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Ninja Force orginally was comprised of only four members, Storm Shadow, Snake-Eyes, Scarlett, and Jinx. It was put together in the Early stages of the War in Benzheen as a Silent Recon and reaction force, and on it's first Mission, it ran across he S.A.W.-Viper, later known as Backbreaker, who was responsible for the deaths of many Joes, just beforethe war started.

Ninja Force was a team led by Storm Shadow which is made up of several former members of the Arashikage ninja clan in order to aid the Joes in rescuing Destro from a vengeful Cobra Commander. Known for their garishly colored uniforms, they remained with the Joes until the team's decommissioning.

On the MUX, Ninja Force is an unofficial infantry and covert operations sub-group composed of Joe members who are allies or part of the Arashikage ninja clan. Storm Shadow is no longer a member. Scarlett is a member, but only when she is not busy with other assignments.

Current Ninja Force members include:

Original Ninja Force

MUX History

In 2014, Ninja Force lost its dojo in New York, and its members returned to the Pit. In 2016, Budo joined Ninja Force, and was sent to establish a new Arashikage base in San Francisco.

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In 2017, Chi was assigned to Ninja Force as a probationary member.

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