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Cerberus Solutions, Inc. is a private military corporation (PMC) that provides security and risk management services. The company is headquartered in northern Wales. Its services include assessment and analysis, technical surveillance, security, and protection operations. Cerberus has worked in Zimbabwe in defense of farmers whose property was in danger of seizure by militant forces and has served as private security in Ireland.


Cerberus was formed in 2008 by Sebastian Bludd, though on paper the company was set up through a maze of aliases, so the fact Bludd owns it is far from public knowledge. Bludd created the company as a place he could do military work from without working for Cobra, and also as a sort of refuge for those Cobra troops not entirely happy with their membership in the terrorist organisation. Cerberus' operations are to be clean, with no involvement with any terrorist or criminal organisations.

In 2008, Cerberus assisted the Henderson family when armed teens and young adults (ostensibly sent by President Robert Mugabe, but there is no direct proof Mugabe was involved) threatened them and attempted to chase them off their farm. Unfortunately, while Cerberus was successful in defending the farm, they could not stay to prevent further attacks on the homestead, and the Hendersons were later chased out of Zimbabwe.

In 2010, Cerberus worked in Ciudad Juarez, assisting the Mexican police with some of their cartel trouble there.


Noteworthy members of Cerberus include:

  • Sebastian Bludd, owner and commander. Currently not directly involved with the company.
  • Thomas Stark, Lieutenant. Currently in charge of day-to-day operations of the company.
  • Amaury LeRoux, Sergeant. Former Foreign Legionnaire.
  • Irvin Farmer, Sergeant.