The Seacons

On the MUX, the Seacons are a TP-Only group created by the Quintessons prior to their upcoming invasion of Earth.

The Seacons initially were based on the Quintesson starship Bellum, awaiting deployment to Earth. In 2013, drop pods were launched, deploying the Seacons to Earth. Nautilator was left behind, and remained for a time stuck on the Bellum while the other Seacons attacked Earth.

Nautilator later joined the rest of the Seacons while they attacked Earth. After the invasion, the Seacons broke away from the Quintessons, seeking their own destiny.

In 2016 the Seacons stole a Junkion ship and rechristened it The Hatemaker. They soon used the ship to attack the Central Spaceport in Ibex. Forced to retreat, they holed up in the sewers beneath Ibex, severely thrashing the first Autobot team that went after them.

In 2017, Megatronus was freed from his interdimensional prison by cult leader Rartorata, with the help of Snaptrap's Seacons.

In 2020, Devil Z took over the Seaclones that had been left on Earth.

Shattered Glass

In the Shattered Glass universe, the Seacons are a TP-Only group allied with the Decepticons who tried to stop the Autobots' invasion of Earth, but were instead stranded on Cybertron during the Ark launch.

In 2018 Snaptrap and the Seacons became privateers, stealing goods from both Autobot and Decepticon factions, and giving to the poor, needy and those hurt by the war.

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