Chromedome in Shattered Glass

This page is for the Shattered Glass version of Chromedome. As Headmasters don't exist in main-universe TFU, Chromedome doesn't exist there.

  • Name: SG-Chromedome
  • Function: Programmer

Chromedome is a Programmer and monitor Autobot. In car mode, Chromedome's twin fuel-injected, turbo-charged, side-mounted engines give him a maximum speed of 478 mph on a flat road. His range is 630 miles. His hood-mounted infrared rangefinder automatically targets his roof-mounted dual lasers, which he also uses in robot mode.


Shattered Glass

Dungeons & Dinobots

Chromedome apparently displeased Optimus Prime at some point in the past. Now he's on the shelf. When Blurr failed to return from the Dinobot Hunt with Grimlock, Prime threatened to put him on the shelf as well.


  • Chromedome never actually appears during the stories, and is only mentioned by other characters.
  • Since *Masters are unthemely on the MUX, Chromedome is merely a normal robot in the TFU Shattered Glass universe, with the possibility of a tape-bot partner if he's ever introduced.


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