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Sweep Sunder, I choose you!

The Sweeps were created by Unicron from the bodies of a Decepticon patrol unlucky enough to encounter him in deep space. When Unicron originally brought over his minions from an alternate universe to ours, there was Galvatron, Cyclonus and Scourge... with his Sweeps. Originally formed to serve Unicron, most of them pledged their loyalty to Megatron after he destroyed Unicron's chief harbinger, Galvatron.


Created in 1997 by Unicron, the Sweeps' first battle was on Cybertron on the way to Earth. Losing a few of their members in that initial clash, the Sweeps nevertheless continued on to Earth, where they battled the combined forces of Megatron and Optimus Prime, ultimately facing defeat and joining up with the Decepticons.

When Trans-Organics swarmed Cybertron in 2012, many of them were hunted and killed by Scourge and his Sweeps, including Demogorgon.

In 2013 a newly-emerged group calling themselves the Cult of Galvatron started hunting Sweeps in a mad plan to bring back Galvatron.





OOC Note

We're slowly adding OFC Sweeps. Scourge has a Sweep combat object to represent his minions... otherwise, most sweeps on the MUX are OCs. They are also available as DCs. A few of them have sworn allegiance to the Cult of Galvatron.

Shattered Glass

The Sweeps were created from the remains of an intrepid Decepticon squad that ventured deep into deep space and died in a mysterious accident. No one knows what they found, but Cyclonus, Scourge, and the Sweeps returned instead, with no memory of what transpired.

What If? Universes

Bot World

When Unicron attacked Cybertron in 2005, Optimus Prime was able to defeat the Chaos God using the Matrix, cementing the Autobots' feeling of invulnerability. Without a leader, Cyclonus and the Sweeps settled on Chaar, where they eke out a meager existence while plotting their revenge on the Destroyer of Unicron.

Decepticon World

When Unicron attacked Cybertron in 2005, Megatron forced Autobot prisoner Hot Rod, to open the Matrix that Megatron had ripped out of Optimus Prime's chest. Once Unicron was destroyed, Megatron killed this "Last Autobot," believing then that he had extinguished the final spark of the Autobots forever.

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