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Blackout, Cobra Operative

Cobra Operatives usually start out as Vipers, although some are brought in as named agents straight off the street if they have certain specific skills or talents needed by Cobra immediately. Specialties vary widely, although many are tied into terrorism and non-conventional warfare.


6. Standard Cobra Operative character stats (to be modified as desired):

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Strength 6
Intelligence 6
Technical 6
Agility  6
Endurance   6
Courage   4
Firepower 7
Dexterity  6
Leadership 4

Mode Names: Cobra Out-of-Uniform

Armor1: 2
Size1: 5
Velocity1: 1

Armor2: 1
Size2: 5
Velocity2: 1

Attacks1: Punch (1) Kick (2) Roundhouse (3) Bash (4) Slam (5) Smash (6) Pistol <3> Laser <4> Ballistic <5> Heavy_Laser <6> 

Attacks2: Punch (1) Kick (2) Roundhouse (3) Bash (4) Slam (5) Smash (6) Pistol <3> Laser <4> 
Abilities1: Tank-Driver 
Abilities2: Tank-Driver 
Skills: Destruction, Terrorism, Non-Conventional Warfare

Resistances: (None) 
Weaknesses: (None)

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