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Cerebros is an Autobot Headmaster.

Must I always strike poses wielding weapons? Can I have no peace?! And can I have my legs transformed correctly?!

Cerebros is the robot that transforms into Fortress Maximus's head. He himself is binary bonded to Spike Witwicky. Cerebros is brave but very naive.




Cerebros's body was completed in April of 2019.




Dec 22 - Incident at Ibex

>*Cerebros' pristine, uninjured form appears on the screen*<

"Yes! I am Cerebros. I am a newer Autobot. My identification is Titan Master, but I don't believe that is 100 percent accurate. But that is my stated title. Anyway, yesterday, there was an 'incident.' Hot Rod and Dust Devil were engaging in a leadership-sanctioned exercise - non-combat with Fortress Maximus. The battlestation was trying to 'target' both Hot Rod and Dust Devil, but not fire on them. Things were going fine. Banshee appeared to witness the events.

However, Deathsaurus appeared to also witness the happenings. And while this does not excuse Fortress Maximus' behavior, it appears Deathsaurus was 'taunting' or 'provoking' the titan into accepting a 'fight to the death' battle. Now as 'controller,' I don't consider myself a 'speaker,' but as a 'controller,' I refused to go along with the matter. But 'things' escalated to a point where Banshee and Ghost were agitated.

Thankfully, Deathsaurus agreed to step down his threats. And things deescalated. No shots were fired. And, we, as Fortress Maximus and myself, will take the lessons learned from this incident and apply them to our further growth and development. Cerebros out." >*screen flickers off, but not before him asking "Is there anything else I need to do?"*<


Feb 16 - Deathsaurus and Fortress Maximus meeting

>*Cerebros' face appears on the screen - looking a bit camera shy*< "Yes. So... as Hot Rod has succinctly posted earlier - there was a rendezvous with Deathsaurus. See... the last time Deathsaurus and Fortress Maximus met up - not all of our components were present. I'm not laying the blame on anyone, but Spike was the one that was not present. Anyway - the last time we met, Deathsaurus challenged Fortress Maximus to a duel to the death. That...facilitated the need to meet with him again. With all parties being present.

>*Cerebros adjusts his posture*< "Anyway - if I say so myself...the meeting was very productive. I believe it was communicated effectively that Fortress Maximus does not wish death on Deathsaurus - and will not seek out to destroy him. He agreed to do the same.

>*Cerebros' expression grows more grave*< Hot Rod said... Ghost appeared. Looking quite ill. There was some deliberating - as to whether we should treat her. Finally, she seemed to recover adequately enough to leave on her own...albeit in a strange fashion...she...disappeared. We recorded all of the readings and will be helping any Autobot who is wanting to know more.

>*Cerebros pauses and thinks for a moment*< On the 'channel' discussion, I assure you, this is a temporary matter. I realize it is not fair to request the Autobot channel not be flooded with Autobots. All I can say is that I will be asking Dust Devil to help on that end. That is all. Cerebros out - *Cerebros shuts off the screen*

and what possible could be afoot, only to be joined by Ratchet and Cerebros.


So Fortress Maximus is a robot that turns into a base whose head is a robot who turns into a base. Inception Maximus.

Foreign names

  • Japanese: Cerebros (The Rebirth, セレブロス Sereburosu)


Cerebros is played by Spikewitwicky.


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