Transformers Universe MUX

The Transformers multiverse consists of at least 15,962,782 cataloged universal streams (1,176,325 of which have "come to termination"), according to the TransTech Cybertronians' exhaustive records.[1] There are at least 59,927,225 realities that the TransTech Cybertronians have yet to catalog.[2] Bug Bite claims that there are fifteen quadrillion concurrent realities.[3]


  1. This information, and most of the bulk of the article, comes from the text story "Withered Hope".
  2. In "Worlds Collide, Part 4", the Autobots scanned 75,890,007 realities in addition to their own before locating Optimus Prime, adrift in the multiverse.
  3. "Games of Deception"

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