Transformers Universe MUX

Log Title: Cobra Flight Training

Characters: Bloody Bones, Crimson Guard 820, Dark Matter, Over Kill, Strato-Viper 2100, Zarana

Location: Airfield - Cobra Island

Date: September 22, 2020

TP: Solar Serpent TP

Summary: Cobra trainees are set up in Cobra's version of the Vomit Comet.

As logged by Dark Matter - Tuesday, September 22, 2020, 9:31 PM

Airfield - Cobra Island

The main road comes to an end here at another clearing. A long airstrip runs across the clearing, in a roughly east to west direction. To the north of the strip, a series of hangars huddles at the edge of the forest.

Cobra Hydra

Out on the tarmac are several blue Cobra Hydra jets, each with their own green-suited Aero-Viper pilot next to them. Dark Matter stops and waits for the others to gather again. "Suit up," he says, as Vipers bring them the promised flight suits and remain to assist anyone not used to donning them.

"We're taking you all for a little ride," Dark Matter announces, sounding pleased with himself. "These birds will climb to 40 thousand feet and then immediately drop sharply to 10 thousand feet to give you the feeling of weightlessness. Try not to vomit too badly in our Hydras. Someone has to clean it up."

Bloody Bones takes one of the proffered flight suits and, with some effort due to the style of clothes he's wearing, manages to put it on. "That would be what the Janitor-Vipers are for, I thought." It's hard to tell if the pirate is just being glib or if he thinks there's really Janitor-Vipers.

Zarana would glance over at the jets and then go over to do something unusual with herself. She goes to take her hands over to her back and then goes to start cinching up her outfit. She goes to pull straps, which would tighten a series of bindings over her torso at a level that might almost crack ribs.

Strato-Viper 2100 quickly suits up, used to the suitups from her normal flightsuit. She puts it on with all expedience, making certain it is tight, and on right, as she goes along.

Crimson Guard 820 has to remove some of her guns in order to fit into her flight suit. That's fine. She just straps them back on afterwards.

Each Cobra recruit is fitted with a flight suit and helped into it. Each is then assigned to a Cobra Hydra. Dark Matter remains behind, coordinating with the Aero-Vipers. Once everyone is strapped in, Dark gives the signal and they take off. Instead of going straight up, the Aero-Vipers make the assent a little more interesting, dipping, rolling, and doing everything they can to shake up the Cobra passengers. Finally, they reach 40,000 feet, and then... the Plunge.

GAME: Zarana PASSES an ENDURANCE roll of Extreme difficulty.
GAME: Crimson Guard 820 FAILS an ENDURANCE roll of Extreme difficulty.
GAME: Bloody Bones FAILS an ENDURANCE roll of Extreme difficulty.

Zarana has been shot out of a cannon. She has been shot in a small torpedo tube to infiltrate an undersea base. She has been shot from a cannon in a motorcycle. She has been dropped out of a bomb bay (just a malfunctioning missile launch). She has survived the perennial infighting and chaos that plagues the Dredknoks and Cobra.

This is nothing.
Her screams are pure, unadulterated joy and glee over as she was spun around at speeds that with but a sudden wrong movement could cause internal damage, break organs, and snap bones like paper mache.

Crimson Guard 820 may be in peak physical condition for her age, but she's still one of the older CG's kicking around, as her triple-digit number implies. Fortunately, this means she's also experienced enough to recognize the need to blow chunks in time to move her mask aside and grab a bag. Wisdom and experience, kids.

She fills three bags.

Bloody Bones does get a queasy feeling in his stomach at being dropped from such a high depth but due to a lot of drinking with his crew the pirate actually manages to avoid throwing up, though this is mostly due to esophageal fortitude than anything else.

GAME: Strato-Viper 2100 FAILS an ENDURANCE roll of Extreme difficulty.
GAME: Over Kill PASSES an ENDURANCE roll of Extreme difficulty.
GAME: Strato-Viper 2100 PASSES an ENDURANCE roll of Immense difficulty.

Strato-Viper 2100 just looks around, not really reacting at all, shrugging at it. "I thought it might be worse than this, maybe not." She looks around as they take the plunge, looking around at the others curiously to see who is and isn't puking at this point.

Dark Matter is waiting upon the troops' return. He directs the Aero-Vipers to assist the trainees out of the Hydras, and his voice is more sympathetic as he says, "Alright, women, men, and Over Kill - good job. You're on your way to becoming Cobranauts. Clean up and meet me in the training area. Bones, you might be more comfortable with this one - we're all going into the pool!" He waits for them to disembark, looking after them and making sure each of them are OK.

After giving the Cobras time to recover, DM assigns them their AxEMUs and has them meet him at the Cobra Buoyancy Laboratory (CBL), a giant underwater space simulator. In the CBL is a mockup of both a Stellar Stiletto and parts of the Solar Serpent itself. For several hours, DM (joining them this time) instructs them on how to use their suits in neutral buoyancy, as well as the emergency safety systems of both the ships and the station.

GAME: Bloody Bones FAILS an AGILITY roll of Very High difficulty.
GAME: Zarana PASSES an AGILITY roll of Very High difficulty.
GAME: Crimson Guard 820 PASSES an AGILITY roll of Very High difficulty.
GAME: Strato-Viper 2100 FAILS an AGILITY roll of Very High difficulty.

Despite being a total b*tch (and loving it) Zarana seems to be going through all of this easily. Dancing, busting her way in.. For however much of a psychotic the Dreaknok biker princess she was -extremely- good over when it came to the maneuvers and improvisation required. So she's just cackling, making lewd and obscene gestures and taunts, and somehow managing to do what most of the others are doing without so much as an issue.


Ah, water aerobics. Not quite the women's classes upheld by her alter ego, but still familiar territory for the Crimson Guard. Less gossiping, though.

Strato-Viper 2100 isn't one for water aerobics, squirming as she tries to keep up. "Water's usually something I'm supposed to avoid, in the Nightraven it means I crashed or had to bail."

Over Kill nods "Well there's that." He says, following along. "Looks like organic systems are holding out. This should be easy."

GAME: Over Kill PASSES an AGILITY roll of Very High difficulty.

Bloody Bones flounders like he did the first time he actually set foot on a vessel in a truly horrific storm but the pirate is extremely set on his path and refuses to step away from anything, regardless of how silly he looks.

Dark Matter takes the time to instruct each Cobra, whether they're struggling or seem to have a natural grasp of things. Despite his initial attitude, he is willing to spend hours to make sure each Cobra volunteer knows at least the basics to survive competently in zero-G environment, even if it's not for everyone. After giving everyone a chance to recover, he takes them to the next step - the Precision Air-Bearing Floor.

Part of the Cobranauts' work may include moving large objects in space. This can seem easy because there is no friction to push against, but it also makes the job hard, because there is no friction to make large objects stop, either. They could just float and float and float away. The Precision Air-Bearing Floor allows Cobranauts to move huge objects as they might in space. The PABF is a large, smooth metal floor. Large objects have air forced through them. It works like a large air hockey table, and gives the aspiring Cobranauts a taste of what it's like to move heavy objects in zero-G.

GAME: Bloody Bones FAILS a DEXTERITY roll of High difficulty.
GAME: Crimson Guard 820 PASSES a DEXTERITY roll of High difficulty.
GAME: Zarana PASSES a DEXTERITY roll of High difficulty.
GAME: Over Kill PASSES a DEXTERITY roll of High difficulty.

As with almost everything in Cobra, for those who do not pass the test or have the capabilities to.. Well, they have Janitor-Vipers for a reason /and/ plenty of fresh inductees that may be of somewhat sterner material. And they always need more test subjects for Cobra's extensive human experimentation facilities. Even in failure they could still serve Cobra!

Jumping from place to place quickly and targeting things comes naturally to Zarana. For someone who is a frequent street brawler, that hs to be on her motorcycle or other vehicles while engaging in hit and run tactics, ramming, firefighters, and other things that come naturally to a mercenary/anarchist biker gang, this seems but all too easy.

Crimson Guard 820 doesn't take long to adjust to the necessary skating and tugging needed to move things around. It's just a matter of leverage and knowing her own body's capabilities. Again, experience makes a difference.

Over Kill Actually hooks himself into the floor, activating magnets in his feet made for the purpose of attaching to metal things. He chuckles. "This is a good challenge. I should bring the girls up here sometime."

Bloody Bones is, of course, nowhere near as graceful or as the rest of the people but again, he is absolutely refusing to give up on his ambition to become Cobra's first space pirate and so he works hard to make up for his natural shortcomings.

GAME: Strato-Viper 2100 PASSES a DEXTERITY roll of High difficulty.

Strato-Viper 2100 holds on to the floor, shrugging at it.

For this, Dark Matter watches from the sidelines, hands on hips. He slowly nods to himself (with the occasional twitch), seeming pleased at the progress each Cobra makes - both those with a natural talent (Zarana, apparently, to his surprise), and equally to those who don't (Bones), but who work hard and not give up. Finally, after a long day at the BAR-er, PABF, he announces the team is ready for the fun part - flight simulators, and combat training.

Being Cobra, of course, he's starting with combat. Each Cobra is fitted with an AxEMU, a laser-tag setup, and a 3D simulated zero-G environment where combatants can move forward, back, left, right... and up, or down. The Cobra are spread around randomly in three dimensions and told last one standing win a three-day leave before they go into space. Starting... now.

On top of everything else, Zarana somehow is the quickest off the jump. not that she -needs- the official leave (are you going to tell a psychotic gang member that she can't leave base without a battalion of tanks). But bragging rights are bragging rights. And she's not going to let anyone else get to brag but her. So she goes to leave them bragging DEADS.

And she goes to focus her lunacy on Dark Matter, "Hey, been wanting to $##!* your ###!* since we got here, so I'm going to ventilate $#*!# you you $##*!"ing $#*#!!" Whatever exactly she's saying is obscene to the near point of pushing Viper sensor censor systems to limits. And of course Zarana isn't using the silly toy gun. Why when she has an honest to goodness pistol over at her hip and someone she -really- has been wanting to shoot and/or stab and grotesquely mutilate as of the last five minutes?


>> Zarana strikes Dark Matter with M9 <Medium>. <<

Bloody Bones does what every pirate worth his salt who wants to improve himself does and he takes aim at the biggest and baddest of the group, or at least what Bones himself considers to be the biggest and baddest target: Zarana. Doing what he can, he lines up an attack on the Dreadnok and opens fire with the AxEMU's laser system.

>> Bloody Bones fails his generic combat roll against Zarana. <<

Strato-Viper 2100 peeks down her sight and sees if she can't eliminate pirate for the moment.

>> Strato-Viper 2100 fails her generic combat roll against Bloody Bones. <<

Having been issued her weapon, the Crimson Guard sets her sights on the BAT as the most obvious enemy. After all, the cyborg is programmed with thousands of combat routines- best to get a hit early before it can implement them.

>> Crimson Guard 820 succeeds with her generic combat roll on Over Kill. <<

There is a BEEP as Over Kill's sensor turns red and he's eliminated from the competition. Sad trombone. =D

Dark Matter immediately darts towards the center of the training area, spinning in three axes as twists and targets Over Kill, about to fire when Zarana shoot him with a real gun. The flying blood belies the fake environment - it doesn't float in 'space' the way the troops do. The talkative Star-Viper goes silent as he turns, moving smoothly through the air and drawing his own real laser pistol to return the favor. Oh, Dreadnok - it's ON.

>> Dark Matter misses Zarana with Laser <Medium>. <<

Her target leaving blood behind, Zarana debates on the finer point of whether she really -does- need a new set of boots and a throw skin for her bike seat.. But, her attention is starting to wander now as she goes to switch to her laser weapon. "Hey! You!" She goes to point over at Dark Matter. "Be a good little doggy and HEEL!" The way her voice snaps, the way it inflects, the way she throws out that imperious command tone of how DO IT OR YOU DIE AND I SPIT ON YOUR CORPSE is almost enough to make one drop of their own initiative. Much less her trying to pump the body over with the 'tag' laser purely to show she can.

>> Zarana fails her generic combat roll against Dark Matter. <<

Over Kill chuckles. "Its good to take me out." He says "I would have taken out any of you easily with my routine.s" With that he stands down, watching.

Bloody Bones is still intent on taking out the biggest and baddest and he keeps targeting Zarana. He curses, though, after missing the first one but he slowly lines up another shot on the Dreadnok and fires again.

>> Bloody Bones fails his generic combat roll against Zarana. <<

Strato-Viper 2100 decides to see if maybe she can show up the pirate with a laser tag shot at Zarana this time, smiling just a little behind her helmet.

>> Strato-Viper 2100 fails her generic combat roll against Zarana. <<

With one 'kill' under her belt, CG 820 rolls for a corner where she can stabilize her form and take up a sniper's posture near the ceiling. A deep breath, a steady aim... maybe she can take out the Dreadnok.

>> Crimson Guard 820 succeeds with her generic combat roll on Zarana. <<

There's another BEEP as Zarana is eliminated.

Dark Matter continues to kick, flip, and twist in the air, reaching one wall and pushing off it to fly towards Zarana. He holds his tag-laser in his left hand, and his real pistol on his right. Zarana is eliminated, but when he gets closer, it doesn't stop him from slashing his heavier gun at the Dreadnok's face. The competition and the other students seem forgotten now - this is personal. Zarana may have just lost her ticket to space.

>> Dark Matter misses Zarana with Bash. <<

On one hand, Zarana registers the zot shot she's been given. She'll deal with filleting the Crimson Guard later. But, it was a fair shot and she's getting bored. This 'fake shooting' stuff isn't her thing, training or not. So over when Dark Matter is going berserk and attacking her full on, she would let ou ta howl of glee.

"Come on babycakes, I'm gonna gut you for a new pair of shoes!"

So much for any sense of restraint now that manic, psychotic glee has come to fill the voice. Zarana's hand goes to pop out with that big, monofilament edged knife she had out earlier as while the shooting goes on she's moving to launch herself over to try and slash Dark Matter along the chest!

Cobra. Die the unfriendly skies.

>> Zarana strikes Dark Matter with Razor. <<

With Bones's main target gone, he flips about and takes aim at the other one that's been hitting targets and he flickers onto the Crimson Guard. He maneuvers to line up his shot and opens fire once more, muttering something under his breath as he fires.

>> Bloody Bones succeeds with his generic combat roll on Crimson Guard 820. <<

There's another BEEP as Crimson Guard 820 is eliminated.

Strato-Viper 2100 tries to snipe Zarana again, to see if she can't clear up part of the situation.

>> Strato-Viper 2100 fails her generic combat roll against Zarana. <<

Crimson Guard 820 hits her target (not that the target is paying any attention), and is just a bit too slow to move from her stable position in the corner, so she gets tagged. She nods to Bloody Bones and kicks her way to the floor to watch Zarana and the Star Viper attempt to gut each other.

Dark Matter erks as Zarana's razor slashes through his Star-Viper armor, spilling more blood on the floor of the simulator. He kicks back away from her, sailing back as he drops his tag-laser and pulls out a good, old-fashioned slug-thrower. He fires at Zarana while moving quickly away from her. Dark Matter is a pilot, not a brawler, and may have gotten in over his head, but he's not about to give up in front of his students.

>> Dark Matter misses Zarana with Ballistic <Medium>. <<

Then Zarana is going to dive along the ground, letting out a high cackle of glee as she moves to whip out her knife again, diving to the side as the pistol shots would go past her. Then she's going to try and slam her knife up and over in a criss-cross pattern, trying to skewer her opponent in the wrist!

>> Zarana strikes Dark Matter with Slice. <<

Bloody Bones takes aim at the one target remaining who isn't locked in a life and death struggle for respect and dominance. He scoots around and takes aim at the Strato-Viper and races toward the Viper. Upon getting closer to his target, he opens fire once more, hoping to finish off this little contest before it gets even more out of hand. He speaks into a commlink in his mask and orders his men to get into position in case things take more of a turn for the worse.

>> Bloody Bones fails his generic combat roll against Strato-Viper 2100. <<

Strato-Viper 2100 sighs as she sees two still active for the actual laser tag, looks down, and decides, turning for Bones to see if she can't score a quick elimination.

>> Strato-Viper 2100 succeeds with her generic combat roll on Bloody Bones. <<

Crimson Guard 820 does her best to stay out of way of the blood spatters.

Dark Matter cries out as his wrist is slashed - OK, this is getting serious. "Enough!" he says, floating down to the ground. Putting pressure on his wounds, he says, "Has everyone been eliminated in the tag competition? Whoever is left receives the promised leave. You've all passed - including Zarana, as your actions befit an officer of Cobra. All of you report for flight simulator training at 0900 tomorrow. Dismissed." Dark Matter stumbles off to find a medic.

There's a look of twisted, lethal glee over at Dark Matter from Zarana as she would lick her lips.. Then going to reach an arm out to grab him, "Oh, don't bother. That just makes things a -lot- slicker. It's hot." And she's going to try and drag him towards the nearest closet.

That, however, is a bit too far, and other Vipers move to intervene. Unless Zarana wants to take on an entire pack of Vipers (and she might!), DM makes his way back to medical to get fixed up.

Zarana would glower at the Vipers. While she would -love- to beat up on those fluffbots, she doesn't have sufficient weapons. "I'll get you next time, dingo baby!"

Dark Matter shakes his head. Zarana will probably make a terrible Cobranaut, but she IS a good Cobra.