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City Commander is a rank in the Autobot and Decepticon forces.

A City Commander is a Transformer tasked with overseeing the operations of a given city. Considering the state of war, "cities" can vary from full habitats expected to house civilians and soldiers to little more than a fortress with living quarters.

Known City Commanders


City Commander Ultra Magnus

The Autobot City Commander, Ultra Magnus, started his role as the commanding officer of Autobot City. However, Magnus clearly doesn't feel comfortable in a command position. Despite being the commander of the largest concentration of Autobot power on Earth, he feels he is unsuitable as the leader of the Autobots during Prime's absence, leaving that role to others.

In 2019, after Magnus was badly injured by the Fallen's attack on Autobot City, Windblade was made acting Autobot City Commander.


In 2016, Megatron offered to make Deathsaurus City Commander of Trypticon, but Deathsaurus turned him now. The honor eventually went to Banshee.


When Stanix broke away from the Decepticon Empire in 2021, Thunderwatch named himself City Commander, as well as Lord of Secrets.

What-If Universe

Decepticon World

Despite not having any cities to command, Bumblebee annointed Ultra Magnus to the role of City Commander after Ultra Magnus refused to fill the vacancy of Autobot Leader when Optimus Prime was killed by Megatron . Ultra Magnus managed to be extremely successful in his role as City Commander, and well-liked by all Autobots.

In 2013, Ultra Magnus was killed by Jetfire in a risky ploy devised by Perceptor , Bumblebee, Ultra Magnus, and Jetfire (acting as a double agent) to get Jetfire into a higher ranking in the Decepticon leadership structure. Unknown of this plan, Springer urged the surviving Autobots to agree to a "No Confidence" vote in Bumbebee's leadership. The vote ultimately failed, but as an act of solidarity, Bumblebee annointed Springer to role of City Commander. Springer accepted and vowed to support Bumblebee.

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