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This article is about the Praxus neutral - for the G.I. Joe glider pilot, see Corporal Cloudburst.
Cloudburst is an Praxus neutral.

Bow down before the one you serve/You're gonna get what you deserve!

Cloudburst feels most at home out amongst the stars. On the ground, he tries to project an air of someone smooth, charismatic and tough as nails. However, underneath his charming exterior he is nothing more than a nervous, dull and meek little robot who feels inferior to all those around him. His friend Landmine often tries to egg him on, provoking him to "come out of his shell", but Cloudburst still tends to hide behind his intelligence and within his mask of bravado.

Cloudburst is armed with a blue "Lightning Whip" and red "Thunderbolt Laser Pistol". Cloudburst transforms into a red and black interplanetary star cruiser. He can wield the "Thunderbolt Laser Pistol" in both modes, although it functions as a "particle beam cannon" in cruiser mode.


Starship mode

Cloudburst is from Praxus, although he spends as little time there as possible.


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  • Cloudburst's inner robot is inexplicably on the cover of the 1990 Family Home Entertainment VHS release of the "Five Faces of Darkness" mini-series... a cartoon produced about two years before Cloudburst's toy was released.
  • On the MUX, Cloudburst is an neutral from Praxus, and is not a Pretender.

Foreign names

  • Italian: SuperCommander