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The original inhabitants were very big on domes.

Chaar is a burned-out, barren husk of a planet. The planet is far from dead, however, what with the monstrous Chaar spider and energy leeches. Deadly, but not dead. Like Cybertron, Chaar has two metal moons.

Our charts don't show any planets in that sector... no, wait, here it is. I thought it was a smudge on the screen.

Rodimus Prime finds Chaar on the galactic map, "Five Faces of Darkness, Part 1"

Chaar has a sister planet, Abunae.

What If? Universes

Bot World

When Unicron attacked Cybertron in 2005, Optimus Prime was able to defeat the Chaos God using the Matrix, cementing the Autobots' feeling of invulnerability. Without a leader, Cyclonus and the Sweeps settled on Chaar, where they eke out a meager existence while plotting their revenge on the Destroyer of Unicron.

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