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US Army

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Sergeant (E-5)

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GI Joe


Ninja Force

As Chi flows through the universe, so should justice.

CHI specializes in Tai Chi Chuan Shaolin. She was raised in a monastery in what was known as Tibet until the Chinese government shut it down due to the Master fighting for Tibet's freedom. Although she knows the basics of modern life and technology, having gone to college in the United States after being granted asylum and later becoming a citizen, she often feels overwhelmed by it.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Chi specializes in Tai Chi Chuan Shaolin. She was raised in a monastery in what used to be Tibet until the Chinese government shut it down because they were fighting to free Tibet. She was granted asylum in the United States, since she was going there for college. She is quiet and thoughtful, and though she knows the basics of technology and modern life, she is sometimes overwhelmed by it. She seems old fashioned.

MUX History:

In 2017, Chi was assigned to Strike Team Bravo, operating out of the original Pit. She was also assigned to Ninja Force as a probationary member.

OOC Notes

Chi was last seen: Tue Apr 22 09:12:51.277494 2014

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  • 8/16 - "Quantico Taken" - Red Zone, Chi, and Cookie attempt to back up the FBI in anticipation of an attack following the fall of Langley. A three point attack, from the north, east at the Quantico USMC base, and underground is launched by Cobra, resulting in the injury and capture of many FBI agents, as well as the capture, by Cobra, of the USMC base of Quantico, and the joint FBI and DEA Headquarters.


Chi was created and played by Sabels.


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