Like Earth, but with giant robot bugs.

Ceti Alpha Seven, or Ceti Alpha VII, is a planet of murky jungles and swamps.


Descent into Evil



Ceti Alpha Seven was the site of a Decepticon facility under the command of Deathsaurus. Its function was to unlock the then-thought-lost cloning ability of the Insecticons. Using Buzzclaw as a base, Deathsaurus was indeed able to produce a horde of Virulent Clones. Descent into Evil

Kup lead a team of rookie scouts into the jungle to check out the rumor of Decepticon activity. He was expecting it to be a bust – the Autobots had been tracking Decepticon all across the system, but all they’d found so far was the devastation left behind in the Decepticons’ wake. They found the facility, but were set upon by guards and captured within astrominutes. They were brought before the commander of the facility – Deathsaurus. The captured Autobots got volunteered to act as test subjects for their battle effectiveness of his Virulent Clones.

The Autobots were quickly overwhelmed by clones. They set upon and ate Sidetrack. The only way the Autobots escaped was by ignoring the clones completely and focusing all of their firepower on the wall of the testing field. They escaped into the complex just as Deathsaurus blew up the entire facility trying to keep them from getting away. Luckily Noise Effect was able to transform and get the Autobots out of there right before the entire place collapsed. The Autobots hid out ‘til Deathsaurus was gone.


Ceti Alpha VII is part of the small piece of the galaxy controlled by the Decepticon Empire. Swindle hates it. The AllSpark Almanac II


  • Ceti Alpha Seven is probably a reference to Ceti Alpha V, a planet from Star Trek.
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