Transformers Universe MUX

Cobra Commander's Ascent?

Interrogator, Dr. Lazarus (@emitted by Over Kill)

Interrogator's Quarters, Cobra Island


Interrogator tells Dr. Lazarus about his research.



Interrogator's Quarters, Cobra Island

Interrogator is waiting for somebody...Somebody vital to his research and plans. He reaches for his glass of brandy and takes a sip. He looks at the clock and swears.

There is a knock at Interrogator's door. A middle aged black woman with her salt and pepper hair in a braided bun, wearing a lab coat stands at the door. She nods "Interrogator. It's been a while." Dr Lazarus greets.

Interrogator says, "Yes, it is. If you don't mind," he says as he puts on his helmet, "I need to take precautions. I am working on something highly sensitive." He begins to scan her for surveillance devices.

The scientist is without surveillance devices. "Still not trusting me I see." she says. "So how can I help you?" she asks.

"Something that will change Earth and allow Cobra Commander to reign supreme! There is no limit to the power I will unlock for him! To my laboratory!" He leads the way down the hallway to a heavily sealed door, the brandy forgotten in his excitement.

Lazarus smiles "Excellent. Glad to be back to work." wit h that she heads down to the laboratory with Interrogator.


Interrogator's laboratory for his personal projects, the ones he DOESN’T want Research and Development, or anyone else, to know about. There is another computer tower here and the room is set up so Interrogator can project 3-D images of what he wants to study more closely. The mainframe that runs everything in Interrogator's quarters is also here.

Currently, there are schematics of Over Kill MK6’s, also known as Ra, brain as well as various KGB and American texts on Psychic research on the table with notes by Interrogator. There are other notes on The Coil and The Red Hand on another.

Interrogator begins his presentation with the schematics of Ra's brain and says excitedly, "You are familiar with this. But not this."

He shows her the Transorganic footage and some of the data Cobra gathered on their expedition to the Derelict Freighter.

Lazarus arches a brow "You're planning on a version 9 of the Over Kill project?" she asks. She looks at the transorganic footage. "This...could be quite beneficial, yes..."

"Let me continue, this is bigger than the Over Kill project!" He says with a maniacal smile

We are people of science, yes? We have no time for that occult crap? The KGB, American Intelligence, and people throughout the ages have studied and tried to give Humans psychic powers!

Lazarus widens her eyes "Psychically powered cybernetics....."

Interrogator says with cold malice,"Yes."

"And what does it all have in common?"


Yep, he's lost it.

Lazarus smiles thinly. "Which type of abilities are you looking into? Psychic can cover so many things..."

Interrogator says icily, "ESP, enhanced physical characteristics, built in weaponry, flight, cloaking, anything we can currently do with our technology!

Lazarus chuckles. "I think this is a possibility. Have you contacted the medical science department?"

Interrogator whispers in a dangerously paranoid tone, "No! We can't let The Coil or The Red Hand find out anything about this! Especially "Doctor"," He snorts at that, "Mindbender and his followers."

We have the knowledge to do it between the two of us. I even have a place we can do it. Cobra Commander told me the secret of Baron Ironblood-Cobra Commander made the uniform to be worn by me to do things he didn't want associated with Cobra. I still have the uniform and I'm sure there's a secret hideout somewhere. Even if not, Baron Ironblood outranks Mindbender. I refuse to call him "Doctor" because he is a small minded fool!"

Lazarus leans in "We're both on watch, I'm sure due to previous....incidents. If any of our medical heads have an actual PHD I'd eat my degree."

Interrogator leans close to Doctor Lazarus and cackles, "This is my destiny. Cobra Commander has doled out the tools to me, suffering my lack of faith in him, for years, knowing I would help Him achieve his destiny. Mindbender and the rest might make him King of the World, but he has given me the tools and I have passed the trials he has set for me. "

His eyes dart around and he foams a bit at the mouth.

He has chosen me to launch him to GODHOOD!"

Lazarus gives him a smile. "You would be the first of his troops? I look forward to makig the dream happen."

Interrogator laughs victoriously and hugs her close, "Comrade! I will be the first of MANY!"

Lazarus chuckles. "Just don't end up like my last projects."