Sharkticons are the assault sentries for the Quintesson forces. They are available as DCs for the Quintesson Invasion TP.



Jul 20 - Quintesson Invasion

The Quintessons have arrived to pass judgement on the people of Earth for all their mucking about with the space-time continuum. The first target of the ire was Los Angeles. A towering Quintesson Cruiser, known as the Bellum, is now occupying the ruins of LA and Sharkticons are swarming the streets, making escape on foot virtually impossible. Something in Earth's orbit is interfering with global radio and internet signals, and outright blocking interplanetary communication. If you have any questions, throw them my way.

Jul 22 - Quintesson Invasion

The Quintessons have come to Earth, claiming that their homeworld Quintessa was destroyed by a temporal shockwave that originated from Earth. They have judged the planet guilty of attempted genocide and have passed a sentence of death. To assure the people of Earth that this was no idle threat, their warships laid waste to downtown Los Angeles, clearing a path for their invasion force. A monolithic spiral tower now stands in the City of Angels, and legions of Sharkticons make entry or exit from the city nearly impossible. Worldwide communications have been disrupted. What will the Quintessons' next move be, and can the forces of Earth do anything to stop it?

Jul 26 - Quintesson TP Update

The Quintessons have expanded their territory from Hollywood down to Anaheim, and as far west as Santa Monica and Long Beach. There have even been reports of ships off the coast being sunk by Sharkticons. Piranacon sent a tidal wave into Los Angeles in response to an attack on the Bellum. Fortunately, there are still refugees hiding in the city, and an Autobot was able to drop supplies (and a GI Joe) into the city.

Jul 29 - Update summary

Angel and Nightgaunt met up with Lodestone at an underground parking garage, which makes for a nice hideaway, as the Sharkticons are too dumb to look in there. :) Anyway, Angel has been making supply runs, and rescuing survivors. There are 14 survivors, including an EMS tech and a 12 year old boy named Kevin. A few days ago, The Decepticons launched a head on aerial assault on the Bellum. That ended badly (TC was KO'ed, and all the others were banged up bad). Encore came in during the battle, and dropped off Lowdown before taking part in the attack. He was heavily damaged and is grounded in LA somewhere. After that, Lowdown and Angel went out to find a supply drop that landed away from the garage. Lowdown killed an Executioner as a diversion but never returned to base (OOCly Oskar informed me he will return with a family in tow) Yesterday, two things. First, Angel met up with Chance and Wiretap. Chance went off to blow something up to aggravate the Quints, and Wiretap followed Angel back to 'base'. Second, a bug that Angel planted on a Sharkticon let him hear what the Quints were doing with the human captives, and... that wasn't pleasant!

Jul 30 - Fresh intelligence

(Radio) Interrogator sends Cobra Command a radio transmission, using the Techno-Vipers' improvised communication link: 'The G.I. Joe lowdown was able to destroy an Executioner, but he is MIA. Angel found Wiretap and the G.I. Joe Chance in a building. Chance said he was going to blow up a bridge to slow the Sharkticons. Angel and Lodestone successfully planted an electronic surveillance device on a Sharkticon and believe they are cutting up live humans to experiment on them. They also located the Autobot Encore.'


When the Quintessons where ultimately defeated, most Sharkticons were destroyed, although a few managed to escape.



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