helpful. She has a flirty persona with anyone around. She spends her time working on research and development for weapon systems and vehicles. Despite being flirtatious, Meggan remains professional while on duty.

When she gears up as Concealer for combat and special missions, she is rather mechanical and almost void of emotion; she stays on task to keep focus. She understands what is at risk and is willing to sacrifice herself for the greater good. As Concealer, Meggan tries to stay focused to ensure that her actions merit the consequences. She picked her handle as a nickname due to a song that represented how she felt after some incidents when she initially started to transition. While the song, itself, is about being abused and using make-up to hide the bruises, Meggan sees make-up as a badge of courage now when she wears it. As she also specializes in hiding and blending in, she found this song title to be appropriate as it also reminds her of what she is fighting for.


  • Despite trying to hide the fact that she is transgender when she first meets people and she is a capable of handling covert operations, Meggan often will show off her 'Trans Pride' in any way possible; whether it's a subtle take of the G.I. Joe logo by swapping the colors, going to a LGBTQ+ friendly event, or more. It's because Meggan is happy with her new identity and subconsciously does not want to 'cage' herself up.
  • Meggan is a vegetarian but her will folds in half when it is Taco Tuesday or a cheeseburger or bacon is involved.
  • She is convinced she has undiagnosed ADHD.


  • Metroid; Samus Aran is a source material for Meggan; the character kicked "assteroids!" as Meggan would explain. In the game, Samus in her armor is often confused as a male by gamers who are unaware about the gender reveal at the end.
  • Comic Books: Meggan took her name from Meggan of Excalibur comics and also Miss Martian from the TV series 'Young Justice;" who spelled her name as Megan. Both female characters are shape shifters and able to change their identities and looks at will. Miss Martian based her identity off a TV character as well and uses a catch phrase which Concealer has stolen.
  • Apex Legends: Wraith is partially an inspiration for her Concealer armor's design. Right now, Meggan is using the Voidwalker design as her source material.
  • Music: The song, "Concealer" by Thursday helped Meggan pick her codename. The line, "It won't be long until you're gone into the night You won't have time to paint my face with cover-up." represents to Meggan the idea of using make up to cover up the bruises to act like nothing happened.
  • There was an incident at New York University that Meggan witnessed involving the G.I. Joes. One of the members was a guest lecturer who helped inspire her. She refers to this as the incident that her imaginary identical twin brother sacrificed himself at so she can live; in reality it was when she finally decided to fully live her life as Meggan.
  • Nicole Maines: Nicole Amber Maines is an American actress and transgender rights activist. Prior to her acting career, she was the anonymous plaintiff in the Maine Supreme Judicial Court case Doe v. Regional School Unit 26, where she argued her school district could not deny her access to the female bathroom for being transgender. While Nicole has an identical twin brother, Meggan does not but she refers to herself before the transition as her twin brother.

Accessories & Equipment

Concealer's armor.

Trained as a combat engineer and with the ability to quickly and skillfully to help her unit navigate while on combat missions by constructing bridges, clearing barriers with explosives and detecting and avoiding mines and other environmental hazards She is capable of handling herself in combat as well as being able to use disguises to blend in her surroundings. Some of her equipment is experimental with the modifications she was made.

  • Vehicles
    • 2022 Harley Davidson Sportster; blue and customized to have a retro look.
    • 2022 Toyota Supra; stock parts.
  • Armor
    • Standing at 6’ in full combat armor is Concealer. The build suggests a feminine individual but much is not evident. On the top of her head is a metallic purple full helmet with white accents. Covering her neck is a dark gray cloth but there is also a protective layer of white armor hiding behind. Over her torso is more white armor with gray Kevlar exposed to allow unrestricted mobility. Her arms are covered behind the same black Kevlar armor though her shoulders and forearms have some white armor. On her hands are white gloves. Her left forearm has a silver computer harnessed around it. Her legs are protected behind white armor with the bottom of her boots being a dark purple.
  • Weapons

    Look, Flint! I do wear clothing!

    • Shotgun. Mastiff. Powerful semi-auto shotgun.
    • Assault Rifle. R-301. Full-auto and high accuracy.
    • Shotgun. Peacekeeper. Lever-action shotgun.
    • SIG Sauer M17.
    • Anti-Personal Mine.
    • Tactical Knife.
  • Outfits
    • R&D
      • Before you stands Meggan! She has a small smile on her face and her curly long blondish hair has tints of rainbow colors as highlights. Her blue eyes are warm and she has on a hint of purple eye shadow and lipstick. Meggan is standing about 6 foot and is athletically fit. She appears to be in her early twenties. Right now, she is wearing a white t-shirt with a modified version of the G.I. Joe logo... instead of being Red, White, and Blue, it's Pink White, and Blue. She has on a pair of camo pants and a pair of black combat boots.
      • face and her curly long blondish hair has tints of pink highlights. Her blue eyes are warm and she has on a hint of pink eye shadow and lipstick. Meggan is standing about 6 foot and is athletically fit. She appears to be in her early twenties.. Right now, in her civilian attire, Meggan is wearing a black cropped t-shirt that is rather a slim fitting that shows her curves. On her legs, she has leggings that match the Trans Pride color scheme but with glitter. On her feet, she is wearing a pair of glittery pink platform high heel sandals with ankle straps.
    • Work Out
      • Before you stands Meggan! She has a small smile on her face and her curly long blondish hair has tints of pink highlights. Her blue eyes are warm and she has on a hint of pink eye shadow and lipstick. Meggan is standing about 6 foot and is athletically fit. She appears to be in her early twenties.. Right now, Meggan is ready to work out! She has on a periwinkle sports bra with pink and white stripes running across it. Her exposed midriff is toned. She has on matching exercise shorts that are extra short with a bikini bottom for swimming underneath. If she is not, she has on pink running shoes with blue laces.
    • Lounge/Relax
      • Before you stands Meggan! She has a small smile on her face and her curly blondish hair has tints of pink highlights. Her blue eyes are warm and she has on a hint of pink eye shadow and lipstick. Meggan is standing about 6 foot and is athletically fit. She appears to be in her early twenties.. Presently, Meggan is wearing a pink zipper hooded sweatshirt with a white tank top underneath. On her legs are a pair of periwinkle leggings and pink Converse sneakers.
    • Cosplay/Pin Up Outfits
      • Meggan has an obsession with trying to cosplay as favorite videogame characters. These outfits and cosplays help inspire her designs for her uniforms and other attire. Sometimes, Meggan attempts to see how she looks as a 'pin-up' though she keeps most of those photos private.
    • Formal
      Formal Wear - Meggan Briar-Concealer.jpg
      • Before you stands Meggan! She has a small smile on her face and her blondish hair has tints of pink and blue highlights that is up in a bun. Her blue eyes are warm and she has on a hint of pink eye shadow and lipstick. Meggan is standing about 6 foot and is athletically fit. She appears to be in her early twenties.. Right now, in her formal attire, Meggan is wearing a fitted dress on top and a flared skirt on the bottom that really calls attention to her figure. The pattern on her dress is a distressed transgender pride flag. On her feet, she is wearing a pair of glittery pink platform high heel sandals with ankle straps. Her nails match the glittering pink of her high heels.
  • Resources
    • Work Station:
      Concealer's Work Station 2.jpg
      Set up with several monitors, tables, shelves, and a server, Meggan has her designated lab all set up to run simulations as she works on physical projects and hardware. Sometimes, Meggan stays later than her neighboring lab partners so she has made it into a second home where she can adjust the lights to match whatever colors she wanted to have it. She often uses the pride color scheme when she works into the late hours of the night by herself.
      • Computer:
        Concealer's PC.jpg
        Meggan has a custom built desktop with interior lights and solid state hardware to prevent crashing and also allows for her to run her research at optimum conditions. She has a few monitors hooked up to it to give her the ability to see what is going on with the data and the renders. While not required, Meggan has opted to install a series of extra LED lights to theme her PC; the lights alternate from blue to pink giving it more of an appeal to fit her off duty theme. She has it set to communicate as a server to her laptop, tablet, and most secured mobile technology. Her goal is to have it record data from her combat suit to help give real time data during a combat scenario and aid with ideas of what needs to be done to help. It also has a pretty loud sound system that she uses to rock out with.
        • IRC with Meggan/Sylveon
          Meggan has a custom ICQ icon for the chat. She uses the handle 'Sylveon' as she identifies with being an Evee as well as the color scheme of the Pokemon creature. She often uses the chat to help socialize as well as to explore what is going on in the world around her. This can lead to her getting into deep conversations or getting into silly antics. Be warned!
    • Living Quarters:
      Meggan's Quarters.jpg
      Equipped with a standard living quarter, Meggan has decorated it with colorful furniture and arrangements to allow her to show off her character. Some of the wall art is representing how she feels while she has also installed in mirrors on a wall to make it look like a window to the outside. Inside her room, one would find a guitar, a desk, laptop, clothing, series of books, and an arsenal of clothing and accessories.


Playlists for Meggan
Time/Event Song Reason Why
August 2017 Grouplove - Ways To Go One of Meggan's favorites for karaoke; she relates to this song about herself. She sees that she has lot to go to finally be herself but she also relates to the lyrics 'I didn't know my name.'
September 2020 Delilah Montagu - Loud Meggan relates this song to transitioning herself to being a transgendered woman as well as joining G.I. Joe as an engineer. She feels this song relates to how she was confused about who she was but now she is ready to accept a healthy relationship with herself and is proud of who she is.
June 2021 Dynamite Hack - Anyway (Female Version) This song is how Meggan saw her training and boot camp when she enlisted at first. There were several trials and tribulations she faced; she felt the pressure of her gender dystopia weighing heavily on her as she tried to still continue and embrace being 'girly' while in BootCamp.
July 2021 Bleachers - How Dare You Want More Meggan is guilty of singing this song to herself while looking at herself in the mirror and putting her game face on. Sometimes she'd rock out during BootCamp while thinking of this song as she would force herself to press on.
December 2021 Red Hearse - Born to Bleed During a routine patrol and working on her R&D experiment, Meggan found herself fighting her conscience to protect a close coworker. While not approving of her own actions, Meggan adjusted to the inner pain because she felt her friendship with her coworker would improve herself to want to excel for others.
December 2021 Eve 6 - Androgyne Friend Meggan tries knows to keep her transition quiet but she keeps flaunting the information out loud with coworkers; even if she is not going to talk directly about it; she often finds herself where a 'Trans Pride' shirt or something in her wardrobe. This song is how she associates.
December 2021 Studio Killers - Jenny
March 2022 The Birthday Massacre - Fascination With a lot of the chaos going on with the world and the constant reminder that death is easily around the corner. "The only reason to live is cause we're dying" is her favorite line.

Stats & Skills

Megan is in her mid-twenties and has a wide range of skills.

  • Date of Birth: May 7, 1998
  • Place of Birth: New York City, NY
  • Height: 6'
  • Weight: 135 lbs
  • Eye Color: Blue, but wears contacts
  • Hair Color: Blonde, but uses hair colors
  • Other Distinguishing Features: N/A
  • Extent of Education: College Graduate
  • Marital Status: Single

These are some of Meggan's talents that she uses while serving with the G.I. Joe tasks and missions she is involved with.

  • Skills: Advanced Combat Systems, Disguise, Makeup, Structural Engineering, Battlefield Improvisation, Explosives, Demolitions, Making/Clearing Obstacles, Weapons Training, Tinkering



  • Mother: Meggan's mother is someone she communicates with on occasion.
  • Father: Meggan has referenced her father as someone who she respects and loves but does not often communicate with. Sometimes she claims her father is dead as a way to adjust to the lack of a connection she has.
  • "Identical Twin Brother" is often referenced as a mechanism that Meggan uses to refer to past herself in a third person.

Civilian Friends

  • Spike Witwicky: Meggan does not consider Spike a friend as much as a contact. She is not concerned with his stance or reactions. She has met him on several brief occasions, such as when Wraith and Sci-Fi had their wedding.
  • NYU friends: Meggan often references a supporting group of friends from her time at NYU.
  • Various LGBTQ+ Support Groups: Meggan uses Reddit and other online resources as a way of to communicate with others sharing experiences, tips, and social activities.

Cybertronian Based Life

  • Ghost: Meggan met with 'Muse' on the internet chat and was excited to become friends with a Cybertronian. If Ghost even remembers or cares about Meggan... That needs to be seen.
  • Omen: While meeting Ghost, Meggan attempted to pet and play with Omen who did not like that attention. Meggan, however, loved it.
  • Starlock: When a Decepticon attacked the space station that Meggan was on, Starlock was quick to offer aid and help save her. Meggan became obsessed with Starlock for a brief amount of time.

G.I. Joe

  • Cloudburst: Recently, Meggan has met Chuck Ram and nicknamed him the 'Crammeister.' She has been working with him on refitting and updating a secondary Starfighter to get it space worthy enough to check out what is going on in space.
  • Flint: Meggan is now scared of Flint and will try to avoid him at all costs. She is convinced he sees her as just a kid and that she does not belong with in the ranks of G.I. Joe.
  • Hawk: Meggan has met with Hawk in passing and she seems to find him to be fun to hang out with. She has yet to see Hawk get all official in her face the way that some others have been.
  • Lady Jaye: Meggan sees her as a Commanding Officer and has respect for her; though their first meetings have involved holiday parties and an infamous trip to a LGBTQ+ bar that involved karaoke and some drinking, Meggan is worried that she has made a bad impression so far.
  • Sci-Fi: Briefly meeting him during her college years, Meggan was encouraged by him during his guest lectures at NYU. Due to this being prior to her transition, she has not yet revealed that they met.
  • Sinatra: While she understands the science behind the rats and their risks, Meggan is not so much a fan of them being loose and roaming around. She respects Sinatra but questions how much Lysol she needs as a result of them being present.
  • Snapdragon: Meggan and Cyndi have met a few times and have a quirky friendship with each other. Meggan teases and tries to see how Cyndi will respond as Cyndi refers to herself as a 'party girl.'
  • Wyvern: Meggan has a flirtatious friendship with Alan. While she she flirts with Alan, she is convinced he just tolerates her.
  • Wraith: First Joe she has connected with besides her R&D crew. An incident occurred during December 2021 that has Meggan concerned enough about Heather which caused Meggan to potentially cause a security issue.

Meggan Gallery

Meggan OOU1.jpgMeggan OOU2.jpgMeggan OOU3.jpgMeggan with Short hair.png

Meggan OOU4.jpgMeggan OOU5.jpgMeggan OOU6.jpg

OOC Notes

Meggan, as a character, is inspired off Wraith from Apex Legends as far as her voice actress, uniform, and design with mixed elements from the model Kate Lambert.

Also, this is how Meggan views the faction...

Meggan's view of GI Joe.png

Logs / Posts

2021 Log
Date Subject Log/Link
12.02.2021 Updates From:


Subject: Training

I have completed all levels of entry training and am currently planning on hosting a future training event for those of us who are located on Earth still. I am offering a training event with new camouflage equipment that is similar to a capture the flag with paintball guns kind of exercise if I am allowed to do so. It's nothing required but a great way to help socialize and evaluate where we can improve on these exercises. I plan on using a weekend for this. Please let me know if this is allowed and what needs to be authorized for this combat simulation.

On a side note, R&D is hosting a Cards Against Cobra game night tonight in our office. Pizza, drinks, sodas, and snacks are being offered as well as a set of prizes. We would love to socialize with the rest of the crew. We don't bite...unless we have permission.

Yo Joe!

-Meggan Briar aka Concealer

12.02.2021 R&D Game Night Meggan meets and hangs out with Wraith for the first time.
12.07.2021 Look What the Cat Dragged in! Meggan aka Concealer has been tasked with picking the local bar for the G.I. Joe R&D’s annual Holiday bar. Being new to the area, she finds the one bar she knows; the local Hamburger Mary's... famous for their Tequila Tuesday. Come on out for a fun social scene! Cobra members can come provided they are out of uniform and just act like civvies for the night.

Lady Jaye, Wraith, and Concealer may or may not have been buzzed enough to karaoke The Muppet's 'The Rainbow Connection' at the LGBTQ+ bar... Cameras may or may not have recorded this as well...

12.09.2021 Brig Incident During a nightly patrol, while working on a late-night experiment in the lab, Meggan found herself having to help Wraith handle a situation that resulted in a small, localized power outage that Meggan may or may not be responsible for. The outage seems to be related to why the brig's camera footage went out for a few moments as well. This incident led to Meggan requesting that the inmate, SyFy, be relocated somewhere else.
12.23.2021 Operation Stellar Catapult TO: G.I. Joe Personnel

From: Concealer

Subject: Operation Stellar Catapult


The brilliant mind of Cloudburst and I have been looking over the second Starfighter that Sci-Fi has stolen and modified. Specs, tech, and gear seem all set for a potential mission into space. We are planning on doing some small prep work and modifications to verify that all is as it should be. Obviously with the core of Star Brigade out of town, so to speak, we'd need to assign the two-person crew. Flint and Duke, this is where we suggest you take lead on this part. I don't suggest we send up Shipwreck with Ice-Cream Soldier as the two candidates for this voyage. Then again, their skill sets might be set for such a task. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Boxing Day!

Faithfully yours,


12/27/2021 re: Operation Stellar Catapult TO: G.I. Joe Personnel

From: Concealer

Subject: re: Operation Stellar Catapult


Cloudburst and I are nearing the final steps on readying the Starfighter however we have hit a personnel issue. The problem is that it is based off the stolen Stiletto from Cobra. All of our data suggests that Mindbender had to modify the Star-Viper brains with some sort of neurol adapters in order to pilot and use the Stiletto at the speeds that they are designed to travel through space at. Issue we are facing is that we know not much of how to do this operation but we do know that Seymour Fine has not undergone this procedure and he has been able to somehow do all of this.

We sadly do not have any skilled pilots that are on his level for this. Crammesiter (Cloudburst) and I are unable to find a suitable candidate to pilot. We do have the Starfighter space flight simulator but we have already been exhausting the roster to see who is able to. I fear that we might have a potential equivalent of Sci-Fi in our custody though. Flint, Doc, and Duke, this is your call. I have caught up on the reports of Ebony causing some scenarios, while SyFy seems to be going a different route. Is it coincidental that they both chose recently to be active as well or is something more nefarious in the works?

Faithfully yours,


12/30/2021 End of Year Report To: Staff

All projects are finalized. The Starfighter is finished as far as I can. I am turning it over for some more of the aerospace R&D to handle final review. I will be taking leave shortly and looking forward to reassignment.


M. R. Briar

1/10/2022 Protocol ClassWork Concealer here. We will be using the Training Facilities located on Sublevel 2. I will be running two hour sessions from 0500 to 0700 daily as well as some from 1800 to 2000 sessions throughout the weekdays and weekends. As my primary function is to be an Engineer, I will be working in the labs during my normal R&D shifts. Please schedule if you need any additional times and I will be glad to help out.
       I have been working on adding in some new scenarios and frameworks to the combat VR setup. Per Flint, I will be trying to run as much to keep us on our toes while we wait to see when our troops are back home from space. I think we should also assess where our weakest points are in security. After the SyFy incident, we need to be more alert. 
       Speaking of that, Mr. Flint, when you have a chance, I offer an explanation. During a security update, we were concerned that SyFy was going to hack or escape as he had been taken into custody with our Sci-Fi proving information on him. Wraith and I wanted to make sure that if we tested him to see if he would escape or attack that he would still be in the holding cell. As the tech side of this was fully on my side, I accept full blame for the update to the brig mainframe needing that patch update. Without having all the details on how the brig was secured, I wanted to make sure that no one was able to get in or out. I accept my probation or demotion for this.
1/21/2022 Wraith almost becomes a Ghost Wraith is visiting NASA, to learn about a New Communications System, when Cobra attacks to steal the tech for themselves.
2/11/2022 Nerf Herding or a Nerd Wedding Wraith and Sci-Fi get married, in style?


  • Concealer was created and is played by REDACTED.


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