Transformers Universe MUX

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Log Title: Checking on Sonar

Characters: Starlock, Blast Off, Sonar (Altihex)

Location: Altihex

Date: 5/15/2020

TP: Peace In Our Time TP

Summary: Blast Off, after hearing on the news that the 
Air Defense Mini-Con Team was alive, but in critical 
condition, comes to visit them 2 days after the assault 
on Altihex, specifically, to see Sonar.

As logged by Starlock

Altihex Hospital

Sonar lays in the intensive care unit of a local hospital in Altihex. His head has been reattached and most of the other damage has been repaired as well. Still, he has not spoken since the attack, even to ask how his teammates are fairing in nearby rooms. As famous city defenders, their rooms are guarded, although polite visitors are allowed in if they can offer good reason. However, for now, Sonar is alone.

Starlock is still in the Altihex Hospital since coming in with the flight trio, working to help stabilize them and other injured brought in... There's movement throughout the hospital, has been the past.. 2 days, Starlock's only stopped to rest a few times as she looks over clipboards for current patients, Starlock is currently walking through the lobby.

Blast Off is numb. He didn't want the attack on his old hometown of Altihex to begin with, he didn't want the labs razed, and he most certainly didn't want to watch another Decepticon behead an old friend- and apparently nearly kill the other two old friends he breifly saw again, either. He should have stayed with them! No, no... he's have been questioned, he'd have been seen as *soft* and berated and.... frag it all. Blast Off didn't know what to do, but the news that they might still be alive has led him back, after all. Back to sort of hover outside the hospital, then as curiosity grows, eventually wander in the main lobby, and when he's not stopped there either, eventually start wandering down the hallways, glancing in various rooms to see if he can find them- or find anything out.

Starlock pauses as she notices Blast Off, and the fact he doesn't check in at the desk, she raises a ridge and moves towards him. "Can I help you?" She asks to the combaticons blatantly and without fear, hopefully before the guards can stop him and a possible mess breaks out.

Sonar's door is open, and the guards outside draw attention to his location more than if he was just another patient. Hospital security gives Blast Off dirty looks, but since this still claims to be a free city, no one stops him, even after the attack. Sonar himself just stares at the ceiling. The viewscreen in his room plays news of the city's recovery, but Sonar ignores it. Hospital security tense up as the sometimes-Autobot medic approaches and questions the Decepticon, but they do not interfere.

Blast Off does a double take, jerling his amrs back and bracing as Starlock steps forward, then glancing about quickly as if expecting trouble now. But she hasn't attacked, nor sicced the gaurds on him yet, so he regains composure and draws himself up to face her- even as he notices the room with those guards over there and ..."Is that Sonar?" He asks, more to himself than her, though she will be able to hear it, and stepping forward.

Starlock quirks a ridge. "Perhaps, Why?" she'd ask, trying to protect Sonar just encase knowing Megatron might have seen Blast Off to finish the job since the Combaticons can't exactly /not/ obey.. Which was a very sad thought in her mind.

Sonar hears a familiar voice from his past and turns to look outside his room. The pain in his still-healing neck causes him to wince, and he frowns and squints, not having his faceplate or visor since his awakening in the hospital. Spotting Blast Off, Sonar's exposed optics narrow, and his scowl deepens. Even from out in the hall Blast Off can tell his former friend isn't happy to see him.

Thankfully, he's receieved no such orders... and is free to stew in his own consternations. The Combaticon looks down at the Autobot, studying her momentarily. She must be tending to him, he realizes. Blast Off looks inside the room and... sees that scowl. The shuttleformer's armor flattens against his frame, wing elevons clicking once or twice in unease. However, he's unusually honest in his answer. "I... I just wondered how he was doing."

Starlock raises a ridge and moves her helm over, giving that same raised ridge a questioning air to Sonar, Before she looks back to Blast Off. "...I can't disclose patients statuses and conditions to anyone outside of close relations." she stays, well practiced. "...I take you know Sonar?" She'd ask, trying to help caox Blast Off into an answer be it simple or an explanation.

Blast Off sighs.. of course she can't. The shuttleformer again studies the shuttle medic standing before him, considering... looking at Sonar, then back to her- and perhaps it's because she, too, is a shuttle he finally speaks. "...Yes. We worked together in Altihex... long ago."

"I see.." Starlock says, ridges knitting, she then gives Sonar a look, indicating for him to stop moving his neck and head so much, before she glances back up to Blast Off. "...I'll go in with you, understand though, you need to keep the stress levels low, he was one of the worst off." She'd huff.

If Sonar is going to keep straining his neck to see what is going on in the hallway, it probably IS better for them to just come into his room. His guards give Blast Off dirty looks as he enters the room, but really, what would they do if they wanted to keep him out? Blast Off IS a Combaticon, and the most famous one in Altihex. Local bot goes bad, at least to some.

"You've got some steel bearings coming here after what your friend did," Sonar says at last.

The Combaticon's violet optics light up slightly and he nods, before they dim as a memory strikes him and he murmurs quietly, "....Yes. I... saw." His gaze trails off towards nobody and nothing. He does start to follow Starlock in, armor puffing out as he walks past the gaurds, then smoothing again. Yet when Sonar speaks, it brings him to a dead halt again. Those wing elevons twitch even more than last time. "I... she is NOT my friend."

Starlocks finials twitch upward. "Good, your vocalizer was properly reconnected." She'd smile, a bit relived hearing Sonar speak. "..She?" Starlock asks, thinking about the damage done.

"The laughing one," Sonar says sullenly. "The one that nearly killed our friends... MY friends," he corrects, optics narrowing. There's a long pause, and then finally he exclaims, "Why are you even with those people, Blast Off? You used to be cool!"

Blast Off looks to Starlock, then Sonar, again pausing a moment before answering. "Nightbird." His refined accent draws it out with underlying rumble of disapproval. Sonar's comment elecits a blink and mild fluster before he collects himself. "I *am* cool!" Pause. "I'm with them because... well, it's a long story." He huffs softly, then tries to take a step towards Sonar, hands reaching out, palms up. "But I'm still *me*. I am still 100% space shuttle, still seek to better my kind and present a proper example, as a shuttle should. That hasn't changed!"

Well, this just got 50 shades of awkward, Starlock clicks her jaw and cringes glancing away as she checks his vitals, she'd pause hearing the name, her lips pressing into a thin line. "Ah... her... Injuries now make sense, unnecessary use of force." Starlock says, knowing well who that was.

Sonar's optics narrow even further. "You're not cool. You are not one of us anymore. You might as well be... Astrotrain, ruining the name of shuttles everywhere!" Sonar scowls. "We accepted you, even though you're bulk. We trusted you. And now you hang out with people like Nightbird... and VORTEX? No 'story' can explain that, Boff. You're a disgrace to Altihex." Sonar looks away, flinching as he refuses to hold his neck still.

"Indeed," Blast Off lifts an optic ridge, quietly agreeing with Starlock despite... everything. It's true. Then Sonar speaks and... Blast Off is reduced to just staring at him, optics paling. He flinches as he's called a 'disgrace'. That hurts. And it hurts enough that he doesn't resort to his usual grandstanding when his ego is bruised, either. He simply stares, processing that for a moment, optics flickering and dimming. The Combaticon looks away, fists clenching once before relaxing again. For once, he's got nothing to say.

Starlock sighs. "Don't make me restraign your helm." Starlock says tirely to Sonar, still weathering this storm... She glances away, thinking, thinking, how can she help with this.. She knows Blast Off, but Sonar? not enough to help smooth this over, she'd puff a cheek, she also need to figure how to explain that Blast Off can't really disobey without letting BLAST OFF know, she knows.

Sonar scowls at Starlock, and then lets the awkward silence fall. It stretches on and on, almost unbearably, until finally Sonar asks quietly, "Why are you here, Blast Off?"

Blast Off is not exactly good at communicating his emotions. The shuttleformer continues to stare away from the other two, trying to think of what to even say. But when Sonar asks him that question, he looks back. "...Because you are..." He stops, optics dimming slightly, "...were my..." He can't bring himself to say the F word, FRIEND. "... co-worker once and I..." Here he rolls his shoulders back, face pinching as he remembers Nightbird throwing Sonar's severed HEAD at him. "I just wanted to know... We don't have a lot of shuttles left, is all, and I just... as a fellow shuttle, wanted to know..." His voice trails off as words fail him, gesturing towards Sonar lying there in the hospital bed. He finally looks at Starlock, as if hoping she'd understand. She's a shuttle too! "There... aren't a lot of us left."

Starlock gives Sonar a challenging optic ridge raise, she would do it, if it kept him from damaging his healing neck further.

She'd looks at Blast off as he looks to her, she then glances to Sonar and sigh. "God, you're worse then me." She'd say to Blast Off, shaking her helm, and decides to translate and taps the stylus against her lip. "...You're a friend, and he was worried." She'd nod, she wasn't forged a shuttle, but she could translate socially awkward.

Sonar's optics remain narrow, and forgiveness is still a LONG way off. However, he does finally say, "Well.... I appreciate you checking on me." With a scowl, he adds, "and I'd appreciate if you'd keep your FRIEND from finishing the job." He tries to cross his arms, but he is hooked up to too many machines. So instead he just HUFFS in a way that might seem far too familiar to those who are friends with Boff. "Now, if you do not mind, I must rest. But if you MUST visit again...."

"... it would be fine," Sonar huffs at last.

Blast Off looks to Starlock as she says what he couldn't, and despite a little nervous side-glance, he does nod. Then he looks towards Sonar, and his optics brighten slightly as it seems possible... ever so slightly possible... that perhaps all is not lost. He nods to the injured mech, too, a soft smile forming under his faceplate- and perhaps a brighter shine to his optics. There's another nod. "...Take care." Now he steps away, heading back out towards the exit, armor puffing up again as he approaches the guards. However, he stops before just taking off completely, turning to look at Starlock and quietly say, too low for anyone else to hear: "....Thank you."

Starlock smiles at Blast Off and gives him a nod. "...If you end up wanting to go and /shoot/ Nightbird, lemme know, I'll help." she'd chuckle jokingly... Or was she?

Blast Off tucks his head down and looks at Starlock out of the corner of his optics, but he does make a sort of huff-chuckle sound... and adds wryly, "...Noted." He sounds like he wouldn't mind doing that a bit. In fact, it's ruffled his 'feathers' enough that he adds with a grumble, "...They were not a threat. Certainly not once..." He shot the other two, for their own good he hoped... but somehow doesn't exactly want to mention THAT right now. "Once they were injured. They... they weren't a threat. There... there was no point" He gestures back towards Sonar's room. "...*that*."

Starlock nods in agreement. "...She's cut off the hands of someone i know and taken them as a trophy, needless to say, I think there needs to be some retribution for that." Starlock smiles a sharp toothed smile... Oh she was indeed serious as she approached Blast Off and nodded. "Until he and the other two are recovered, i'll be helping look after them." She'd smile softly.

Blast Off's optics widen some as she tells him that, then narrow and dim. "...I can see." The Combaticon is hardly a bleeding spark, but that sort of thing... He huffs. "There's no honor in that." Tsk. He moves to turn away, all too aware he isn't exactly *wanted* around these parts. "I should go, but..." He nods to her. There's a pause as he frowns under his faceplate and then looks away. His voice is very quiet, almost too quiet to hear. "Do a better job than I did."

Starlock watches him go, thinking to herself, and glances back to Sonar. "..Soon, so soon.." She says to herself. "Just.. a little longer.." She mutters as she continues work.