Transformers Universe MUX

Log Title: Code Aberration

Characters: Omen , Calyhex , Starlock , Soundwave , Ravage , Broadband-Chatter

Location: Calyhex Psychiatric Hospital - Uraya

Date: August 19, 2020

TP: Non-TP

Summary: Visiting Calyhex after passing a message from Trypticon, Omen comes to the conclusion that yes, seeing things is not at all normal. Seeing things can hurt.

As logged by Ghost

TFU - Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Calyhex Psychiatric Hospital - Uraya

<<Broadband>> 39.6 FM Decepticon Propaganda Network DJ Banshee says, "The DPN Test-card ( ) flashes up for about a minute, with a scrolling message across the bottom: A DPN MUSICAL BROADCAST WILL COMMENCE SHORTLY ++ LIVE FROM TRYPTICON ++ DO NOT ADJUST YOUR SET ++"

<> <Inside> Oooh a broadcast! Calyhex looks forward to it.

<<Broadband>> Spike says, "Please no Decepticon propaganda"

<<Broadband>> Calyhex says, "Calyhex looks forward to the show!"

<<Broadband>> 39.6 FM Decepticon Propaganda Network DJ Banshee says, "The test-card clears to show Banshee, sat at Die Stadtorgel in Trypticon's command centre. "Richard Wagner. Walkürenritt." She says simply, before starting to play. At the end of the broadcast, the test card re-appears for another minute with the scrolling message: THIS WAS A MUSICAL BROADCAST FROM ++ THE DECEPTICON PROPAGANDA NETWORK. ++ WE HOPE YOU ENJOYED ++ HEIL MEGATRON!"

<<Broadband>> Spike says, "For the record, Optimus Prime doesn't require anyone to say 'hail Optimus Prime'"

<<Broadband>> 39.6 FM Decepticon Propaganda Network DJ Banshee says, "Perhaps zat's vhy he's not managed to get anysing done."

<<Broadband>> Calyhex says, "Calyhex does not take a side."

<<Broadband>> Spike says, "No...why should you? Only the universe hangs in balance based on whose side you are on."

<<Broadband>> Omen says, "You leave Calyhex alone. she can choose to not take a side."

<<Broadband>> Calyhex says, "Calyhex is sorry. She is a healer. She sees good in the red. Good in the purple. Evil in the red. Evil in the purple."

<<Broadband>> 39.6 FM Decepticon Propaganda Network DJ Banshee says, "Steady, Omen, he was agreeing with her, I sink."

<<Broadband>> Spike breathes out of his nose in frustration and goes quiet.

<<Broadband>> Calyhex says, "Did not mean to start a fight. We apologize on behalf of the city."

<<Broadband>> Spike breathes out. "No fight was starting - it was a disagreement - thankfully, our disagreements don't have to result in bloodshed...right, Omen?"

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "This is better than tv dramas."

<<Broadband>> Omen says, "... One can have a difference of opinion without resorting to violence as the means to the end, yes."

<<Broadband>> Omen says, "Unless you're Deathsaurus..."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "Hey I can have a conversation without blowing things up."

<<Broadband>> Calyhex says, "agitation."

Omen peers out from wherever she got stowed overnight.

Some of the rooms in Calyhex are almost plush like hotel rooms. And that's one of the ones that Omen wakes up in. Sterile and well. Easily secured if they have to be. Lockup is sitting at a desk in the main area, looking over some files. The vents are silent. Calyhex's holo is sitting on the ground with a holographic datapad. The datapad is melted on the edge. The lights flicker slightly as she gets agitated. "Shh, sweetspark. Its good." Lockup says softly, not concerned ...yet.

<<Broadband>> Calyhex says, "Calyhex finds this hard to understand."

Omen blinks herself awake, one heck of a processor ache in place. A shuffle and a peer before she lets herself out, navigating the halls towards the main area with a few soft trills.

<> <Inside> when there is something outside the factions threatening Cybertron you work together. Work together well. When there is no threat. When there should be building and peace. There is poking. Agitation. War for no reason. Calyhex..mmmm frustration.

Calyhex hears the trills and starts to walk towards them "Good morning Omen." the hologram says, with a forced smile. "Did you sleep well? You need fuel yes?"

<<Broadband>> Calyhex says, "when there is something outside the factions threatening Cybertron you work together. Work together well. When there is no threat. When there should be building and peace. There is poking. Agitation. War for no reason. Calyhex..mmmm frustration."

<<Broadband>> 39.6 FM Decepticon Propaganda Network DJ Banshee says, "Unt mein instinctive reaction is not helping. I am glad zat I vos not near zer radio and had time to consider. I very nearly continued zer needling mit 'he started it'... which, while true, is not helpful."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "Oh great so its my fault now? Look. Let's be real people. Peace isn't gonna work for our planet. We like to fight too much."

<<Broadband>> Spike says, "Bullshit - peace IS possible"

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "Uh-huh. Through tyranny?"

<<Broadband>> Spike says, "If you subscribe to Megatron's view - then yes, but he is the embodiment, practically the physical manifestation of evil!"

Omen backwings, then circles the Caly-gram, optics flickering between hues rapidly. "I can leave." circling, "I don't want any of them to make you feel like you have to make any kind of choice. You.. are Calyhex. And you are your own being, not to bend knee to any of the ideologies that have fractured our peoples for ages untold."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "physical manifestation of evil. ok ok this is good."

<<Broadband>> Spike says, "...what?"

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "I mean I'm not arguing but.."

<<Broadband>> Spike says, "OK then, case closed."

Calyhex sighs "You can stay if you want. it is my choice who to talk to. I am not bending a knee to anyone."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "I just wish my world was that easy man"

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "that everything fit into nice little good and evil boxes."

<<Broadband>> Spike says, "Most things aren't that evil, Deathsaurus. Most beings are not just one or the other. But in Megatron's case, it's abundantly clear. He seeks to take over the entire universe and has absolutely no value for innocents."

Omen tips and spirals, clicking beak before humming softly, optics glinting gold. "I know you...." singing softly, looping through something only she can see.

<> <Morrigan>

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "that's not evil. that's destructive. I mean come to think of it fire's the same way. Is it evil?. Am I evil too?"

<<Broadband>> 39.6 FM Decepticon Propaganda Network DJ Banshee says, "Forgive me, but... united, ve barely stood against Unicron. Zat's both of us, vorking together. What chance do ve stand against something vorse? Zere's alvays a bigger fish, a bigger threat. Ve - and by zat I mean, 'life as a whole' can only survive under a strong military leader."

<<Broadband>> Spike says, "Cute, Deathsaurus. Banshee - YES, many things in life are shades of grey, but with Megatron, the view is uncharacteristically black and white."

<<Broadband>> 39.6 FM Decepticon Propaganda Network DJ Banshee says, "He is, in zis circumstance, very much zer lesser evil."

<<Broadband>> 39.6 FM Decepticon Propaganda Network DJ Banshee says, "I do not deny he is, as you put it, evil. But zere are far, far, far greater evils out zere, and zey -are- coming."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "its a big universe out there. Trust me. I know a lot of you don't leave this planet but"

<<Broadband>> 39.6 FM Decepticon Propaganda Network DJ Banshee says, "There are things out zere zat make Megatron look like a gottverdamt teddy bear."

<<Broadband>> Spike says, "And with Optimus Prime's leadership...we WILL face those greater evils!"

<<Decepticon>> Fräulein Banshee says, "Forgive me mein fuhrer, for comparing you to ein teddy bear."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "there /are/ worse things out there. And more righteous things than Primus and the Primes."

<<Broadband>> 39.6 FM Decepticon Propaganda Network DJ Banshee laughs

<<Broadband>> 39.6 FM Decepticon Propaganda Network DJ Banshee says, "Optimus? He can't even unify zer Autobots, vot chance does he haff to unify all life?"

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "Optimus. well. He's never offered me a contract so from the point of view of a privateer..."

<<Broadband>> 39.6 FM Decepticon Propaganda Network DJ Banshee says, "It takes ein monster to know ein monster. Evil triumphs because good ist dumb."

<<Broadband>> Spike says, "He gives the Autobots a choice! He doesn't force his rule on those like Megatron, so of course you're going to have some divisions, but overall - - he has the clearest vision of peace out there!"

<<Broadband>> Spike says, "Piss off, Banshee"

<<Broadband>> 39.6 FM Decepticon Propaganda Network DJ Banshee says, "Alvays offering mercy unt second chances and oh look isn't it wunderbar zat ve've all been bitten in zer arsch again?"

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "Oh I know I'm a monster. I don't make any pretenses to be anything but."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "buuuuuuut. But"

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "at the same time. neutrals aren't doin' the right thing."

<<Broadband>> Deathsaurus says, "I'm just trying to see if I follow. I'm a dumb brutish primitive you know."

<<Decepticon>> Eclipse says, "...teddy bear? I know I've been out of the loop for the last nigh-on four million years, but... wait, never mind. I don't want to know."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "bears can maul humans pretty good. they're kind of fierce"

<<Decepticon>> Eclipse says, "...humans? That sounds like some sort of pest problem, like turborabbits."

<<Decepticon>> Fräulein Banshee says, "I haff great respect for zer humans. I am... I am only here today because of zem."

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "To a what?"

<<Decepticon>> Fräulein Banshee says, "I vould haff completely shut down from fuel starvation about a vorn ago."

<<Decepticon>> Fräulein Banshee says, "Erm. Ein teddy bear, mein furher."

<<Broadband>> Omen says, "Shouldn't leadership be determined by something other than a shiny bauble? Isn't that perpetuating a myth that only someone 'chosen' can perform a task, as if they were the only kind made to do a thing and only that thing?"

<<Decepticon>> Fräulein Banshee transmits a picture of one of the Bad Taste Bears. One dressed up in an outfit that has good memories for Banshee.

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "creatures from the same planet as bears"

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "an apex predator on earth. smaller then us of course but if we're going for analogies."

<<Broadband>> Incognito says, "My, aren't we waxing philosophical?"

<<Broadband>> Omen says, "One does that when certain moments arise."

<<Broadband>> Omen says, "I"

<<Broadband>> Omen says, "I'll go back to what I was doing, don't mind me."

<<Broadband>> 39.6 FM Decepticon Propaganda Network DJ Banshee seems embarrassed for some reason that has nothing to do with comparing Megatron to a teddy bear. "I'm... uh... going to teach Trypticon to, um, yes, play Die Stadtorgel."

<<Broadband>> Soundwave says, "I for one will never take a knee to a Prime."

<<Decepticon>> Fräulein Banshee seems embarrassed. "Um. Sorry, mein Furher."

<<Broadband>> Spike says, "And unlike Megatron, Prime would NEVER ask that of you, Soundwave!"

<<Decepticon>> Eclipse says, "...I'm only about eleven thousand vorn past when Shockwave had me declared dead -- and sealed my records, apparently. Lovely, now I can't access my own research. Masque, make a note to rectify that issue post-haste." // << Noted. >> // "Thank you."

<<Broadband>> Soundwave says, "no. the last time we tried peace...well you saw Harmonex. *playback of Optimus Prime saying "Don't let the door hit your aft on the way out*"

<<Decepticon>> Fräulein Banshee, without even keying up her microphone, gives the impression of slinking away to hide her embarrassment.

<<Broadband>> Incognito says, "Prime is too self-effacing to demand anyone bend a knee to him. As for Harmonex... Soundwave, let's not beat this tired, old, dead horse again?"

<<Decepticon>> Omen says, "Well.. Where would the files have been originally, and their backup location? I can request and perform an archival dive."

<<Decepticon>> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "files?"

<<Broadband>> Calyhex says, "if its all the same to you...."

<<Decepticon>> Omen says, "Eclipses missing research, sir."

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "That would be a matter to take up with Shockwave."

Calyhex hears Omen humming and blinks. "Who do you see, Omen?" she asks softly.

<<Decepticon>> Omen says, "Very well sir, I shall."

Omen loops over then spirals up again, still singing in a low tone, song slow, haunting. She trills softly, blinking after a minute, replying, "Ones, zeros, binary, trinary, hexadecimal. Glittering fields cast through an abyss."

<<Decepticon>> Omen says, "If I may, though.. Why?"

Calyhex mimics the song. "Once upon ..a dream..." the walls start to change colors, showing a grand hall from the time of the senate. A fancy party only people of certain functions would be allowed. Fine enerwine, dancing, the wealthy against walls of gold. She continues the song, dancing along with Omen

<<Broadband>> Calyhex says, "upon..a...dream..."

<> <Inside>

(Radio) Megatron sends Omen a radio transmission, 'Must you press so visibly?'

Omen's trills shift minor, matching the music, picking up the words, spiraling, looping, dancing admist the imagery, singing.

(Radio) Omen transmits, "Would I be me if I did not every so often?" to Megatron.

(Radio) Omen transmits, "Besides, that one seems to have an issue with Shockwave." to Megatron.

Calyhex changes songs and continues to dance a slow waltz , She holds out her hand to Omen, making a holographic representation of 'ghost' or the body she met her in. She has no reference to anything older. Calyhex herself becomes a tall, handsome, but faceless mech as she tries to find her the 'prefect' dance partner.

(Radio) Megatron sends Omen a radio transmission, 'That is not my concern. He is both her commander, and in charge of the Medtech and Operations Division. Such requests would be his to approve from that latter alone.'

(Radio) Omen transmits, "Exactly. And a reminder to others that poke about is oft needed." to Megatron.

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "As the officer in charge of Operations Shockwave is the final arbiter of whether such a request is to be granted or denied."

(Radio) Omen transmits, "Thank you. What they may brush off from me as warning is entirely different than the same from you, sir." to Megatron.

<<Decepticon>> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "confirmed."

Calyhex whispers. "I'd share the song on my mind." she says "But it's rude."

<<Decepticon>> Omen says, "Thank you, my lord, for the correction and reminder. I will request this from Shockwave for the permissions."

Omen flits and hovers in the outline of her old self, trilling softly, distracted here and there. Crest ruffles and rises before sleeking back down, optics a momentary flash of violet over gold. "I don't mind rude.. I.. just like -seeing- you.."

Calyhex blinks. "You like seeing me?" she looks around. "Its just us you know. And if I were not a titan no one would be here." she says.

(Radio) Megatron sends Omen a radio transmission, 'I have... matters to discuss with you that are best done face to face, but I need to meet with Scrapper first.'

Omen loops, "If you were not a titan I couldn't -see- you." trilling a minor descant to some some or another, she spirals through what, to her, is a cascading curtain of code. "If you were not a titan, you wouldn't visit me either..." Optics blinking violet gold and green.

(Radio) Omen transmits, "I am yours to call as you need, my lord." to Megatron.

Calyhex pauses. "Hmm. I wouldn't?" she says. "I don't know. I can't picture life without being one. I am sorry. That was quite rude. Do you want to stay with me a while? I can try to work on your code. You need help omen. You are as broken as I am. You do not need to be hurt by seeing Calyhex."

<> <Inside> lament.

Omen roll-overs mid-air, humming softly, discordant before going minor again, "Not all of me is here. I'm missing pieces." Trill, "Oh.. Trypticon says hello. He is okay if I help you.. If you want it."

Calyhex focuses a bit more on Omen, staring at her "Where are your pieces..." and her focus is laser-intent now. "Trypticon. Oh! Tell him I said hello." her personality shifts are very strong today, almost like a storm.

Omen shifts into a hover, tipping slightly back and forth as if she's riding a thermal, crest pricking up again, "I did. He worries about his sister. He wants you well. You two should talk."

Calyhex sighs. "Calyhex misses him too." her voice sounds saddened all of a sudden "It's been many millions of years since we talked. " she rocks a bit, the walls flickering back to their medical blue and rusted copper. She sits down and pulls her knees to her chest. "Calyhex is a failure. He does not need her. He's doing a great job. Calyhex should have been left to Bedlam and Syndrome." oh she's hitting that self loathing depressive stage again.

Omen drops and lands next to Calyhex, tilting her head, "Family..." she says softly, "is always there for family. You have been so strong for so long.. And he worries.. He wants you well.." optics dimming, golden green, caught in watching patterns unfold.

Calyhex pauses. "Family. Omen Family." she says, rocking a bit again and shimmering. "Calyhex is not well." the walls start to bleed bright pink energon or is that a hologram again.

<<Broadband>> Calyhex says, "I am sorry. I am not good company."

Omen flattens slowly into the floor, wings spanning as she lets out a sorrowful keen. Struggling to block all she's open too.

Calyhex keens back, the walls bleeding more bright pink and shaking a bit. The lights start to flicker. The hologram forms a black bubble around her, and everything else is on the outside. "All alone."

<<Broadband>> Calyhex says, "all alone. broke the bird"

<<Broadband>> Ravage sighs, "Permission to come and retrieve her?"

GAME: Omen PASSES an ENDURANCE roll of Very High difficulty.

<<Broadband>> Dust Devil says, "why did you break the bird?"

<<Broadband>> Ravage goes, "Stay out of this AutoScrap."

Omen is flattened against the floor, optics shuttered, still seeing all that code now whipping chaotically around, darkness pressing in on her in translation. Talons sink into the flooring, plasma lighting her up like a phoenix as she holds on to her sense of self amidst the tsunami. She can read-see-feel fragments, spark translating the gaps between code and emotion and it's rattling her to her core. Still, she holds on, a soft blue glow.

<<Broadband>> Arachnae says, "If it's broken.. can I have it? (laughter)"

<<Broadband>> Starlock says, "No."

<<Broadband>> Starlock says, "Soundwave, if you are listening, please."

<<Broadband>> Calyhex says, "Calyhex did not do it on purpose. She feels what calyhex does and calyhex is broken today. Visitors will break. Calyhex is not here. She can go anytime. She should go anytime. The walls are bleeding bright pink energon. The warden will not be happy. The inspectors will give a bad report to the senate. 0/5 stars. Would not recommend a stay. Omen is broken and is not whole. Omen should stay in Calyhex until whole. Find the rest of Omen and bring it to Calyhex. Calyhex will fix. Maybe use the Syndrome method. Cut away brain until being broken feels whole."

<<Broadband>> Arachnae says, "Oh! (sounds surprised) This -is- working now.. how.. delightful.."

<<Broadband>> Ravage hisses, "Stay out of this, Autobots. This is not your affair."

<<Broadband>> Starlock says, "furthermore on my way"

<<Decepticon>> Ravage says, "Going to retrieve unit Omen."

<<Broadband>> Soundwave says, "I am always listening. Omen. If you can. Retreat."

<<Broadband>> Omen says, "....Holding pattern."

<<Broadband>> Starlock says, "calm down Caly, you're not in trouble"

<<Broadband>> Starlock says, "Dust Devil is just a meanie."

Calyhex, or her hologram self has made a holographic solid black bubble around her hologram self. The walls are seeping purple energon, almost as if they are bleeding. Something has the titan over the edge today. From the outside, the lights flicker wildly. The main area has been closed off, keeping Lockup from being backup down there. She murmurs repeatedly 'Broke the bird broke the bird broke the bird broke the bird." oh dear. panic.

<<Broadband>> Calyhex says, "broke the bird broke the bird broke the bird broke the bird"

Starlock knits her ridges as she sees this and rushes over. "Calyhex!" She'd call trying to get the massive titans attention. Hoping her normal methods can help calm her.

GAME: Calyhex PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of High difficulty.

Omen has flattened herself into the floor in the main area, outside the bubble of black. She's outlined herself in plasma, more akin to a phoenix than a raven as she digs talons into the floor, holding on, grounding against something invisible. Optics closed, she's braced against a mental 'wind', silent.

Ravage would instinctively maneuver towards Omen so long as Calyhex would permit it. Giving soothing thoughts along the mental link. <<ProtectionSafetyHelpAssistance>> Sent along her via the connection those of Soundwave's flock had.

Starlock takes a deep vent in a panic, not aware who's there, but she starts humming, trying to quickly come up with a song, she knew Calyhex like big band types, but she couldn't think of any song, so she goes with something she recently shared... Hoping she has the titans attention she starts singing.

"Once upon a time when I was young, 
I was a dreamer, a true believer, 
Nothing could stop me, 
I had my own adventures that my mind made up, 
I was my hero, my happy ending 
And you where I belonged, yeah 
Now those days are gone.."

Omen's link to the cadre is tightly spiraled down, her full focus on maintaining sense of self in the maelstrom. She's flinching every so often but has the wherewithal to not reach out to the code in defense or counter-move, simply holding on.

GAME: Calyhex FAILS an INTELLIGENCE roll of Immense difficulty.

Calyhex's attention is grabbed by Starlock. She opens her main doors, letting people in, and the walls stop bleeding energon, looking a rust copper again "Starlock? I hurt the bird." all of her emotions, the tornado of souls that is Calyhex's insanity just...stops instantly. From chaos to absolutely nothing in moments.

Starlock takes a deep vent and walks over to kneel by the hologram. "Shh.. shh its okay, its okay.. I'm here now,.. lemme see, maybe I can help... " God she wished Rung was here, but she's been doing her best. "deep vents, okay? Deep vents."

Ravage would maneuver towards Omen, going to put himself between STarlock and Omen just for protectiveness. Letting Starlock take care of Calyhex. He would go to put himself between Omen and the rest of the room. Sending soothing thoughts, safety. Letting her lean on him mentally.

GAME: Ravage PASSES a LEADERSHIP roll of High difficulty.

GAME: Omen PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Very High difficulty.

Omen lists as she pushes to her feet, talons unevenly disengaging from the floor. Then.. she stumbles, wings low, a shake of her head, optics still closed as if that helps. With a click of her beak she opens her side of that thing the cadre has, just enough to wobble towards Ravage.

The black field falls and the holographic Calyhex sits very still, almost numb staring off. "You should take care of the bird. I broke the bird. I'll break everyone."

Ravage would go to maneuver towards Omen, going to sit back so if she needed she could brace against him to prop herself up. All the while sending her reassuring, safe tones and mental beacons

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "Omen..."

[Con-Tapes] Omen 'whispers', "It's too noisy...'

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "She is in a state of overload. When she is able, I would like to bring her back. Omen, do you feel like you can travel?"

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "bring her back if you can. Omen. You should come back and dock."

Omen leans on Ravage, plating rippling up and down... "Not.. broken... just.. < tired-sore-sad-blue >.. "

Calyhex murmurs. "Calyhex is dangerous to be around for people."

Ravage would let Omen brace to him, speaking quietly along the mental link << Transform if able, I will take you home >>

Ravage would glance at Calyhex' avatar. "You are not."

Starlock pats Calyhex gently, nodding to ravage. "It's okay.. see...? and he's right.. your not.. " she says softly, starting to hum a lullaby to her.

Calyhex moves to Starlock, her holoavatar clinging to the minibot. She seems stable, if a bit depressed for the moment. "She feels so much. Calyhex will be more careful."

Omen clicks her beak, shaking her head as if to clear it, "That was.. a life lesson." she whisper-rasps.. < Home.. would be good.. > Humming a bit off key before letting out an odd giggle, "I'm blue.. la da de da.." *giggle*

Starlock raises a ridge at Omen but.. well Ravage isn't going to let her near, so.. Starlock nods at Calyhex and keeps her in a soft hug, continuing her lullaby.

Ravage laughs, then goes to offer out a claw, "Then transform and I will take you back so long as you are up to it. And I'm sure that Calyhex will appreciate your return visit."

Omen nods slowly, singing something softly, "Everything's going to be alright.. " then transforming down into a microcassette ever so slowly, sense on the link foggy now as she withdraws into herself again.

Ravage would go to catch Omen in a claw, then going to magnetically clamp her tape form over in his mouth, going to fly out

Calyhex looks to Omen "Are you going to be alright?" she asks, sounding very calm and tired. "Take care of her. Take care of her." she hums with the lullaby, the lights around the asylum flickering

Starlock smiles, and keeps singing, the language changing to ancient cybertronian, as she gently pets Caylhex's helm.

Omen is.. processing, cycling data, readings as Ravage picks her up. There's a soft, "I will be fine. Need to... process..."

Calyhex pauses. "Okay." she looks at the ground. "Shame." the lights dim a bit

Command Center - Command Level - Trypticon


Ravage brings in Omen's tape form, going to head to Soundwave to allow her to go up for linkup and defragmentation

Soundwave presses his release button, opening his tapedeck "Bring her over for docking and defragmentation. She should be better soon."

Banshee is currently sat in the Big Chair, in lotus position. She's apparently meditating, or perhaps communing with Tryps, but some things never change; her left hand cradles a cube of hot kaff, with the stove being monitored by Sprocket.

Omen is quiet as she parses all the data she's been inundated with, peripherally aware of the travel Ravage has taken. There's a blip of awareness when they enter Trypticon that blips again as she pulls herself out of her own headspace. "!"

Ravage would release Omen in the direction of Soundwave as soon as they have arrived and Omen is ready. Then he is quietly going to send a private communications to Soundwave. On radio, not the mental link << She is losing herself more often >>

Banshee blinks a few times as she comes back to the real world... it's such a slow process that you can almost hear the Windows start-up noise.

Omen is flipped towards Soundwave and the waiting deck opening. The cassette transforms instead of going 'home', veering to land on the nearest console, shaking her head, optics closed.

Soundwave doesn't force it. He nods. "Allright, leave her alone." he says quietly. "She needs some quiet I think."

Ravage nods at Soundwave, before speaking along on the tightbeam ((i fear that these events are happening more frequently. This is a subjective observation. But her programming is seeming to drive much more of her behavior, particularly when overloaded emotionally))

Omen flexes plating, then wings, optics still closed as she runs through a little pattern to settle and ground herself. talons tick one by one, crest rises then sleeks back down. A moment of silence before she cycles optics online, "Well.." she muses, tone thoughtful, "That wasn't as horrible as it could have been."

Soundwave pauses. "Are you alright?" he asks. "What happened?"

Ravage would release Omen to go to uplink with Soundwave, while cocking his head to the side. Ravage has made his own statements on the matter - at least to Soundwave.

Omen blinks slowly, "A bit sensory sore, and I need a defrag. But.. I'm okay." Tilting head to one side then the other, shaking out kinks in underlaying cables. "Short version? Calyhex had a moment while I was there. Hadn't planned on being there for more than a handful of hours at most yesterday."

Soundwave sighs "You should only stay for short periods. You were there at ground zero? What were the effects..."

Omen nods, "I'd only planned on being there long enough to pass a message to her from Trypticon. Then there were Autobots. Then a voice in my head and -that- was not conducive to maintaining calm. I ended up resting in one of the better kept rooms overnight."

Ravage would quirk a brow over, "You had.. Collapsed and there were alerts being sent out by Calyhex to it."

Soundwave nods "Affirmative. We were concerned."

 <> <Slim Pickens> Hello how are you?

Omen flexes wings out then back in, "She went chaotic. I.. just grounded myself and tried to stay out of her code." Plating ripples, "Like knives but I stayed out, kept to myself." Headtilt, "I had to distance from the link. I.. It was not easy staying still in the face of such a thing."

Ravage would give a nod over at Soundwave, "Have you had.. Other incidents like this since you were retrieved from your.. Cover operation?"

<> <<Underwood>> Well, tired but well

Omen tilts her head, "Like what? Getting remote code flattened? Or seeing things?" tone dry.

<> <Slim Pickens> Im just waiting for my wife to get done with repairs. Slagging Autobots.

<> <Voidwalker> uuuhg to many fires for me to contain..

<> <Morrigan> Pick the top 3, let the rest burn

<> <Voidwalker> might agree to that..

<> <Slim Pickens> what all you have working with, berry?

<> <Voidwalker> hold on i am counting..

<> <Voidwalker> least 7 things, 4 of which i'm nt allowed to ignore

<> <Slim Pickens> maybe I can help

Soundwave pauses. "Good question. When that happens. If its often you should...retreat. No one needs to be around a broken titan when its having an episode."

Omen nods in agreement. "If I'd had enough warning I would have fled. I don't want to be around any of them if they are not calm now. It's.. getting stranger. But I told Trypticon I would speak to his sister and.. I keep my word."

Soundwave hrms "Have they been more unstable as of late?"

Ravage would glance for a few moments, then give a nod. Letting out a soft hiss then and a look of processing. But not having something of immediate use to contribute.

Omen clicks her beak absently, "I don't know? I'm just noticing more I think. Or.. there's a translation happening. But.. Trypticon's code and rage flattening me was a first." She shudders.

Soundwave pauses. "You are becoming more in tune with them? Perhaps unlocking gifts you were unaware of."

Omen blinks, "Soundwave.. I'm seeing flashes of code.. Outside the shadownet. I'm trying to ignore it really but. that's just not normal.

Soundwave pauses. "That's not normal. What are you seeing?" he asks.

Ravage would then go to watch with a light frown, "I am.. Unaware of any precedents of that." After some searching in his data files.

Omen raises optics ridges, "No.. No it is not nor.." trailing off, attention sliding upwards a moment before she shakes her head, "Code.. I'm seeing.. wisps.. curtains of it sometimes. Overlayed. It's.. a lot of data. I'm trying not to look at it when it happens as.. I get a bit distracted."

Soundwave pauses. "Send it over to me. I'll take a look at it." he says.

Omen sighs, "Hold on, I've been trying to ignore it while we're here." She shakes her head and headtilts, looking around the command centre before growing still. Plating ripples, optics pinprick to gold and green. And she shares what she's seeing through the link, a ghostly veil of code rippling down a wall.

And then Ravage is going firmly over towards the console as well - trying to rapidly analyze if he can what exactly is going on. He might not have Omen's link to Trypticon nor Soundwave's innate understanding.. But he's going to try!

GAME: Soundwave PASSES a TECHNICAL roll of Extreme difficulty.

Soundwave pauses. "Trypticon." He says. "If you can see him. Maybe he can see you."

Omen breaks her gaze away from whatever it was she was staring at and sharing. A tick of talons against the console she's on, a muttered, "5 things that are -real- that I can see..."

GAME: Ravage FAILS an INTELLIGENCE roll of Very High difficulty.

Ravage tries to look over the immense codewall and the space of it. Information that might make sense, might not make sense.. But that is too deep for him to be able to remotely fathom, much less understand.

Omen headtilts and peers at Ravage, watching him, or something near him - its hard to tell there for a minute.

Soundwave looks at Ravage, then at the screen as well, watching what Omen is sharing silently.

Ravage is staring at the screen being stared at by Omen who is now being stared at by Soundwave as the great stare-off continues. Ordinarily this would go on until someone blinked but since everyone has optics..

Omen chirrs softly, "Weird.. And I've seen some strange stuff over the vorn. This. Is close to the top of the list.." Head tilting, "Good question.. If I can 'see' him.. can he -see- me any differently than before or like any other." She flexes wings, "I need." pause, "I'm going to go hose off. I feel dirty after that.. seething chaos." She peers at Soundwave then Ravage.. And then shares a flash of what she saw in Calyhex. It's not even a full second of data, but it's big.. and chaotic..

Soundwave blinks "That starts up again, get out as soon as you can. No one needs to see something like that head on." he says, concerned for Omen.

Omen fluffs, "It hit too fast. All I could do was brace.. And try to not get into it." She pushes into the air, gliding over. "I do -not- want to face that.. without some training or.. something. It felt like thousands of knives rampaging through my systems. I need to study it, and what my systems did. See if I can.. I don't know.. figure out how to.. block or something better." Moving to land on his shoulder, "I do -not- mean to cause concern, I truly don't. I tried to get out and away. Then it was all around me.. I'm sorry."