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The Protectobots are an emergency search and rescue team of five Autobots. They transform into civilian service and emergency vehicles and combine to form the combiner Defensor. Their Decepticon counterparts are the Combaticons.

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Defensor box art

Protectobot members

The five Protectobots are:

  • Hot Spot
    He transforms into a Mitsubishi Fuso fire engine.
    He forms the torso of Defensor.
    He is an energetic warrior and leader who leads by example.
    He is always active and wants his troops to be active too.
    His motto is "Rust never sleeps and neither do I."
  • Blades
    He transforms into a UH-1 Iroquois helicopter.
    He forms the right arm of Defensor.
    He is a "rough and tough" warrior who prefers close combat with his enemies.
    He often at odds with the other, more peace-loving, Protectobots.
    His motto is "War is a dirty game... and I'm a dirty player!"
  • Streetwise
    He transforms into a Nissan 300ZX police car.
    He forms the left leg of Defensor.
    Like his name, he is a "street-savvy" law enforcer who knows his job.
    His motto is "You have to know where you are before you know what to do."
  • Groove
    He transforms into a Honda Goldwing GL1200 motorcycle.
    He forms the right leg of Defensor.
    He is a steadfast pacifist who hates violence of any kind.
    His motto is "War is always a problem, never a solution."
  • First Aid
    He transforms into a Toyota Hiace ambulance.
    He forms the left arm of Defensor.
    He is devoted to helping and saving lives.
    He hates to see any machine, whether living or non-living, suffer even the slightest.
    His motto is "An ounce of maintenance is worth a pound of cure."

They have the ability to merge to form a gestalt, with any of the 4 smaller members becoming any limb. However, most gestalts have one default transformation, including Defensor.

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