The Weatherbots were built by Wheeljack to assist the Autobots and Protectobots with natural disasters. They also serve as combat weathermen and a defensive gestalt team.

In 2014, First Aid was able to reverse the effects of the Dweller virus on the Weatherbots, using a modified version of the cure developed by Jetfire and Starscream.

Autobot World

In the Autobot World universe, the Weatherbots were built in 1997 to study the weather effects on Cybertron.

Quint World

The Weatherbots were some of the first caught being sentient by the quints and their personalities stored for later to work out what happened. Their original bodies were destroyed, but their personalities were saved on a raid by the transformers. Fresh bodies (i.e. the ones they have now) were fabricated and their personalities loaded into them.

Shattered Glass

In the Shattered Glass universe, the Weatherbots were built on Cybertron, and exist to take advantage of the Earth's atmosphere's destructive power, to use against the Decepticons and humans. As such, they are part of Autobot Infantry, rather than Autobot Medical.

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