Complicated Clean Up

Log Title: Complicated Clean Up

Characters: Dawnfire, Dust Devil, Imager, Jazz, Nightstalker, Scales, Sideswipe, Starlock

Location: Iacon Medical Center

Date: November 8, 2020

TP: non-TP

Summary: Sideswipe tells Jazz some suspicions he has while Bots get cleaned up and fixed after an encounter.

As logged by  Scales

Log session starting at 14:50:48 on Sunday, 8 November 2020.

Starlock didn't get a lot of recharge last night, as evident by the fact she's asleep in a chair, somewhat hunched over Dawnfire's berth, a cart of dirty tools moved to the side, and rather full dump bin, and dry energon on her hands... but hey everyone was stable now, but still needed serious rest even if the wounds where not as visible.

Scales bounds into the Medical Center from outside, looking about and noting the presence of injured. She diverts from her usual routine to check the monitors for their statuses.

Dust Devil grumbles softly as optics brighten. "owwww.....who ordered the whuppin from the cons last night..I want to return mine." He tries to look and see who is here. "'summin everyone got brought back?"

Dawnfire is still resting - optics off, practically completely powered down. This is one of the rare times he doesn't look grumpy, or worried, or preoccupied with something.

Starlock mutters something in her sleep as her ridges knit and she cringes, rolling her helm to the side as she continues her sleep.

Scales finishes looking over Dawnfire's status to chirp at Dust Devil. "I got Dawnfire, you, an' Sideswipe up on slabs. Anybody missing?"

Dust Devil ummmm, "I think they had slag with them'll hav to ask them fer sure since I came to the party late."

Scales hmms. "I'll have to check on Slag, then." She calls up the previous night's logs and also puts in an order for Firster Aid to stop in to help tidy up.

Starlock grumbles before she jolts upwards in a panic, before looking around, and rubbing at her optics, before pausing to look at her hand. "Oh for f-- sake..." SHe'd sigh. "Fell asleep.. right.." She'd stand up and start streaching, having yet to address those in the room.

Dust Devil grins at Starlock, "Yep....totally outta it. Got some great screenshots you can buy later." He starts to laugh and then winces. " that sucks. I hate forcefield recoil....don't know what she hit me with either..."

Sideswipe :would be sitting back, sitll waiting for fresh parts to be made while looking thoughtful, "So.. Sort of wondering here. What exactly was the Con plan?"

Dust Devil grumbles, "Not sure...what I hit I thought I shoulda seen a decent blast. Was ready ta forcefield and everythin. And...nothing?"

Scales gets caught up on the medical logs and peers over at Sideswipe. "So... you left a report, but it was mostly who got hit, right? An' Slag mentioned a little Prime?"

Sideswipe would grunt at Scale,s "You going to tell Slag that he can't do what he wants? And the setup was pretty weird. Dust Devil, can you go ahead and summarize what you got with the artillery?"

Starlock looks around as she goes and washes her hands. "Good... good, most of you are awake.. where did slag go?" She'd ask as she glanced back and nodded to Scales... She does frown though that 

Dawnfire hasn't woken up.

Sideswipe would glance at Starlock, and then deadpan, "Wherever he wants to do."

Scales hehs and moves over to Dust Devil. "Prob'ly found a quiet corner to sleep in. Maybe he's with Snarl 'n' Sludge." She peers at Dust Devil's head. "So... I'm guessin' the usual symptoms from usin' your forcefield a lot?"

Starlock grunts. "Knew I should of magnetized him to the berth." She'd vent and glanced around. "Everyone's doing okay, yeah?.. Also apologizes for falling asleep there, I worked into the night to get everyone back to a healthy state."

Sideswipe would lean back to glance at Dust Devil, "So.. What was your take on the artillery? You were saying there was something sorta weird with the setup?"

Dust Devil makes a face at Scales. "That...and ummm....I'm pretty sure my turbines were glowin at some point or you guys installed after market lightin under me. So...ya...might have ta unfreeze my turbines?" He looks like he's waiting for Scales to swat him for his admission.

Dust Devil adds answering Sideswipe, "It didn't blow up like I was expecting."

Scales huffs. "Figures. Didja suck up radioactive sand or somethin'?" She opens up the appropriate panel to take a look.

Sideswipe would shrug, "Hella weird line up if the Cons were making a blockade. That's a slagging /lot/ of heavies if they were just trying to do a skirmish."

<<Autobot>> Imager says, "I mean....sure I'm concerned about Dawnfire gettin hurt, but I would've liked to see Slag clock that Motormouth a good one."

Starlock hems. "You guys do keep mentioning the uhh shells were weird..." She'd click "Got anymore then that?" She'd ask with a raised ridge as she started doing clean up work.

<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "Hello Imager"

Jazz enters the room, his head down in a PADD reading a report. He rubs his hand over the top of his head and heads towards Scales. She's in charge down here.

Scales looks up from Dust Devil's turbines when she hears somebody else approaching. She waves. "Heya, Jazz. Whatcha need?"

Sideswipe would wave, "Hey Boss, how is?" He would look over at Scales. "This was still /real/ slagging weird."

Starlock's finials flick up and looks over. "Hey Jazz." She'd chirp with a two fingered salute, she looks to have just woken up as she is cleaning the area.

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "Can I paint carving guidelines on Dawnfire so that maybe the cons can damage him a little less effecively"

<<Autobot>> Jazz says, "No."

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "Fragile stickers?"

Jazz nods to Starlock and the to Scales, "Status? Looks like we got beat up pretty bad?"

Dust Devil makes a face. "Hey I was mindin my business and collectin samples. I came over to help."

Sideswipe would lean back - parts creaking, mosly with patches in place and missing an arm. "Yeah, one way to put it. They had Bludgeon, Ghost, and Motormaster. And some new Con didn't recognize."

Scales grins at Dust Devil then turns back to Jazz. "Starlock got 'em stable. Everybody'll be fine with some time to recover."

<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "/no/"

<<Autobot>> Imager says, "Starlock, Scales? Am I needed there? I mean if they're awake and resting by now, I thought I'd go play a little for them?"

<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "Dawnfire still isn't awake.."

Starlock huffs at the comms. "Dawnfire and Sideswipe suffered a lot of internal damage.. Dawnfire still hasn't regained conciseness yet still.. he'd been run through.." Her finials droop as she looks over, looking rather concerned. "Sideswipe also lost an arm but i've replaced that... Dust Devil passed out form his fans overheating."

<<Autobot>> Imager says, "well, I can still do energon filtration and monitoring if needed."

Jazz nods, "It is bad," he nods. He looks among the crew then heads to Sideswipe first. "How are you holding up?"

Sideswipe would then lean over, "I'm fine. Something I didn't put in my report as I wanted to be  -sure-. Ghost was throwing out a tape. Just like Soundwave and Blaster did. I was hitting her torso an whn I was bout to crack her cockpit she ejected one. Some sort of avian. She called it Omen and it flew up high out of shooting range."

<<Autobot>> Scales says, "I don't mind if you want to stop by. Music can help even if somebody's rechargin'."

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "Hey her playin might wake him up. Course....could put a blanket on him and a toe tag like I did to Cerebros that one time...."

<<Autobot>> Imager says, "Dust, don't joke about that"

<<Autobot>> Imager says, "you're literally talking with two medics that probably worked on him"

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "Yep, And they worked on cerebros that time too....and I got smacked by both of them."

<<Autobot>> Imager says, "Why is Brainstorm's lab in the middle of the stinking road?"

<<Autobot>> Imager says, "W..what the. Oh the front door is open, Come on. Ughhh"

Scales gets back to working on Dust Devil's turbines. "You've managed to lock this up somethin' fierce, Dusty. I'm gonna hafta heat this back up to try to work it loose." She draws in a deep breath to produce some nice, even flame.

Dust Devil stares and Scales, "Ummmmmm remember i have important sensitive parts in there!"

Jazz looks around the room then back to Sideswipe, "I don't have that in my intelligence reports. Have you seen that before?"

Sideswipe would shake his head "No. I ain't exactly been out in the field much. Been reviewing my footage since the fight. Wasn't a drone unit or deployer."

Imager looks inside the med bay from the hall outside, and judges it to be pretty crowded. She stays out in the hall to wait for now.

Scales pauses between puffs of flame to chuckle. "With as often as I've worked on an' rebuilt your systems, Dusty, I know what the tolerances are." She resumes gently flaming Dust Devil's turbine linkages, commenting between breaths. "If you haven't managed to totally weld 'em, warming 'em up'll get 'em to come apart just enough to work 'em loose and work in new lubricant."

Dust Devil whines, "I hope it's not that bad...I don't wanna be grounded again.

Jazz nods again to Sideswipe then says, "Good info, when you have those tapes reviewed lets have a real talk," he moves over to Dust Devil and Scales and say to Dust Devil, "What happened out there?"

Starlock would take a seat on her chair near Dawnfire's berth and listens to those in the room, watching as well. She'd glance away when Imager comes in, but says nothing, things where... still a bit awaked but, hey if its not acknowledged, things will be fiiine.. right?

Sideswipe would lean back, "And tell him about the artillery stuff. No clue what that was on but maybe there's something useful." One arm still on, Sideswipe goes to lean back.

GAME: Scales FAILS a STRENGTH roll of Average difficulty.

Scales gets the turbine warmed up and carefully grips an edge of a fan blade, hauling on it. But she can't quite get it to shift. A grumble escapes her as she moves to a new angle.

Starlock would glance over, and get up, and waved a hand indicating to be try and give Scales a hand, sure Starlock wasn't much stronger, but she was bigger so maybe she had a bit more arm strength?

Nightstalker, having read reports of random Decepticon shenanigans, has decided to stick his head into medical to see how the valiant have faired. Sidestepping Imager with a cultured, "Pardon me, madame.", he does in fact stick his head in, audial wedges pricking forward, "Well.. that -is- quite a crowd." peering back and forth before attention alights on Jazz. Well there's the bossmech. He slides his way past the large femme with another polite, "Pardon me, Madame." and trots in, aiming herself at Jazz.

Dust Devil makes a face as he's questioned. "I was actually doin somethin else nearby when I heard they were in trouble. I came ta ground not terribly far from where they were bein engaged in battle. Sideswipe said ta take out their munitions and when I did...." He makes a face as Scales jerks on his innards and then tries to focus back on jazz, "The explosions didn't match what I was expectin. I joined the battle afterwards, saw we were losin badly and intervened as best as I could. And...well...this was the result. Everyone is back home. But...a bit banged up."

Imager 'opps' a bit as she was crowding the door a bit. The big femme shuffles a bit to the side, not that Nightstalker really needed much room, but you know. Her optics light on Scales having trouble getting those parts in motion, and gives a quick search over in the room to see exactly who's unoccupied enough to help.

Scales moves over and waves for Starlock to take the other side. If they haul at the same time, it'll break loose.. or Dust Devil will break and they'll replace the part anyway.

GAME: Starlock FAILS a STRENGTH roll of Average difficulty.

Sideswipe would wince over at the attempts at lifting, "Sorry." He would ordinarily move to get up to assist.. Bu he's not in anyparticular great shape to do so

Starlock nods and starts only... Well she slips, and falls flat on her face with a yelp, her tired clearly showing. "...I'm okay."

Jazz nods at Dust Devil then looks back at Sideswipe, "I'm sure you did your best," he concludes. "Nightstalker, do you know Ghost? or Bludgeon?"

Scales leans down to offer Starlock a paw up. "MIght need better leverage, I guess."

Starlock huffs and nods, accepting the help, she'd glare at the fan wing and pouted her cheek, looking around on the inside after a moment, and tries again.

GAME: Starlock FAILS a STRENGTH roll of Average difficulty.

Nightstalker weaves under and between things and anyone really in the way before settling himself close enough to Jazz to speak but offset enough not to have to completely crane his neck. There is a blink, "A bit of both but nothing as far as a personal interaction. Bludgeon's highly skilled in hand to hand, seems to have been making himself more noticeable recently what with taking down one of our frontline bases in August." A shake of his head, "And killing a few of ours. Ghost.. well there's an entirely altogether too thin dossier on -that- one. Something of a hacker, intel operative. Granted there's bit a bit more chatter recently" He looks over at Starlock a moment then back, "Some weird rumors. Was all quiet then seemed to have started showing up here, there, making a bit of a ruckus with the neutral titan whenever that one seems to get upset."

GAME: Starlock PASSES an ENDURANCE roll of Average difficulty.

Starlock once more fails, thankfully she doesn't cut herself in the process. "Primus almighty did you /melt/ glitter in there?!" she'd ask shaking her hands.

Dust Devil says, "That's a distinct possibility...." He sighs, "I think I lost my whole stores of glitter...."

Scales hops over to the toolcases, opening a drawer and retrieving an ominously long ratchet. "Alright, I'll heat it a bit more an' then we'll try it with more leverage."

Jazz nods to Nightstalker, "Good info. I will want to follow up on Ghost," he looks around the room and the medics and says finally, "I should get out of here. Lots of work for them to do."

Dust Devil has a bit of a look of panic as the ratchet is being brought over. "Do either of yas have a licence fer that thing!?"

Nightstalker headtilts, "Should we be alerted to anything new about that one?" questioning before moving out of Jazz' way. A glance over and up, pausing to watch Scales with a wrench nearly as large as she is. A flash of a grin of sorts before attention returns to Jazz. "They do seem to be rather busy."

Sideswipe would glance at the medics attempting to use the simple machine of the lever and the inclined plane. "Don't get in the middle of 'em, it can't possibly end well."

"Please, i throw those on a daily basis." Starlock would snrk and smirk. "Ratchet himself has taught me the fine art of tool throwing."

Scales snickers. "Of course! We're professionals." She tucks the ratchet under paw and wing and hops three-leggedly back to Dust Devil, then breathes a bit more flame into the turbine to replace the heat lost.

Jazz nods to Nightstalker, "According to Sideswipe, ghost has a new capability. Bludgeon is new to me," he says as he heads out. "Come see me when you have a moment Nightstalker."

Sideswipe would give a nod, "See you Sir. Good luck sorting all thsi out." Sideswipe would lean back over in a relaxed state.

Nightstalker huhs, "How -lovely-." He peers at the repairs going on then back, "Well I'm in between security rounds sir so available at your leisure."

Dust Devil winces, "If I'm horribly mutilated in a medical malpractice event....I want Sideswipe's jetpack."

Sideswipe would glance at Dust Devil, "You want one, find someone to make you one and have your own. Htis one is -mine-."

Scales coughs a laugh with a tiny additional flicker of flame. "All he'd have to do is ask his Junkion friends an' I bet they'd whip him up somethin' Mandalorian themed." She sets the ratchet in place, making sure it's firmly attached then scooting back to the end.

Dust Devil grins at Sideswipe. Though his optics light up at Scales' suggestion. "Ooh might have ta talk ta benin about that! And then Sideswipe can teach me how ta not end up in the medical bay constantly."

"Doubt /that/ will happen, can barely stay out of it now." She'd huff with a chuckle as she glances over to Dawnfire's patient monitor.

GAME: Scales PASSES a TECHNICAL roll of Average difficulty.

Scales grips the end of the ratchet, throws her weight upon it, and feels the fan finally move half an inch. She lets out a squeak of delight and swings on the other end again, turning the blade a bit more before the tool slips and she tumbles to the floor again, ratchet still in hand.

Jazz finally makes his way out, "Keep it under control Scales. Good Work," he then nods to Starlock, "I hear you got everyone out. Good Work," he begins to head towards the exit.

Starlock glances over. "Of course, you know i do what I can to get everyone out." She'd smile weakly, and nods at Scales finelly getting it, and offers her help up. "Hope Dawnfire wakes up soon.."

Nightstalker turns and trots after Jazz, "NO time like the present sir." Following his boss out of medical.

Sideswipe would give a wave with his still attached arm a the departing NIghtstalker and Jazz. Then at Starlock, "Till my parts are done it okay for me to leave?"

Dust Devil stares at the fact that he's lost Scales. "Are you sure you guys are okay doin this? Course...if I wait for ratchet, he's probably going to beat me"

Scales accepts the hand up, taking a moment to stretch and resettle her wings before getting back up to Dust Devil. "You kiddin'? This is nothin' compared to field work on Springer." She sets aside the ratchet and grabs a cloth and some lubricant. "Now, let's make sure that keeps movin'." She leans in to start working the fan blade, slowly getting it to move a bit more freely. "I'd much rather be doin' this kind of metal work than messin' around with viruses and sparks. Lot more fun."

Jazz leaves with a final glance back towards the crew.

Starlock pfts as she goes and retakes her seat. "I've worked on worse on the field, can tell you, putting someone back together after being ripped in half, is hard." She'd huff and chuckle. "This is small."

Without warning, Dawnfire wakes up. His optics flick on and he moves to sit bolt upright with a startled gasp, one hand jerking towards where he'd normally have his sword.

Starlock flinches as he does that, her optics narrowing she however lowers her tone softing it. "It's okay, its okay, you're safe." She'd say, getting up quickly, trying to calm him down.

Dust Devil grins at the pair. "Well I do appreciate it.." He chuckles softly and glances over hwen he sees Starlock.

Scales glances over. "You got this, Starlock?" she checks in, pausing her work on Dust Devil.

Dawnfire calms quickly. His gaze sweeps the area, and he settles back down - though he observes all of the other bots present, like he's taking stock of who's around. He rubs at his face groggily. "How long was I out?"

"Most the day." Starlock tells him with a cringe. "You did lose a lot of energon..." She'd look him over. "how are you feeling?" She adds before glancing back and nodding to Scales. She takes a vent. "I'm glad you're awake, I was worried." She'd smile at him.

Scales nods back and turns her attention back to Dust Devil. Now that one fan blade is moving alright, she turns her attention to the next.

Dust Devil says, "Most of the day and all of last week...."

Dust Devil snickers and quickly stays as still as possible to not rile the dragon.

"Hrm." Dawnfire doesn't look upset, just mildly annoyed. "I'm fine. A little tired." He grumbles something quietly to himself that sounds suspiciously like "missing double XP", before peering sidelong at Starlock. "What about the rest of - wait. All of last week?"

Starlock squints at Dust Devil and slowly raises one of her tools. "He's screwin' with ya dawn… And if he keeps it up he'll get a /fine/ demonstration of my tool throwing skills Ratchet's taught me." She warns, before she huffs. "Me and Blackwing got everyone out, don't worry, I also worked through the night and got everyone stable and repaired." She'd smile, and point down where the sword had been, a fresh welding in place.

Scales gives Dust Devil a smack to the inside of the turbine wall, since that's where she's working right now.

Dawnfire relaxes visibly. "Oh. Right. Thanks for ..." He gestures vaguely. "That other swordsmech is two up on me. I need to settle the score at some point."

Starlock ahhs. "you'll get there eventually.. just.. less wounds and less being at near death, please." Starlock asks with a weak chuckle. "Gave me a real scare there but I knew if I just.. stood there and fretted nothing would get done."

<<Bot-Intel>> Jazz says, "We have you on comms Nightstalker. Do you read?"

<<Bot-Intel>> Nightstalker says, "Confirmed."

"Ideally, there's going to be no 'near death' at all. He's going to be the one limping home." And just like that, Dawnfire's mood takes a turn for the surly. He tries to sit up, showing no sign of pain or discomfort.

Starlock huffs, but smiles. "Know I shouldn't be encouraging this, but I am just glad you're okay." She'd smile, and quickly hug him... A slight smirk as Scales bops Dust Devil.

Scales gets the turbines moving properly, using her claws to dig out any remaining grit in the linkages, then closes Dust Devil's panels back up. "There we go."

Scales cleans up a bit then goes to log the repairs and start tidying up the medical center in general.

Log session ending at 21:22:09 on Sunday, 8 November 2020.

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